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Darkwing Duck - Animated Series of the 90s

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Darkwing Duck - Animated Series of the 90s


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It was a DuckTales' spin-off animated series produced by The Walt Disney Company that ran originally from 1991 to 1995 on ABC for 91 episodes of 22 minutes and 3 seasons.

It was centered on a superhero duck with the alter ego of Drake Mallard (voiced by Jim Cummings). Darkwing and his adopted daughter, Gosalyn Mallard resided in the town of St. Canard and used their powers to perform good acts all over their town.

The superhero was aided by his sidekick and pilot Launchpad, also a Duck Tales' character.

The series entered production roughly one year after the end of DuckTales; being inspired by two specific episodes the aforementioned series, Double-O-Duck and The Masked Mallard. The original idea had Launchpad McQuack as the star, but finally Launchpad appeared as Darkwing's sidekick in the finished product.

Gizmoduck, a character from the final season of DuckTales, also appeared in some crossover-themed episodes. The name The Masked Mallard was also used to refer to Darkwing himself.

Perhaps not with the same overwhelming level of popularity and innovation of its predecessor in the late 80s but it still remains one of the favorites of the audience of the 90s.

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