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Kim Possible: Season 1 - Episodes Guide

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Alternate Names: 

Kim Possible Argentina / Brazil / France / Germany
Απίθανη Κιμ, (Apithani Kim) Greece
Disney's Kim Possible USA (complete title)
K.P. (Ron)
Kimmie (numerous others)
Kimmy Cub (father)
Bubble Butt (as a baby, mother)
K (Bonnie)
Miss Perfect (Bonnie)
Tin Teeth (Bonnie)
Princess (Shego)
Pumpkin (Shego)
Cupcake (Shego)
Miss Snooty (Shego)
Miss Priss (Shego)


This episode starts outside Middleton High, with the sign reading: "Sopirit week! Dance friday". We then proceed in to see Ron searching through his locker for Rufus, believing that he's gone missing. Ron tells Kim that Rufus will be crushed if he misses Spirit Week. Then everything in Ron's locker falls out, while Ron believes that Rufus is crushed under everything he has in his locker. He then starts to itch all over his body, and he finds a tired Rufus in his pocket. Kim is grossed out by it, and they discuss him a bit. Ron then says the Ron Stoppable motto: "Never be normal!", while Kim is apparently hypnotized. Ron wonders what is wrong, and finds out that she is staring at Josh Mankey, whom Ron dislikes, Rufus as well. We then head into the opening credits.

  1. Crush
  2. Sink or Swim
  3. The New Ron
  4. Tick Tick Tick
  5. Downhill
  6. Bueno Nacho
  7. Number One
  8. Mind Games
  9. Attack of The Killer Bebes
  10. Royal Pain
  11. Coach Possible
  12. Pain King vs. Cleopatra
  13. Monkey Fist Strikes
  14. October 31st
  15. All The News
  16. Kimitation Nation
  17. The Twin Factor
  18. Animal Attraction
  19. Monkey Ninjas in Space
  20. Ron The Man
  21. Low Budget

Episode: 1 (season) / 1 (show) / 13 (production order) First Aired: June 7, 2002 Product Code: 113
Writers: Mark McCorkleBob and Robert Schooley Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Rough Draft Korea Co., ltd.

Episode summary

This episode starts outside Middleton High, with the sign reading: "Sopirit week! Dance friday". We then proceed in to see Ron searching through his locker for Rufus, believing that he's gone missing. Ron tells Kim that Rufus will be crushed if he misses Spirit Week. Then everything in Ron's locker falls out, while Ron believes that Rufus is crushed under everything he has in his locker. He then starts to itch all over his body, and he finds a tired Rufus in his pocket. Kim is grossed out by it, and they discuss him a bit. Ron then says the Ron Stoppable motto: "Never be normal!", while Kim is apparently hypnotized. Ron wonders what is wrong, and finds out that she is staring at Josh Mankey, whom Ron dislikes, Rufus as well. We then head into the opening credits.

Ron then thinks that someone might believe that she is crushing on Mankey because of the way she stares at him. But he finds that she has walked over to him, trying to talk to him. Kim and Mankey discuss the poster that he made. He then notices who she is, stating that she saved some ambassador last week. Kim is very nervous. We then skip forwards through the school day a bit, where Kim tells Ron how hard it is to talk to Mankey. Kim then says that she wants to ask him to the dance, but Ron wants them to go together, as they always do it, but Kim want a real date, not just a "friend-date". Kim then asks who Ron's gonna ask, but he states that he will ask every girl at school to the dance. Wade then beeps in on the Kimmunicator, saying that she must meet him at his locker. Back at her locker, Wade says that they are getting countless hits on the site, including feeding eight cats for one week, with one litterbox. Ron then says that she might want to change her motte, "I can do anything". he then discovers something going on in Tokyo. Wade says that it is an emergency, and shows them the security cams. They show some helicopters around a building, and then Dr. Drakken suddenly hits the cam with his fist, knocking it out. Ron then states taht he is "their" arch-enemy. They then fixes a trip with someone Kim helped, and are on their way.

A plane flies over the sky. Inside, Ron enjoys his life with a drink and sunglasses, while Kim thanks Brittina, a superstar, for the ride. She then says that's the least she can do after Kim saved her Chicago show. Kim then, as always, brags about it, and states that the backstagefire was no big. Brittina states that it must be awesome to not be afraid of anything. She do admit that she is "scared" of Josh Mankey. Brittina then gives her some advice, while Ron asks her to the Spirit Week Dance, and he do, of course, get rejected.

Back at Japan, thwe helicopters still flies around the orange building. We then zoom in at the entrance, where Miss Kyoko thanks Kim and Ron for coming. She then says that she is the translator for Nakasumi-san. Ron then proceeds to ask her to the Spirit Week Dance, Miss Kyoko, believing that Ron asked Nakasumi, translates it for him, but he rejects, giving the current crisis. Ron then proceeds to correct it, as he was going to ask Miss Kyoko, but Kim interrupts, asking what the sitch (situation) is. Kyoko then says that they have taken their entire factory with all the workers, which is only two, as it is the most automated factory in the world.Kim and Ron then grapple their way to the roof, but Ron manages to shoot his sweater and pants before he finally grapples himself up. They then looks down at the factory from a large roof window, wondering what Drakken does here. Ron then says that it make the Z-Boy, the fastest graphics system ever. Kim then begins to melt the glass with her laser lipåstick, while Ron continues to talk about the Z-Boy. He then come to the conclusion that Drakken's going to steal Christmas, by preventing the production of the most wanted Christmas gift, namely the Z-Boy. Kim, on the other hand, says that he is doing something bigger, like taking over the world.

