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The popular TV program that made Bruce Willis famous was aired on ABC from March 3, 1985 to May 14, 1989 for 5 seasons and 66 episodes of 42 to 44 minutes each.

It features a former high-fashion model named Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd), who is feft bankrupt when her accountant embezzled all of her money, she is forced to make a living by running the detective agency she had previously owned as a tax write-off. Using her popularity as a former model, she brings in clients and tries to bring some order to a business previously run without any discipline.

First she wanted to sell it, but gets involved in solving cases instead when David Addison (Bruce Willis), a fast-talking, fun-loving detective running the City of Angels Detective Agency, faced with the possibility of being put out of business he convinces Maddie that they have always lost money because they were supposed to and talks her into rebranding the agency and going into business with him as her partner.

This detective spoof was a mixture of drama, comedy and romance. The TV series revived Shepherd's acting career, and at the same time made Bruce Willis famous.

Other Moonlighting series characters included: Agnes DiPesto (Allyce Beasley) who was the detective firm's receptionist; Herbert Viola (Curtis Armstrong) was a temp employee turned Blue Moon private investigator who had a thing for Agnes.

Moonlighting had ongoing production problems, and the show became famous for airing reruns because new episodes were not yet finished. In fact, throughout it's run, the contracted 22 episodes were never delivered.

Moonlighting was a big success during its two fist seasons. After the third season, ratings began to decline. Finally it was cancelled after the 6th episode of the fifth season (1988-89).

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