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My Little Pony - Toys of the 80s

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My Little Pony - Toys of the 80s


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Most probably every little girl's dream, this line of toy ponies was produced by the toy company Hasbro. They  had colorful bodies and manes as well as a symbol or series of symbols on one or both sides of their haunches; they are always named after the aforementioned symbols.

This line was launched in 1983 following the previous My Pretty Pony toyline released in 1981; becoming one of the most popular toys of the eighties. My Little Pony line's ran during the period 1983-1992 in the US and 1983-1995 internationally. Its success led to the creation of two animated TV series as well as a feature film.

The toyline was launched with Earth Ponies in 1982, featuring plump, colorful ponies with flat feet; later My Little Ponies would have their feet more concave resembling actual horse feet. After the Earth Ponies they released Pegasi and Unicorns. Flutter Ponies were much smaller than Pegasus ones, they included fragile wings. Windy Wing and Summer Wing Ponies were even smaller but had larger wings. Sea Ponies resembled the mythological hippocampus. There were male ponies too, the Big Brother Ponies featuring slightly larger bodies.

Many sets and versions were produced, starting with the Rainbow Ponies in 1983; the So-Soft Ponies, covered entirely in flocking, Twinkle-Eyed Ponies; Twice As Fancy Ponies, with their bodies covered mostly with sigils (magic symbols); and Brush n' Grow Ponies, with a longer tail stored inside the body that could be drawn out when  brushed.

After many successful years during their 10th anniversary the little ponies had their last release in 1992. Later in 1997 Hasbro decided to launch a second generation of My Little Pony as well as a third generation in 2003; but they did not achieve the same level of success of their 80s counterparts; thus they are popularly related or connected with the eighties.

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