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Cordless Telephone

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Cordless Telephone


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Just a few years before the boom of cell phones cordless telephones had their chance, and indeed became a sort of fad.

Teri Pall, a jazz musician, invented the first version of the cordless phone in 1965 but could not market her invention because its two-mile range caused radio signals to interfere with aircraft; so she sold her rights to the cordless phone in 1968 to a manufacturer who modified it for practical use.

Meanwhile in 1966 George Sweigert, an amateur radio operator and inventor from Cleveland, Ohio submitted a patent application for a full duplex wireless communications appartus. He proposed directly coupling consumer electronics, including his invention to the AT&T-owned telephone lines, but this wasn't possible until the 80s when the communication deregulation and AT&T breakup took place.

Theses phones used the standard 27 MHz and 49MHz frequencies that walkie-talkies and baby monitors use. Its functionality was similar to that of walkie-talkies, actually it was like the combination of two walkie-talkies in a case. One handled your voice, while the other handled the voice of the caller.

Due to the frequencies they used they worked on short distances causing also a enough interference to have your calls listened by your neighbors.

These devices became so popular most probably because you could get rid of the cord and walk around the house while talking on the phone and if you were lucky enough even get outside to the front porch and show off to your neighbors.

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