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Electronic music of the 80s

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Electronic music of the 80s


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The 80s were also the decade of the emergence of electronic music emergence; dance music records using only electronic instruments became increasingly popular, largely influenced from the Electronic music of Kraftwerk and 1970s disco music.

This style was born in regional nightclub scenes in the 80s, and became the predominant type of music played in discotheques as well as the rave scene.

In the early eighties, in Chicago, Illinois; House music emerged strongly influenced by elements of soul- and funk-infused varieties of disco.

Club play from DJs like Ron Hardy and Lil Louis, local dance music record shops, and the popular Hot Mix 5 shows on radio station WBMX-FM helped popularize house music in Chicago and among visiting DJs & producers from Detroit. Trax Records and DJ International Records, local labels with wider distribution, helped popularize house music outside of Chicago. It eventually reached Europe before being absorbed by pop & dance music worldwide during 90s.

By the mid-80s Techno music was developed in Detroit, Michigan; initially conceived as party music that was played on daily mixed radio programs as well as played at parties in exclusivist Detroit high school clubs, since the second half of the eighties it has grown to be a global phenomenon in the 90s and 2000s. Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May (known as the "Belleville Three"), and Eddie Fowlkes, all of whom attended school together at Belleville High in Detroit, are considered as the fathers of Techno music.

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