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Teddy Ruxpin

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Teddy Ruxpin


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An animatronic talking bear first produced in 1985 by the touys company Worlds of Wonder. Since it was an animatronic it could move his mouth and eyes while reading stories played by an incorporated audio tape in his back, played by Phil Baron. It also came with a companion figure named Grubby which could interact with Teddy via a cable that connected them. There were other non-animatronic companion figures too, including hand puppets like the bird-like Fobs and Wooly What's-It, a Tweeg puppet and an L.B. Bounder puppet.

Unlike normal cassettes, the Teddy Ruxpin cassette used the two tracks differently: the left track containing the audio, while the right track encodes the toy's movements. A special hole in the top of the cassette tells the teddy bear that the right track contains movement data.

Due to the temporal success it was adapted to a television series named The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin that ran from 1987-1988.

Though it was very popular for some time, it turned out to be just a fad. At the beginning with the success and sales record; Worlds Of Wonder’s incomes rose well beyond its assets, however after some time and some stock investment wrong "strategies" by some of the officers of the company and the consequent investors withdrawal; the company issued Non-Investment Grade Bonds, also known as junk bonds, which did not help that much on saving the company which filed for bankruptcy in 1988 going through a series of layoffs and the final liquidation in 1991. Though the toyline's rights were purchased by Hasbro which produced it until 1996 and other successive companies later; the 1985-1987 success of Teddy Ruxpin could not be repeated so far.

No matter the financial troubles behind this lovely toy, lots of children of the 80s loved Teddy and still remember him.

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