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The Wuzzles

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The Wuzzles


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Aired on CBS Saturday morning from September 14, 1985 to December 7, 1985 and just 13 episodes of about 22-26 minutes each; making it one of the shortest running animated series produced by Disney.

The Wuzzles live on the Island of Wuz. They are each a combination of two creatures in one, such as a rabbit/hippopotamus (Hoppopotamus) or a bee/lion (Bumblelion). Sometimes they manage to get themselves into trouble, being constantly plagued by humans seeking to capture them.

Some of the main character include: Bumblelion, half bumblebee and half lion; Butterbear half bear and half butterfly and mostly bear in appearance; Eleroo half elephant and half kangaroo, being one of the larger Wuzzles; Moosel half moose and half seal; Hoppopotamus half rabbit and half hippopotamus; Rhinokey half rhinoceros and half monkey; Tycoon half tiger and half raccoon; Crock half crocodile and half dinosaur, being the main villain of the story.

Despite the great animation quality and sounds, the series never really caught on, and was shuffled from CBS to ABC and then on to the newborn Disney Channel.

A second season was planned but due to the death of Bill Scott (the voice of Moosel) it was cancelled. Scott's death, however, did not stop a second season of the Gummi Bears, where Scott also starred, which premiered the same day as Wuzzles (The Wuzzles were on CBS while the Gummi Bears on NBC).

Later the Wuzzles were moved to ABC (eventually sold to Disney) for reruns.

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