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Working Girl

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Working Girl


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This movie represents the 80s in many aspects including, the music, hairstyles, fashion, work ethics, among other. It features Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith), a secretary whose job frustrates her when she has some bright ideas and a head that make her perfect for business as well as a body for sin as she mentions in the beginning of the film. Nevertheless her boss, the ice maiden Katherine Parker (Sigourney Weaver) does not take Tess seriously for a number of reasons; like her background, her hairstyle and her voice which she considers too silly.

But Parker breaks her leg on a skiing holiday leaving she leavesTess in charge, giving her an opportunity she can’t miss. She changes her look and masquerading as the boss, Tess meets with Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford) who she drunkenly ends up in bed with that evening and in a meeting with the next morning. From that moment follows a series of business meetings and tense moments of Tess ‘nearly being caught’.

The soundtrack of this movie is recognizable by most millennials. This is another must see classic of the 80s that cannot be missed.

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