They then discuss this on their way into the factory. Kim then orders Ron to distract Drakken, while she frees the hostages. Drakken then annoys himself veery much for small things, but then Ron appears on the screens, with the "Naked Mole Rat TV" show. Drakken and Shego then understand that it is Ron, and proceeds to search for him, while Kim frees the hostages. Ron gets trapped by a fork truck. Kim gets noticed by Drakken and Shego, and Drakken wants to blabber about his plan, but Shego stops him. He then presses a button, and big hooks then drops down, and Drakken's henchmen attaches them to the whole factory structure, and flies off in a helicopter, leaving Kim behind with nothing.

Back at Kim's house the next day, Mr. Dr. Possible reads the newpaper, and finds out that Drakken stole the whole factory, but notices that the two employees was rescured by Kim Possible, his daughter, which makes him very happy. Kim, on the other hand, is very aggravated about Drakken escaping, blaming herself for it. She is also irritated because of ehr behavior around Josh, whom her dad mistakes for being a mad scientist bent on world conquest. When Kim says he's a hottie, her dad takes the dialogue back to the Drakken thing, stating that they should not talk about hotties at breakfast anymore. Kim's mom then comes in, asking who's a hottie, and then Jim and TIm comes in and irritating her by saying "Kim's got a boyfriend! Kim's got a boyfriend!" They then proceed to eat their cereal. Kim and her parents then talks about it, while the twins shows an utter lack of manners.
Back at school, the school sign reads: Need a Date? Call Ron". Kim implies that she will ask Mankey to the dance before that day is over. Ron, on the other hand, will ask... somebody. Kim then sees Mankey, and build up some bravery before heading over to him, but she is stopped by all the pupils that runs through the hall, and he has disappeared before she could even talk to him.

At the library, Ron continues to ask girls to the dance, whituot any luck. At the cafeteria, Kim talks with some other girls, and she spits out some water when he walks by, leaving her utterly embarrased. Ron sits whit a couple of girls, trying to ask them, still whitout a result. At the gym, Kim is trying to ask Mankey, but Bonnie then interrupts her, trying to unnerve her. At cgheerleader practise, Ron interrupts, and tries to ask the cheerleaders to the dance, and embarrasing Kim in the proccess. As Kim continues, the Kimmunicator beeps, and Ron tells Kim, but interrupts her while she and the other cheerleaders are making a pyramid, causing her to fall, and at the same time tear up Mankey's banner, leaving him very sad.

We then see a car with caterpillar tracks driving throug a snow-covered landscape, and heavy snowfall as well. Rufus is freezing to his bone. Kim then says that they should recap what they know. Ron believes that it is about the Mankey case, and begins to tell various facts about him, like that hes has rejected invitations to the dance bye several girls that is high on the "food chain", even Bonnie. They then stop, and a man with red beard says that they're here. Kim then talks for the lift, and do the usual brag business. (see the part with Brittina earlier in this recap for info about that). They then start to ride their snowboards down the mountains, but Ron, as always, is very goofy, and manages to push them over an edge, down towards the alarm beams, which Wade made visible. Kim just barely manages to ride through them, while Ron has his dumb luck there, allowing him to stop, right next to Kim. But Rufus slide a little bit too long, and triggers the alarm by touching one of the alarm beams. Kim and Ron then gets trapped.

In Drakken's lair, a angry Kim surrounded by Drakken's hencmen states that she has never been captured that easy before, saying that it was almost as embarrasing as cheerleading practice. Kim then proceeds to fight Shego, leaving Ron with the henchmen. Kim then throws a box with "lipgloss" to Ron, but it is actually a sleeping gas, which Ron uses to knock out all of the henchmen. Kim continues to fight Shego, and she "lipglosses" Shego. Drakken the arrives, and Ron implies that Drakken is going to steal Christmas, but he says that it is not the plan.
He then turns the whole toy factory into a giant Robot, with the Z-Boy in front, saying "Konnichiwa". They then proceeds to fight the robot, who first upon them with lasers. Kim asks Wade for help, and he says that they have to set the Kimmunicator into a override module, allowing Wade to control the robot. Drakken is very irritated that she is a cheerleader, as she would've been fried by the robot lasers if she wasn't. Ron manages to distract Drakken, giving Kim enough time to put the Kimmunicator into the override module. Wade then tries to hack himself into the robot, but isn't able to find the password. Ron is catched by the robot, hanging upside down, and then Rufus falls down, but Kim comes to his rescue at the last moment. Drakken then gets Kim cornered, and is just about to end her, but then Wade guesses the password, which is "Konnichiwa", and Kim is saved. Wade then grabs Drakken, but Shego plugs of the Kimmunicator, and then the arms start to spin around, with Drakken and Ron still hanging in them because Kim and Shego fights in the control room. Ron then falls down, and Kim does so too, but she fires her grappler on the robot, and spins around the robot, making the robot fall, almost crushing Ron, but he was saved at the last moment by Kim, using her rocket skates, and the day is saved, once more.

Back at school, Kim is still worried about the whole Mankey thing, and hides in a closet when he comes nearby. Ron gives her the neccesary support, and she somewhat manages to ask him to the dance, and also apologizing about the banner that got destroyed. She also end up leaving Ron locked in the closet. At the end, Kim is dancing with Mankey at the Spirit Week Dance, while Bonnie is infuriated. Ron is still locked in the closet as we end this episode.


Villains: Dr. Drakken & Shego

This episode's musical score was edited in 2003 to include "I'm Ready" from the Kim Possible soundtrack.

The first episode aired; First aired June 7, 2002 on Disney Channel.

Aired September 21, 2002 on ABC Kids and April 11, 2005 on Toon Disney.

13th episode in chronological order.

This episode appears in the "Kim Possible: The Secret Files" DVD.

A running joke in this episode is Ron thinking that Dr. Drakken's evil plan is to steal Christmas, a far cry from the truth.

