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Talk n' Play - Toys of the 80s

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Talk n' Play - Toys of the 80s


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Playskool's educational toy, Talk 'n Play was a tape player with storybooks that you played along with by pressing the large red, blur, yellow and green buttons. The toy itself was a large and white player/recorder with images, it came with stories including Sesame Street, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Muppet Babies, songs and games as well as some simple audio editing features, making it one of those toys that children of the 80s loved to have. Maybe not suitable for children nowaday who are used to digital edition programs (actually they can almost achieve in their homes the same things professionals of the film edition of the 80s could do, kind of strange, think about it). Anyway, this was another one of the BIG ones of the 80s.

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