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This is one of the best adaptations of Charles Dickens's story A Christmas Carol, or at least the funniest. This movie, takes the classic storyline, turning it on it's head and dumping it in a modern-day New York TV-producer. Frank Cross (Bill Murray), is the Scrooge of this story and plays as the self-centered, mean spirited and unforgiving President of TV network IBC, Frank treats his employees with no respect and would not think twice about firing anyone who does not get onboard with his own ideas.

To add more troubles to his already troubled head, he also hates Christmas holidays maybe because he did not have a good Christmas in his childhood.

One of  the first victims of the movie is one of the employees of the channel, Eliot Loudermilk (Bobcat Goldthwait) who tastes Frank's wrath when he tries to question Frank's violent gun-toting Christmas holiday promo 'They have gotta be SO scared to miss it! SO TERRIFIED!' for IBC's special of 'Scrooge', instead of the nice family-orientated promo they had already been running for a month previous.

But the story takes a somewhat more classic style, following the Dickens' storyline; with a visit on the night before Christmas Eve by Frank's old and already dead Boss, Lew Hayward (John Forsythe), who pre-empts Frank with the notice that he'll be visited by 3 ghosts. Frank, being who he is, doesn't believe what he's seeing or hearing and so is treated in a similiar fashion that Frank treated Eliot earlier that day; by literally dumping him out of the office. But this time, things are out of his hand since three ghosts will visit him, the Ghost of Christmas Past (David Johansen), the Ghost of Christmas Present (Carol Kane) and the Ghost of Christmas Future; and he cannot do anything to avoid them; so the dice are throw and his life must change.

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 I love this guy, he is so

 I love this guy, he is so funny no matter what movie he will be in he is so funny.