When Kim is saying "I'll just spit it out", when sitting in the cantina, Josh passes by her. He was supposed to say hi, but no voice came. You can see that he was supposed to say hi, because Kim noticed he was there, even though she was looking the other way, and from the movements of his mouth.

During the intro song, "Call Me, Beep Me," watch the blonde cheerleader on the right. When she stops and kneels her eyes are blue. Yet when she stands up to pose her eyes turn brown.

Whenever Mr. Dr. Possible mentions Dr. Drakken, he pronounces the name "Drocken."

For a moment, when Ron's holding Rufus in Heinrich's snow-mobile thing, his hands are flesh-colored, when he should be wearing gloves.

When Ron is pinned by the forklift, his shirt is a light gray rather than black.

When Kim punches out the camera on the back of Drakken's robot, the hand still in the suction cup is glove-less.

When Ron is hanging upside down when the Ultimate Robot Warrior grabs him, Rufus falls out of his pocket. After Kim rescues Rufus, she puts him in her pocket. But when Kim rocket skates to Ron's rescue as the Robot is falling, Rufus is back with Ron.

As Josh bends down to pick up his posters, the inside of his ear is momentarily transparent.

Kim and Ron are both suddenly wearing helmets and goggles as soon as they open the door and exit Heinrich's snow vehicle.

When Kim is hanging from the scaffolding fighting Shego, Shego raises a black boot to knock Kim off. In the next shot, as Kim grabs the boot, it's green.

When Kim's grappler rope is first shown, it's the typical hemp color. As she fires it up the side of the Z-boy factory, it's black.

When Ron manipulates Rufus' mouth during the Rufus show, he's missing his gloves.

When Dr. Possible (Dad) says, "Josh?", his eyebrows are black.

For a brief second on the plane, part of Ron's sunglasses are missing (the part that rests on the ear -- the right one).

During Shego's "... Every time you blab about your big plan..." rant, her mouth completely disappears for a frame or two when she says, "She wins!"

Because it's been recycled from an earlier sequence, the overlay representing the view from Drakken's Ultimate Robo-Warrior incorrectly identifies Ron as Kim, and vice versa.

When Ron screams (after the "Naked Mole Rat Show"), his freckles are missing.

Ron is jealous of Kim's crush.

Kim gets jealous when Ron asks other girls out.

Introduces: Britina, Nakasumi-san, Yoshiko, and the Z-boy mascot, Josh Mankey and Kim's crush on him.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie Rockwaller

Guest stars

Dan Castellaneta: Goon(s)
Lauren Tom: Yoshiko
Tara Strong: Britina
Roz Ryan: Wade's Mom
John DiMaggio: Heinrich
Breckin Meyer: Josh Mankey
Nicole Sullivan: Computer Voice

Sink or Swim
Episode: 2 (season) / 2 (show) / 11 (production order) First Aired: June 7, 2002 Product Code: 111
Writers: Julie Du Fine and Amanda Rudolph Schwartz Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Rough Draft Korea Co., ltd.

Episode summary

This episode begins with a school bus driving through the woods. Inside the whole Middleton High cheer squad, including Ron, shout out “Go, Mad Dogs!” Barkin, who is the driver of the bus, is really annoyed. Ron then puts on his Mad Dog foam mask, and shakes it out through the whole bus. Kim then proceeds to stop Ron, saying that he should hold up for the competition, and they have a discussion. Ron then says that the road looks familiar. He beeps in to Wade, to get a GPS lock on the area, and he finds out that they’re heading for Camp Wannaweep, and he panics. Opening credits begin.

Ron then proceeds to talk about his horrible summer at Wannaweep. The bus then drives on some spikes, and the tires gets flat. They then stop, right outside Camp Wannaweep. The cheerleaders all try to call for help with their cell phones, but they have no coverage. Ron must then, on Barkin’s orders, lead the cheer group to the pay phone, which brings back some horrible memories, like calling his mom every three minutes, and she eventually stopped taking his calls. Of course, when Ron gets to lead the way, he doesn’t hesitate; even tough it is into Camp Wannaweep. He then gives the cheer squad some advice, in a Ronnish way.

They then head out of the bus, and Ron explains that there are many dangers at Camp Wannaweep, to try and convince them. He first points out a poison oak plant, explaining how he ended up lying in his cabin, getting itchy all over his body due to a rash he got from touching the plant. He warns them that they’ll have to stay close to stay alive. As they head into the forest, lighted up only by the full moon, they try to call someone from the pay phone, not far from cabin thirteen, where Ron spent his days at Camp Wannaweep. The phone is out of order. Tara then says that it’s like those movies, where some teens are in a deep forest, and some creepy person starts to pick them off, one after one. Bonnie then mocks Ron, but Tara actually feels pity for him, because the other camp kids called him names. They hear something move, but it’s only a squirrel. It runs away, and Ron then states that it is not “Just a squirrel”, but they were evil, rabid squirrels, trying to attack Ron when he was at the Camp.

Later, they are sitting around a camp fire, while Ron is telling “scary” stories. OF course, everyone else is bored to death. Bonnie says that he is acting more freaky than usual. Tara on the other hand, believes Ron, to some degree, when he says that Camp Wannaweep is cursed. Ron hears something in some nearby bushes, but Kim tells him that it is nothing to worry about. In the bushes, a strange creature looks at them, with anger in his red eyes.

We then see a owl sitting on a branch, making a cracking sound as it turns its head around. Ron then tells about how it was staying at Wannaweep, sharing cabin with a tick-infested chimp, and saying that all of some, no, all of his memories from Wannaweep is bad. Tara is the only one that seems interested in listening to Ron. Kim then says that she is going to get some more firewood, but Ron then reminds her that no one should go alone, because of the Camp Wannaweep rule number one; to use the buddy system. Barkin then proceeds to go with her. Both Kim and Barkin says that they went to get more firewood because they couldn’t take any more of Ron’s camp stories.

