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Knight Rider

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Knight Rider


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Michael Long (David Hasselhoff) is a police detective who is injured with a shot to the face and almost killed. He is brought back to health by the mysterious chairman of Knight Industries the billonaire Wilton Knight; and after a reconstruction plastic surgery and becomes Michael Knight.

Through Knight Industries Michael Knight is provided with high tech equipment and support to continue his crime fighting. Knight uses the Knight Industries Two Thousand KITT car (voice played by William Daniels), a high-performance sports car fitted with artificial intelligence.

Other characters on Knight Rider included: Michael's assistant Devon Miles (Edward Mulhare); Bonnie Barstow (Patricia McPherson), the mechanic who maintains the KITT car, and April Curtis (Rebecca Holden).

Michael Knight worked for the Foundation for Law and Government.

Knight Rider was a 60 minutes show (including commercials), filmed in different locations of California, which aired on NBC from September 26, 1982 to August 8, 1986; Friday nights at 9PM for a total of 90 episodes.

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