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Diff'rent Strokes

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Diff'rent Strokes


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This popular TV show, aired on NBC from March 11, 1978 to August 8, 1986 for 8 seasons and 189 episodes.

It featured the life of widowed millionaire Phillip Drummond (Conrad Bain), who adopted 8-year-old Arnold (Gary Coleman) and 12-year-old Willis (Todd Bridges), two orphaned brothers from Harlem, New York City, for whom their deceased mother previously worked; bringing them to live in his elegant Park Avenue apartment.

Other Diff'rent Strokes main characters included: Drummond's daughter, 13-year-old Kimberly (Dana Plato); the family's housekeeper, Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae); Drumond's eventual wife, Maggie McKinney (Dixie Carter), who had a 6-year-old son, Sam (Danny Cooksey). Janet Jackson also played the role of Willis' girlfriend Charlene DuPrey.

Mrs. Garrett left to become house-mother at the Eastland School for Girls, in the spin-off TV series Facts Of Life. She was replaced by Adelaide Brubaker (Nedra Volz).

The show was a big success, but after the seventh season it was cancelled by NBC, and picked up by ABC for one final season in 1986.

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