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Power Wheels - Toys of the 90s

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Power Wheels - Toys of the 90s


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Battery-powered ride-on toy cars for kids, they are built with kid-sized, realistic features, including in some cases even real working features like FM radios, opening/closing doors and hoods, power lock brakes, and both forward and reverse motion.

Actually Power Wheels were pretty expensive belonging to the realm of rich kids of the 90s; so if you had one it is most probable that your parents were doing pretty well for themselves. It was like owning your very own car about a dozen or so years before you’d get your driver’s license.

Introduced in the 80s by Fisher Price, they came in several varieties. If you were adventurous, a Jeep or dune buggy would get you hauling across the perilous backyard grass. If you preferred something more sophisticated, a stylish luxury car or classic roadster was the car for you. But if speed was your business, there were sleek sports cars and motorcycle-like vehicles to go around. There were well over 100 models of Power Wheels ride-on cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The brand name dates back to 1984, when San Francisco-based toy company Kransco acquired Pines of America, makers of battery-powered vehicles for children. In 1986 Kransco renamed the line Power Wheels. By 1990 sales reached over 1,000,000 units per year.

In 1994, the line was purchased by Mattel. Following Mattel's acquisition of Kransco, the line became immediately part of Fisher-Price toys.

In 1999, Fisher-Price announced the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Ride-On – contributing to a year of record sales for the entire product line.

Power Wheels continued to expand during the 90s, as lucky kids were treated to everything from a replica Batmobile to an assortment of Barbie vehicles.

And the line continues to grow today; going bigger (for instance the Chevy Silverado has room for two), cooler (you can design your own Harley) and nuttier (the Wild Thing looks like no other vehicle known to man). A new line was also introduced for younger kids; with Toddler vehicles like the Rock & Roll Ride-On Trike. The price is also more affordable helping break down the old stigmas and making them not just for rich kids any more.

The 12 volt battery models come with one 12-volt battery, 2 motors, 2 speeds and can achieve speeds of 2.5-5 mph (4-8 km/h). The Super 6 volt model comes with one battery, 2 motors, 1 speed and top speeds of 2.5 or 3.5 mph (4 or 6 km/h). The 6 volt models come with one 6-Volt battery, 1 motor, 1 speed and top speeds of 2 or 2.5 mph (3 or 4 km/h).

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