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Miami Vice

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Miami Vice


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This hit TV show, one of the best-known of the 80s was aired on NBC from September 28, 1984 to January 25, 1990 for 5 seasons and 111 episodes of 48 minutes each.

It featured detective James 'Sonny' Crockett (Don Johnson) and detective Ricardo 'Rico' Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas), a New York cop looking for his brother's killer. Together the two cops took on the Florida drug world.

The series focused on the Miami Metro-Dade Police "Vice" Department and its continous struggle against drug trafficking, prostitution, and weapons crime underworld.

Miami Vice had an impact on the fashion and music trends of the decade. The "T-shirt under Armani jacket"-style became popular in the 80s as a result of the show. Pastel colors used in the series in clothes as well as in architecture. Crockett's permanent 5 o'clock shadow beard created a temporary fashion trend among men. On each episode, Crockett and Tubbs wore five to eight outfits, appearing in shades of pink, blue, green, peach, fuchsia and other "approved" colors by the show's producers. Other influences of this show on the standard image of the 80s was the use of rolled up sleeves, no socks, and Ray Ban sunglasses.

Miami Vice influenced men's fashions and houses interior decor toward the Memphis look. It is also to some degree credited with causing a promotion of the city that generated a boost in tourism and investments; as well as causing a wave of support for the preservation of Miami's famous Art Deco architecture in the mid 1980s-to-early 1990s; making that part of South Beach one of South Florida's most popular places for tourists and celebrities; sparking a revitalization of that district of Miami Beach, as well as other portions of the Miami area.

Because Crockett and Tubbs were recognized as Dade County officers and not City of Miami police, this fact represented the growing notion of metro government in Miami. In 1997, a county referendum changed the name from Dade County to Miami-Dade County.

The soundtrack for the Miami Vice series is one of the most successful of all times. It featured songs by 80's music artists like Glenn Frey, Phil Collins and Kate Bush among others.

Miami Vice also had many famous guest stars including Willie Nelson as a retired Texas Ranger, musicians Gene Simmons, Glen Frey, Frank Zappa and Ted Nugent as drug criminals. Other musicians included Phil Collins as a game show host, Miles Davis played a pimp, Frankie Valli as a mob boss and Little Richard appeared as a street preacher.

In May 1989 NBC advertised and promoted a 2-hour finale—called Freefall. Although it was considered the last episode, there were actually three other episodes that had been filmed but not aired until June 1989: they were titled World of Trouble, Miracle Man and Leap of Faith. There was also a "lost" episode titled Too Much Too Late, that was aired in 1990, on the USA Network. Thus reaching the series a final point.

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