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This animated series of the 80s produced by Hanna-Barbera was based on the video game, Pac-Man by Namco. It ran originally on ABC Saturday Morning during roughly the peak of popularity of the game from September 25, 1982 to September 1, 1984, for 2 seasons and 42 episodes of about 30 minutes each.

The series featured Packy and his family, and still menaced by the Ghosts under the direction of the villainous Mezmaron, who sought to capture the Power Pellet Forest, and thereby control the world. The Pac-Man craze produced school supplies, clothing, Book-and-Record sets and a very successful breakfast cereal, not to mention spawning the Ms. Pac-Man video game.

Nearly everything in Pac-Land had the shape of a sphere or is round, at the very least. Everything from natural backgrounds to houses to cars to animals as well as people assumed that form. Another funny aspect of the series was the use of the  Pac- prefix for verbs and famous or common existing nouns; for instance Pac-Hollywood, a town famous for its film studios.

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