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One night in the city of Gotham, two crooks rob and kill a husband in front of his wife and son. A shadow passes over the sky, it is a 6-foot tall, rubber clad bat who saves the day. Based on the classic D.C. Comics written by Bob Kane, Batman was a mostly awaited movie to be released in 1989 which fullfilled all the expectations becoming a critical and commercial success. Garnering everything from Coca-Cola commercials to an animated series, to TV series, video games, to six sequels and more to come, the Batman logo is recognizable to every millennial.

Greatly affected by the death of his parents under the hands of a criminal, Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) decides to do something about it. That is how the second personality of Wayne, Batman, was born. However, with the appearance of the masked hero, appears his nemesis: a maniac who presents himself as The Joker (Jack Nicholson).

Batman's billionaire parents were trapped in a dark alleyway where a menacing looking man murders both of Bruce's parents. That is one of the main reasons Bruce Wayne, grew up to be a vengence seeking superhero who uses his parents massive amount of money to be a crime-stopping superhero.

The plot of Batman gets even more complicated when a curious journalist and photographer, Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger), decides to learn more about this mysterious man. She is eager to snap some pics of this superhero who many people don't believe exists. Unfortunately, she will find herself in the middle of the struggle between good and evil.

The city is celebrating its 200th anniversery, but the crime-rate is so high that they feel even a city parade would be too dangerous and with the presence of The Joker things would get even more dangerous. Jack Napier (The Joker) turned into a monster after a plunge into a deep pool of toxic chemicals, turning his hair a sickly green and his skin a ghostly white.

The Joker's plans however will be hampered by Batman who is always ready to fight criminals of all type and sizes.

This film was a big success among millennial children of the time who were experiencing an adventure full of action and state-of-the-art special effects of a level never seen before; so much that it still stands the test of time, and still looks incredible to this day more than twenty years later.

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