While Kim and Barkin are walking through the dark forest, a creature is following them, whit out them knowing. This creature is the same that looked at them through the bushes earlier. He makes some gushy sounds as he walks.

Back at the camp fire, Tara says that she thinks it is nice at Wannaweep, because of the lake and the woods. Ron then tells about the lake, which is apparently toxic, seeing how it has a acid-green colour. Ron makes some sparks in the campfire, and begins to tell another story, this time about how he handled the lake when he stayed there, much to the dismay of the other cheerleaders, except Tara.

Camp Ron looks at the lake, saying that he is not going into that water, because it is acid-green. The other kids jump out in the water. Gil, who is one of Ron’s camp-“mates”, mocks him about being scared of the water. Ron on the other hand, is quick to take advantage of the fact that Gil is skipping arts and crafts, and takes that course himself, instead of swimming. Back in present time, around the campfire, Ron says that it was the last time he ever saw Gil. Bonnie then says that he’s been a loser for, like, forever.

Back in the woods, Kim and Barkin is collecting wood for the campfire, and Kim then hear some gushy sounds, like the ones the strange creature made. Barkin says that it is nothing to worry about, but then he gets grabbed by the foot by a slimy arm, but he isn’t able to say anything before the arm covers his mouth. Kim then notices that Barkin is gone, and she tries to shout for him, but she doesn’t get an answer.

Back at the campfire, Kim rushes in and asks if they have seen Barkin, to which they replies that he went with her. She explains that there were some weird sounds, and then Barkin was gone. She asks where two of the cheerleaders is, to which she gets the answer that they’re gone to the toilets. They suddenly hear two screams, and Kim and Ron runs over, only to find that the cheerleaders is gone. On the ground, they discover a weird footprint. Ron then says that there is only one place to go; and that is Cabin thirteen.

At cabin thirteen, Ron tells how he was able to survive every horror that Camp Wannaweep could throw at him, like the other kids shooting at him with bows and arrows. Ron then says that Cabin thirteen will be their base of operations. Ron then finds some old snacks hidden under a plank in the floor, and gives some to Tara. Bonnie only wants to go to the competition, but they have other worries, like how they are going to survive the night. They then hear Barkin screaming, and they head out, only to find him ensnared in sticky, acid-green goo. They then hear crashing sounds and screams, and head back to Cabin thirteen, only to find the whole squad trapped by the goo, and the acid-green that followed them before.

The mutant thing then asks if Ron remembers him, and Ron then remembers that it is Gil, but he says that he is no longer Gil, but Gill, (this makes no difference when pronounced, making for some confusion). He then traps Kim to a tree with the sticky goo, and does so with Barkin as well. He then says than the Camp was shut down because the lake was toxic, like Ron believed. Gill then reveals (rather Kim) that he did make it so that they got there; it was all a fake, even the competition, which was part of his plan to get revenge on Ron Stoppable. He also reveals that contact with his goo (or muck, as Gill calls it) will turn them into mutants. Gill then proceeds to take Ron, but he manages to escape, while Gill fires at him with goo. Bonnie then says that Ron is ditching them. Barkin is starting to mutate and grow gills.

Ron then appears in the Arts and Crafts hut, where he picks up some things, before Gill appears, and begins to barrage Ron with goo. But Ron manages to escape, and Gill looks out but can’t see him. Ron is sitting in the hut down by the water, and is making a net, while Rufus is fixing a motor. He then sets the boat on the water, and starts it. The other cheerleaders hear a motorboat, and so does Gill, and he heads down to the water, which he implies is his element. Ron is speeding over the lake, with Gill following him close behind. The boat suddenly stops, and Ron notices that they’re out of gas. Gill appears, and Ron jumps out into the water. They then start to fight, but then a rope gets a grip on Gill’s foot, and as they head up to the water surface, Rufus starts the motor to the boat, and drives away with Gill hooked to the rope, which implies that they weren’t out of gas; they just tricked Gill into believing it. The boat is now driving without control, and heads straight into the hut next to the water, which severely hurts Gill.

The next day, police cars and a large van which reads Bio-hazard is standing outside of the Camp. Gill is trapped in a net, and Barkin gets de-mutated. Gill gets dropped into what looks like a over sized goldfish bowl. They then learn that Gill will also be de-mutated. Officer Hobble from the police believes that Kim was today’s hero, and doesn’t quite believe her when she says that Ron is the hero. The whole cheer squad is congratulating Ron, and Tara gives him a kiss on his cheek. He also gets Bonnie to admit that he rocks. Ron then looks back at the camp, and Kim says that he did great, and then the episode ends.


Gill is back in the net, in the wide shot, when Kim is talking to the police officer. At this time, he should already be in the giant fishbowl.

Although Ron is shown as the cheer squad mascot in this episode, he doesn't become the "Middleton Mad Dog" until Attack of the Killer Bebes, which was produced prior to Sink or Swim and is set chronologically earlier.

When Gill is saying, "It turns out, and you're gonna love this, the lake had been polluted by run-off from the science camp," his nose changes colors and shapes several times.

Ron's pockets frequently change from cargo pants pockets to normal pockets throughout this episode.

Seen from the outside, the bus looks pretty big (like a normal school bus), but the inside is small, as it only has four rows of seats.

As Tara eats the pork wafer, her bellybutton is missing.

When Gill says, "So... he ditched you," the fin on top of his head is light green.

