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This emblematic TV show of the 80s was aired on NBC from September 22, 1986 to March 24, 1990 for 4 seasons and 102 episodes of 23-24 minutes each.

The story is focused on Gordon Shumway, an alien from the planet Melmac who is nicknamed A.L.F. (Alien Life Form), from the planet Melmac.

Alf is and alien covered with orange fur. He has a rippled snout, facial moles, and eight stomachs. In the pilot episode of the series, Shumway follows an amateur radio signal and crashes into the garage of the Tanners, a suburban middle class family.

The Tanners take Alf into their home and hide him from the Alien Task Force, the military, and their neighbors while he tries to repair his spaceship.

The main characters of the show includes the Tanner family members; with Willie Tanner (Max Wright) and his wife Kate Tanner (Anne Schedeen); they have two children, the teenager Lynn Tanner (Andrea Elson) and Brian Tanner (Benji Gregory).

They have also to hide Alf from the Ochmoneks, namely Trevor Ochmonek (John LaMotta) and the busybody Raquel Ochmonek (Liz Sheridan).

However there are some other people who discovered Alf's existence throughout the series and who immediately became friends and help the Tanners protect and hide Alf from the authorities. Some of them include the Ochmonek's nephew Jake Ochmonek (Josh Blake), Willie's brother Neal Tanner (JM J. Bullock), Alf's psychologist Dr. Larry Dykstra (Bill Daily) and Kate's mother Dorothy Halligan Deaver (Anne Meara).

Alf is funny, he usually and easily gets into troubles, he loves eating cats (though he never ate any since he came to earth), he drives Willie crazy but still is very lovable and soon became one more member of the Tanner family as well as one emblematic character of the 80s loved by most millennials who first met him on their screens during their childhood.

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