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Blossom - TV Series of the 90s

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Blossom - TV Series of the 90s


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Created by Don Reo this was a family-themed sitcom aired from July 5, 1990 to May 11, 1995 on NBC for 114 episodes of 22-24 minutes each divided into 5 seasons. It featured the life of Blossom Russo, a teenage girl living with her father and two brothers.

Unlike most family sitcoms of this type which usually present an idealized vision of the perfect family life, this one was focused on a rather dysfunctional TV family, the Russos.

Blossom was the youngest, a 13-year old girl in the first season, but often seemed to be the smartest and most mature of the group. She had two brothers: Anthony was a recovering drug addict, and Joey was a sweet-natured, not-so-smart but quite funny baseball player and ladies man. Nick was their father, a session musician who was reeling from his recent divorce with their mother. Not officially a member of the family but just as close was Six, Blossom’s fast-talking best friend. Later additions to the cast included Buzz, the family’s grandfather, and Carol, a love interest for Nick who would eventually become his wife.

Blossom kept a video ‘diary,’ adding her thoughts and feelings to a home video camera as she pondered the life lessons she and her family learned. An early gimmick in the show involved Blossom's fantasies, during which she would get advice from celebrities including Little Richard, Phil Donahue, and even Alf. But later with the progress of the show this element was abandoned.

The pilot episode in season 1 set the concept for the show's classic opening sequences; featuring Blossom on home videotape, showing her through the camera's viewfinder with a REC icon; in her bedroom doing mimed performances like dancing, doing aerobics, pretending to talk on the phone, making silly faces, etc.

Beginning in season 3, most segments of the show opened and close with the first frame of a scene being frozen in a multi-colored watercolor effect.

The program often dealt with relevant teen social issues like teen sexuality, drug abuse, and peer pressure, and this angle made the show a big hit with pre-teen and teen girls.

The theme music was My Opinionation written by Mike Post and Steve Geyer and performed by artist Dr. John.

Blossom was cancelled in June of 1995 after a five-season run on NBC. By this time, the star herself had blossomed into a mature young woman.

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