When we first see Gill after he is captured, he is in Ron's handmade net. Yet, when he is dropped into the giant fishbowl moments later, he is on a canvas stretcher.

When Gill says, "All part of my plan... to have revenge on Ron Stoppable!", the fin on his left foot is missing.

When Ron and Gill are fighting in the lake, Gill's hair, for a moment, turns green like the color of his muck.

Right after Ron says, "And it's back there!," the "13" on Cabin 13 is missing, then it appears again.

When Gill is saying "You took my arts and crafts," and also when he's saying, "They shut down the camp," one of his nostrils disappears.

When Gil's telling the Counselor how he's not getting out of the water, his eyelids are skin-colored. But when they show him before he dives under, his eyelids are black.

The positions of the cheerleaders change over and over when they are being held captive by Gill.

Introduces: Introduces Gill.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Tara Strong: Tara
Patrick Warburton: Steve Barkin
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie Rockwaller

Guest stars

Corey Burton: Dr. Lurkin
John DiMaggio: Camp Counselor
Justin Berfield: Gil / Gill
Rosslynn Taylor Jordan: Crystal
Corey Burton: Officer Hobble

The New Ron
Episode: 3 (season) / 3 (show) / 5 (production order) First Aired: June 7, 2002 Product Code: 105
Writers: Mark Palmer Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Toon City Animation

Episode summary

This episode starts off at Kim's house, where she sits, looking very thoughtful. Francois, a barber, also looks very thoughtful. The same goes for Rufus. Francois then proceeds to cut Ron's hair, after getting support from Kim. He says he is doing this because Kim helped his poodle. Kim's mom then comes into the kitchen, asking why Ron is getting a haircut in their kitchen, to which Kim replies that he needs it. For "the finale", he adds some "Le Goup". Everyone except Ron seems to like it, and he screams as we head into the opening credits.

At school, the usual sign isn't there. Ron is hiding in a closet, because he thinks the new haircut is ugly. When he comes out he has a bucket over his head. When he takes it off, he has a thick cap on his head to hide his hair. He says that the haircut has destroyed his “Ron-ness”. Kim tricks Ron, and manages to get the cap off. Ron chases Kim through the halls, but is quick to stop when he sees some senior girls that like his haircut a lot, telling him to meet them later. This causes Ron to immediately like his haircut. But, much to his dismay, one straw of hair is still standing out. Well, Ron convinces Kim to go to France so that they can get him some more of the “Le Goup” hair gel.

As a plane lands on an airport, we see Kim inside, thanking the pilots for the ride, and ends up bragging about the time she helped them, as always. In Paris, Kim and Ron are visiting Francois. As they exit his shop, he says that Ron needs a new wardrobe to take the haircut to the next level. Kim is very irritated, because all the girls walking by Ron looks at him and gives him blow kisses. Kim argues with Ron a bit, but gives up, and walks away very irritated. But all of a sudden, all the electricity gets cut across the whole town. Kim asks Wade about the snitch, and he tells them that there have been blackouts all across Europe. Well, Wade fixes them a ride.

Kim and Ron are sitting in a helicopter very nervously, asking if this is safe. Wade guarantees that it is safe as we see a cabin in the helicopter, without a pilot. They have traced what that has been causing all the blackouts, and it seems like it is an island. A giant light beams up from the whole island, indicating that someone has been using enormous amounts of electricity there. They then proceed to land on the island. They grapple themselves over a huge wall with barbed wires and searchlights on top of it. At the top, they see some pools and some buildings, as well as a gargantuan lamp in the middle. They also discover a man that is sunbathing by the pool. He then calls for his father, believing them to be the new servants. His father then introduces them as Senor Senior Senior and Senor Senior Junior. Inside, Kim explains the Seniors about energy, and ways of being economical with their energy consumption. Ron then says that his “house” looks like a perfect evil lair, saying that someone can take over the world from a place like that, giving out ideas about how to do it, like installing a communications jammer, missiles, self-activating lasers, an indoor lagoon filled with piranhas. Further, he proposes an underground escape route, as well as spinning tops of doom. They then exit. Well, the Seniors find out that they need a hobby.

Back at Kim’s house that evening, Kim is about to eat dinner, and are arguing with the twins. Kim’s mother then serves dinner, which is meat loaf shaped like a brain, which grosses Kim out. Kim then goes up to her room, and tries to call Ron, but he is not home. At the mall, Ron is in a clothes store, and he is looking for clothes to match the hair cut, but he is very choosy. Kim tries to page him, but he is not answering, because he is too busy with his new haircut. Kim tries to talk to her dad about it, but he is talking nonsense as normal. Talking to her mother doesn’t give much result either.

At school next day, a guy with black pants is walking through the hallways. He does also have a blue sweater, and we see Rufus on his arm, indicating that it’s Ron. Everyone looks at him as he is walking through the hallway. When Kim discovers his new clothes, she gets very surprised. later at the school day, Rufus is walking around the floor, panicked. He does almost get stepped on several times before Kim picks him up. Ron is talking to Amelia, one of the senior girls, when Kim takes him away. She tries to explain that Rufus could have been stepped on, but he doesn’t particularly care. Kim then takes Rufus to her locker, so that he can live there. Wade then beeps in, and says that it is trouble with the Seniors, because they have taken the power in Europe again, but by purpose this time.

