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Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Animated Series of the 90s

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Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Animated Series of the 90s


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This peculiar animated show of the 90s was the first one to bring the concept of talk shows to the world of cartoons. It was originally aired from April 15, 1994 to November 4, 2004; on Cartoon Network (1994-2001), Adult Swim (2001-2004) and GameTap (2006-2008); for 110 episodes and 10 seasons. It was also Cartoon Network's first completely original series. Since most of the episodes had a duration of 11 minutes, with just a few exceptions, Cartoon Network decided to air two episodes together in order to make a 30 minute programming block.

It featured the 60's cartoon Space Ghost character as the show's host. Initially it was targeted to a wide audience of children, teens, and adults, however by the time it changed its direction, and transformed into the launchpad for what would become the Adult Swim.

Space Ghost's questions often left the guests feeling confused and the audience was sometime led to believe the guests id not even realize they were on a talk show. The cartoon also had a laugh track. The series paved the way for other "talk show" concepts, which eventually made the way for spin offs like Cartoon Planet and The Brak Show.

Space Ghost behavior was awkward, and even hostile at moments. Also the answers of guests often did not match the questions coming from the show's host, because the questions were changed after the interview.

Space Ghost's relationship with his co-workers was not the best. His bandleader, an evil talking mantis named Zorak, and his director/producer, a red-helmeted lava man named Moltar, worked in the show as punishment for their crimes. They frequently disrupted the show letting know the audience about their bad relationship with the show's host.

In 1995, a spin-off show called Cartoon Planet on TBS, featuring Space Ghost, Zorak, and Brak attempting to host a variety show on the Cartoon Planet. Another spin-off premiered in late 2000, The Brak Show, a situation comedy starring Brak as an adolescent.

If a single-word definition is needed to describe this animated show of the 90s that would be originality.

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