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Koosh Ball

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Koosh Ball


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This is a ball made of rubber filaments (strings) attached to a soft rubber core. In the late 80s, when an engineer named Scott Stillinger was trying to teach his children how to catch a ball, an idea came to his mind. A ball made of soft rubbery strands that small hands could easily latch onto. Stillinger tied rubber bands together for his first creation, and came up with the name “Koosh” because that’s the sound it made as it landed in his hand.

The Koosh ball was one of 1988's most popular Christmas toys, and their popularity continued during the 90s.

Kooshes have approximately 2000 natural rubber filaments, and come in a variety of color combinations, they also come in a rainbow of colors and sizes. If your throwing arm doesn’t pack the wallop you’re looking for, there are slew of other ways to launch a Koosh Ball: Koosh Catchers and Koosh FlingShots among them.

Recently, there was a line of Koosh jewelry for pre-teeners and on up, a part of the Koosh Cosmic Club line. There are different colored Koosh Horoscope Balls, which reflect the changing emotions of owners.

They’re an alternative to regular old balls, they’re great for teaching kids how to catch, and they don’t hurt too much if your catch partner gets a bit zealous. Once you’ve got one in your palm, it’s hard not to toss it around a little.

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