We then see Paris, London and Venice, whit blackouts occurring in every single town. At the Seniors’ island, Senior sr. is reading “The Book of Evil”, for ideas about how to be evil. They then see Kim and Ron arriving on one of their security cams. They then see some missiles, one of Ron’s advices. They then see a giant plug, which is used to drain all of Europe’s power. When they get into Senior’s house, they see a lagoon, with piranhas (that will come in the next Monday), another one of Ron’s suggestions. Senior Sr. then tells that he ordered “The Book of Evil” so that he could learn how to be a villain. Kim and Ron then sees some red marks on their faces, which indicates self-activating lasers, yet another one of Ron’s suggestions. They then run from the lasers. Senior Sr. then says that he is going to attack Middleton with one of his missiles. Ron then heads after Senior Jr., who is heading for the missile launching ramp. Kim is doing well with dodging the self-activating lasers and making them shoot each other. But then Senior Sr. sends in his spinning tops of doom, the second last of Ron’s advices.

Up at the missile launching pad, Junior is preparing the missiles for launch, when Ron comes, and they begin to fight. They do so by messing up each others hair, to distract. They continue with it, fixing and messing up the others hair, until Junior breaks Ron’s comb. This makes Ron very angry, and he jumps on Junior. Junior’s comb also falls out, and almost drops down into the water. Back inside, Kim is still running from the spinning tops of doom. Outside, Ron sees his reflection, and his mind finally come to sense, as does his hair, with the help of Rufus. Rufus also shoves Junior’s comb over the edge, and he climbs down after it. This allows Ron to stop the missiles from launching. He then runs inside, just to find Kim having problems with the tops of doom. Ron throws a metal bar at one of them, causing it to go crazy and destroying the others. Senior Sr. on the other hand, makes his escape with a secret escape route and a speed boat, the last one of Ron’s advices.

Back at school, Ron has learned a lesson.
And he thinks that it wasn’t the haircut that made him popular, it was the confidence. Well, he is proven wrong when he gets rejected by Amelia. back at Kim’s locker, Rufus is glad to see the old Ron again. End of episode.


When we saw Kim's locker after she told Rufus that he could live in her locker, there was a picture of Ron hanging between the pictures of Shego and Drakken.

When Kim opened the locker at the end of the episode, and Rufus jumps out of Kim's locker, his picture is gone.

When Kim is getting thanked by the female pilot for helping them earlier, the male pilot's eyes are blue, with no pupils. When he says his line after that, he has only the pupils in his eyes with no color. When Ron comes in, his eyes are suddenly blue, with the pupils as well.

This is one of four episodes where Ron changes his image to get more popular, with the other three being All The News, Ron the Man, and Ron Millionaire.

When Ron's fighting the spinning tops of doom, there's a shadow on the wall on the other side of the doorway behind him, but in the next shot, it's gone.

When Kim and Ron are sneaking into the Seniors' lair, Ron is wearing mission clothes. When they confront the Seniors however, he has somehow changed back into his new outfit.

After Ron changed his hair back to its original style, it suddenly goes back to its previous style after he saves Kim from the spinning tops of doom.

When Kim says, "Can you hack into the European grid?", the details on the Kimmunicator disappear.

During Mrs. Dr. Possible's entire first line, her lower lip is shaded in.

When Ron comes back from "fighting" Junior, you can see tracks made by the "Spinning Tops of Doom," but in the next shot, they disappear.

At one point, during the "Spinning Tops of Doom" scene, Kim's upper lip is momentarily flesh-colored.

When Ron comes back from "fighting" Junior, the ladder to his right has already been damaged beyond use, but it's whole again in the next shot -- just in time to be destroyed by a spinning top of doom.

Outside of Francois' shop, Haute D'Style, the bottom of Ron's shirt is red during the entire "Hair care is the center of the universe" discussion.

When Kim runs off with Ron's hat early in the episode, the bottom of Ron's shirt is red when he shouts "Give it, Kim!"

After Kim and Ron get his cowlick fixed, they come out of the shop, and in the first long shot of the store front, Ron's cowlick is back, and in the second long shot, it's gone again.

At the end of the episode, Ron messed his hair around and it appeared exactly as it did before he got the haircut.

Fantasy Island: The private island locale is a nod to Ricardo Montalban's (voice of Señor Senior Sr.) previous role on the show Fantasy Island.

There are several noticeable references to James Bond: 1- The private island is a dig at the preferred hideout of most Bond villains, especially Francis Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun. The giant sunlamp is also a reference to that movie. Scaramanga's scheme involved solar power. 2- The design theme of the interior of the Seniors' home reflects that of Dr. No.

Ron: You've got doors that go -- that go "whoosh"! This is a nod to Toy Story, where Woody tries to make Buzz feel better about himself and one of his comments is, "Your helmet does that, that..."whoosh" thing!"

Señor Senior, Sr.: I like the "whoosh," it's the door saying "I am closed." The doors sound just like the doors in Star Trek when they open and close. Ricardo Montalban, who is the voice of Señor Senior, Sr., played Khan in the original Star Trek series and in the movie, The Wrath of Khan.

Señor Senior, Sr.: The piranha won't be here till Monday, but I assure you, the koi have not been fed in days. This is likely a reference to the James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice. About 3/4 of the way through the movie, Bond and a villainous henchman are fighting in a lair which has a lagoon full of ravenous piranha. Of course, the villainous henchman falls in and dies a death of eating.

Introduces: Senior Senior Senior, Junior, Amelia, and Francois.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Ricardo Montalban: Señor Senior Sr.
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
Nestor Carbonell: Señor Senior Jr.

Guest stars

Rob Paulsen: Francois
Carly Pope: Amelia
Kath Soucie: French Girl
Rob Paulsen: Pilot
Kath Soucie: Co-Pilot

Tick Tick Tick
Episode: 4 (season) / 4 (show) / 1 (production order) First Aired: June 14, 2002 Product Code: 102
Writers: Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Starburst Animation

Episode summary

This episode starts of outside Middleton High, where the sign reads: “Term Papers Due Today”. Kim is running into school and through the hallways, bumping into several people on her way. She stops at her locker, looking stressed. She opens it, and puts a disk into her computer, and starts to print, but only cheat codes for “Steel Toe Cyber Slam” comes out. Kim then gets angry at Ron who shows up. The printer then breaks, and Ron calls for Rufus, who starts fixing it, with the argument from Ron that he can program a VCR. Rufus picks out a lot of stuff, before the printer finally start working again. But Rufus falls down, and leaves a mark at one of the papers, and Kim has to print it again. When she runs to class as the bell rings, she bumps into Barkin, who gives her detention for not being in class, which shocks Kim. Opening credits start.

