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About Us

YouBioIt.com is an online community that allows you to write biographies about you or about other public personalities (for example a celebrity or a historic figure). People use YouBioIt.com also to share information of all kind, upload an unlimited number of photos, create photoalbums and much more.

The basic idea of our community is that, just like each gear is important in a complex machinery, each one of us is a fundamental part of this huge structure known as human history, which is being constructed day by day, by each one of us.

Our mission in YouBioIt.com is to give you the possibility of adding your biography and make the world know more about you, thus sharing the same space with personalities like Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy or Mick Jagger among other people.

No matter the occupation, the place or the time he/she lived or lives, the idea is to have the largest database of people in a biographical format, in which you can be included too.

There's also another section where you can show the world what you do. You can publish a web space about your interests, a hobby, your business or whatever you want other people to learn you do. If required it can be divided into many pages which can be linked together, in a website pages or book chapters format, thus building a webspace of your own. You can also add as many images as you need for a better presentation of your pages.

Since fictional characters have also a big repercussion in our society, you can add articles about those characters as well as articles about stories, movies, series, etc. in a biographical format; no matter if it is a literary work, TV series or a movie; they all can be part of our community. So if you want to find information about Robin Hood, the Simpsons or Asterix, to mention just a few, here is the place. In case you don't find anything about them but you have already enough data about a fictional character or a story; feel free to share it with other people opening a new article. This way you can help us make this community bigger and richer in information.

In YouBioIt.com, users also share information of all kind making this community the ideal place to learn about any type of subject.

Finally, if you want to share photos about yourself, your family and friends, landscapes, a hobby, you name it; feel free to publish your personal photoalbums and fill them with your favorite photos.

How to use YouBioIt.com

If you want to add articles and/or share photos with the world, first you have to follow a few steps:

  1. Sign Up and create a profile about yourself with information like your name, date of birth and country of origin. Don't worry you have the option to have this information hidden if you wish so.
  2. Add a biography, a fictional article, a "Show What You Do" article or an info article. Please before publishing it, check that all the information you submit is truthful and accurate. Articles are monitored periodically by the staff of YouBioIt.com or reported by other users and if it's found wrong, improper, offensive or violates any of the terms and conditions of YouBioIt.com, it might be edited or even deleted. To find out more about publishing articles visit the Articles User Guide.
  3. You can add a photo gallery to your article with related pictures; to find out more about creating a photo gallery visit the Articles User Guide
  4. Once your article is submitted it will be automatically published in the front page of the site. Try to be as informative as possible so as other users will rate it higher.
  5. Since you are a user you have also the right to vote on other articles and rate their quality as well as whether you found them useful. The more votes an article gets the higher it ranks in the the top charts.
  6. Finally, with each article you submit and your contribution is bigger and of better quality, you will earn more contribution points. But again as mentioned before, keep yourself from posting articles that can be considered wrong, improper, offensive or violates any of the terms and conditions of YouBioIt.com.

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to contact us.