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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.


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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: A short-lived television series aired on FOX from August 27, 1993 to May 20, 1994 for only 27 episodes of 45 minutes each. It was one of the few Western series of the 90s; but for sure it was not the most successful.

A combination of Sci-Fi Western and steampunk genres, this short lived TV show was starred by Bruce Campbell who played the title character, a Harvard-educated lawyer turned bounty hunter. Brisco took on this profession when his father was murdered by John Bly and the ‘Gang of 12.’

Seeking revenge, Brisco worked for the Westerfield Club, a group of robber barons who hired him to round up the rogues responsible for his father’s death out of fear that they might be next. Brisco’s connection with the club was their legal counselor Socrates Poole, who often played an unwilling role in Brisco’s adventures. Lord Bowler, another bounty hunter, helped Brisco on his hunt for the purpose of being cut in on the many bounties involved.

John Bly was obsessed with obtaining the Orbs, spherical objects created by aliens that gave their owners mystical powers. However, the Orbs could do terrible things in the hands of the wrong people, giving Brisco a secondary mission: trying to keep Bly from obtaining the Orbs.

But this was not the only paranormal feature of the story; there was, Brisco’s horse Comet who could talk and thought it was a person. Also, some episodes regularly included such offbeat elements as time travel and UFO’s.

Other secondary characters of the show included professor Albert Wickwire, an inventor; saloon singer Dixie Cousins, Brisco’s love interest. She was a strong character somewhat stubborn as well as tough-minded as any man in the cast.

There were also guest villains like the down-and-dirty Swill brothers, a quartet of inbred roughnecks who posed a memorable challenge to Brisco in the episode “No Man’s Land.”

An original colorful story which did not catch so deeply in the hearts of the audience, but still worth of being added to this list.

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