At Kim’s house the same night, Jim and Tim are fighting with peas from their dinner, to which their dad replies that they should use the launch pad in the yard if they want airborne vegetables. Kim then tells her parents that she has detention, and tells them what happened. Her parents then reply that Barkin is tough, but fair. Kim then says that cheerleaders don’t do detention. Kim’s communicator then beeps in, and says that they have a hit on their site from the Amazon. Wade then fixes her a ride with Gustavo. Kim’s parents don’t like the idea of Kim travelling to South America on a school night, but Kim persuades them with her puppy dog pout.

A red plane flies over the Amazon rainforest. Inside, Gustavo thanks Kim for saving his village from a flood last year, and Kim then replies that it is no big, and brags about it. Wade then beeps in, and gives her the security cam videos. On them, you see a girl in a green and black suit, she looks very athletic, and she kicks the camera. Ron is only busy with slurping in him as much soda as possible, because “every drop counts when you are a thousand miles away from free refills”.

Deep in the forest, Kim and Ron makes their way through the forest. Ron is having big time problems, while Kim has no problems at all when it comes to get through the thick underbrush of the rainforest. Ron is scared by Rufus, who crawls up his body, and he believes he is an insect. He then shakes Rufus away, and he gets trapped in a spider web, where some spiders stand ready to eat him. Kim comes in at the last moment and saves Rufus. They then arrive at Professor Akari’s lab, which is a tree house.

When they get into the house, Ron is very frightened because there are insects all over the house, another one of his phobias from Camp Wannaweep. The professor doesn’t know what is stolen, and they begin looking for it. Kim then sees on the security cams that something was getting uploaded from Akari’s computer.
Akari then realises that a very experimental robot tick, or the blueprints for it, got stolen. Kim then asks who will need it.

We then go to a dark island, with a building that can easily be identified as a villain’s lair on it. Inside, the lady we saw from the security cams is walking, and then a hole in the ground appears, and she falls down, and she falls down a tube, only to arrive at a red-lighted room. Inside, a man in a blue coat stands by a fireplace, and he gets the disc from her, and reveals that her name is Shego.

Back at Middleton High, the sign reads: “Detention: Room 12”. Kim then talks to Wade outside her locker, and she states that she has little time, because she is going to detention, to which Wade replies that cheerleaders don’t get detention, which angers Kim. Wade then tells about Shego, and that she is wanted in eleven countries, to which Ron replies: “make that twelve! *growl*”. Barkin then approaches, and tells Kim that it is time to go to detention. Ron then gives her some “advice”. At detention, Kim gets introduced to the “detention guys2, namely Big Mike, Winnie and Junior. Kim then looks at the clock, it is three, but then it goes faster, and hours passes by, but then Barkin hits hit, saying that it is busted, and he corrects it. All the other detention guys then stare at Kim. Rufus then suddenly shows up, and Barkin, believing it to be some kind of mutated creature, and ends up evacuating detention room.

At Bueno Nacho, Kim thanks Ron and Rufus. Wade then beeps in, and says that a small jet was flying over the Amazon, heading for a small private island in the Caribbean, which Kim states is so villain-like”. And a legend says it is haunted, ideal to hide a villain’s lair. Wade then tells Kim to check her backpack, but Ron is first in. He finds a “lipstick”, that is really a elastic constriction agent, which Ron gets all over his face, and can’t get off. They then head off to the lair.

Back at the lair, the man in the blue lab coat is working with what that probably is the nano-tick. The intruder alert then goes off, but he doesn’t notice. Kim and Ron is swimming underwater, but then a hatch opens and sucks them in. Inside the lair, some sharks are swimming in a pool, and Kim and Ron are tied to a small platform over the pool. The man then comes down and says that he has heard of Kim and Ron, but they haven’t heard of him, which irritates him a lot. He then drops them down, but they comment his choice of comments, like “stay for lunch”, as he drops them down into the pool. Kim manages to fight the sharks with help of the elastic constriction agent. Drakken, as he had revealed himself to be, is still working on the nano-tick. He then reveals his plan, which is to combine the nano-tick with some nano explosives, to which Shego comment that nano is a funny word. While they are arguing, Kim and Ron sneak into the room without them noticing. Kim manages to get the disk from a computer, while Drakken reveals that he will use the nano-explosives to threaten people, either for gaining power, or for gaining money. Kim and Ron then classify Drakken as a Mad Scientist. They then get discovered, and Drakken sends out some self-activating lasers. Kim uses her compact mirror to reflect the lasers so that they destroy and blow up Drakken’s lab. Kim and Ron then barely manage to escape into the water as the whole island explodes.
Back at Middleton High, the sign reads: “Warning: Mutant Vermin on Campus”. Inside, Kim is preparing for cheerleader practice. As she enters the gym, Wade beeps in, and put her through to Akari, who thanks Kim. But behind her Barkin is standing, and has obviously found out that Rufus is a naked mole rat, and Kim has to go to detention, to which the other cheerleaders replies that cheerleaders don’t get detention. Kim then heads off to detention room, very sad.

Back at Drakken’s lair, everything is destroyed, and Drakken is crying, believing that the tick is destroyed, but it isn’t as Shego has tracked in on a radar or similar device, but it is at some high school, which Drakken is happy for, and he understands that the tick is stuck on Kim.

