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The Care Bears

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The Care Bears


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This popular 80's children animated series was aired on ABC from September 1985 to July 25, 1988 for 100 episodes.

They were created in 1981 by American Greetings, they soon became so popular that there were toys, books, a television special, as well as a movie released in 1985, before they joined ABC's Saturday morning lineup.

The Care Bears including, Funshine Bear, Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, among others live in a cloud city named Care-A-Lot. From that place, they monitor the world for bad feelings. If something bad is sensed by the Care-O-Meter, they come down to earth in their Cloudmobiles and Rainbow Rollers to help.

They meet to discuss important matters in the Hall of Caring, led by Tenderheart Bear. The Care Bear Cousins are similar to the Care Bears, except that they are different animals and they live in the Forest of Feelings, led by Braveheart Lion.

The symbols on their tummies have special powers. When they unite, they use their Care Bear Stare to send good feelings to someone or to defeat evil.

Some of the villains of the story are No Heart, Professor Cold Heart, Shrieky, and Beastly. The Care Bears Family combined old episodes of Care Bears with new ones.

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