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Back to the Future II

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Back to the Future II


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The sequel of one of the top movies of the 80s, Back to the Future II starts exactly at the same point in time and space where Back to the Future ended. Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) makes his appearance before Marty (Michael J. Fox) and Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue), in an updated version of the De Lorean (made in the future), warning Marty of the disaster that may happen to Marty’s kids if they don't come "back to the future" with him. Once in the future, Marty manages to save his children and put the bad guys in jail. But after clearing up the problem, new ones crop up (something that usually happens all throughout the trilogy) when Jennifer ends up at the future McFly family home. Moreover tempted by the kind of information that the future may provide him, Marty buys an innocent looking book, which, without knowing it, ends up in the hands of a hunchbacked 77-year-old Biff (Thomas F. Wilson), who also found out everything about the time machine.

While retrieving her, Marty and Doc leave the DeLorean unoccupied for Biff. The he uses the machine to wreak havoc in the past but after returning to 1985, Marty and Doc are confused by some changes generated by an alternative reality caused by Biff.

This second installment of the trilogy proved that sequels can be great and even better than the first parts of a story. This film stands out even today in all kind of aspects, from the story itself to the effects and the performance of the actors.

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