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Look Who's Talking

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Look Who's Talking


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Mollie (Kirstie Alley), an accountant who had an affair with one of her clients, Albert (George Segal), a married man, becomes pregnant. However when she gives birth is left by Albert, to raise the newborn all by herself.

Mollie’s newborn Mikey (voice of Bruce Willis) has been talking since he was in the womb but his mother is not aware of this. Mikey, realizing that his father has no interest in his mother as a life long partner, is firm about his mother selecting the right dad to be his step daddy. Until she meets James (John Travolta), the cab driver that takes her to the hospital the day she is giving birth and who seems to be the perfect match with her and Mikey from the very first moment. A relationship will be developed, but things will become more complicated when Albert comes back to her.

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