Back at detention room, all the guys are staring at Kim, stating that she has a zit, and that cheerleaders don’t get zits, and then one of them says: “Maybe it’s a tiny explosive device”, and Kim then realises that she has the tick stuck to her face, and she escapes detention, which makes Barkin, and he follows her like a prisoner that has escaped from jail. Kim then runs out of school and jumps on Ron’s bike, but Barkin and the detention gang is following close after. Drakken then arrives, and says he want his tick back. Ron is “speeding” of with the scooter, but you can easily walk faster than that.

Ron’s scooter has gained some speed, and is driving through the streets of Middleton. Drakken then starts his gravatonic ray, which sucks up everything in its path. They almost suck up Ron’s scooter, but they manage to escape the ray. Following close up is Barkin in the student driver car. He is talking like it is a police pursuit. The detention gang then gets caught in the ray, and Kim has to save them by dragging them down. This doesn’t work, but Kim gets the registration sign, and throws it at the gun making it go wild. Shego then says that Drakken doesn’t get to do a thing, and is very angry.

Kim and Ron then arrive at Bueno Nacho, because Ron wants some food. Drakken and Shego then suck up the roof on Bueno Nacho, causing panic. Shego then jumps down, and starts to fight Kim at Bueno Nacho. Kim throws Shego at Barkin, knocking both of them out. Drakken then accidentally pushes a button that activates the detonation sequence to the nano-tick. Ron then says that they need the most dangerous chemical known to modern man to let it go: Diablo sauce! Ned throws some to Ron, and he opens it, and slowly begins to drip it out, but Shego has come to her senses again, and is about to stop them when Big Mike sits down on her, knocking Shego out. Ron then drips the Diablo Sauce down on the tick, causing it to let go. Ron then sucks it up in a straw, and Kim takes it and shoots it at Drakken’s hover car, and it explodes, but Drakken jumped out, and is holding on to the Taco sign outside Bueno Nacho, and police arrives and surrounds him.

At detention, Barkin is very angry, because they are enjoying themselves there. Kim is polishing the guys nails, and teaches them to wait in line.


This is the first of two occurrences where Kim's cheerleader uniform comes up to reveal her underwear. The second one happens during the Bueno Nacho fight in Ill Suited.

This was supposed to be the first appearance of Dr. Drakken, but due to Disney airing the episodes out of order, he appeared in the earlier episode titled Crush.

This is one of two episodes where Barkin has blond hair, the other being Royal Pain. He has brown hair for the rest of the series.

When Kim is "introduced" to Vinnie and Big Mike, the lines in her hair disappear.

When Kim looks in her compact mirror and finds the nano-tick on her nose, the explosive part of it is missing.

When Shego pushes Ron away and says, "Drop the hot sauce and step away from the nose," the camera pans out to reveal that Kim is wearing her usual green tank (rather than the cheerleading uniform she wears for the rest of the scene).

As Kim leaps off her desk in detention, her book is missing.

When Wade first plays the tape of Shego fly-kicking Acari's security camera, his computer display is blank. When Kim plays the same clip back later, the screen flashes "Upload in Progress" over a green progress bar.

When Shego looks at the radar for the nano-tick, her right glove was mis-colored to match her skin.

When Big Mike says, "I like sparkles," Kim has only painted one finger. After Junior and Vinnie's brief exchange, all of Big Mike's finger nails are painted.

Right before Barkin's car is captured by the ray, his watch is missing. And after he's been dropped, it's on the wrong arm.

When Kim jumps on a table in Bueno Nacho, look in the background -- the "cheese machine" has been destroyed, presumably by the gravatomic ray. But when Shego tries to get Kim, the machine is back to normal and Shego destroys it again.

After escaping detention, both Kim and Ron have drinks. Then, a couple of scenes later, there's only one drink.

As Kim pulls her pom-poms from her backpack (just before Barkin retrieves her for detention), the backpack disappears.

If she merely put her pack on the floor, it ought to be visible in later, wider shots (which it isn't).

At Prof. Acari's, when Kim looks at her Kimmunicator, her gloves are missing.

When Shego asks Drakken if she can work the gravatomic ray, the black that tops her collar is missing.

In the "South America/School Night" scene, Dr. Possible's (Dad) eyebrows weren't colored in for a portion of it.

You Only Live Twice: The scene where Shego drops through a hole in the floor and comes out a tunnel to face Dr. Drakken recalls a similar scene in You Only Live Twice where Bond falls down a similar tunnel to meet the man that is to be his contact in Japan.

Shego: And her...chum. In the old Batman tv series, Batman would refer to Robin as "old chum". This implies that Ron is Kim's sidekick.

It's Tough to Be a Bug: When Ron touches Prof. Acari's computer screen, all the butterflies resting on it fly away. This is similar to a scene in the Disney attraction, It's Tough to Be a Bug, (also directed by Chris Bailey) where a similar effect is employed.

Dr. Drakken: Enough chitchat! My pets are famished. If you notice, Kim and Ron are over a pool of sharks. Near the end of the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die, Bond is tied up and the villain slightly cuts his forearm to lure in sharks. Of course, Bond gets out of danger thanks to one of his gadgets (same thing with Kim and her elastic constricting lipstick).

Kim: "Haunted Island"? "Keep out, 'meddling kids'"? Puh-lease. Reference to Scooby Doo, which involved a group of teenagers hoofing about a mysterious, often "haunted" locale before exposing its resident spook as a fraud, at which point the un-masked culprit would invariably pout and claim that he (or she) "would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids."

First episode in production order. It is succeeded by Bueno Nacho.

Introduces: Professor Icari, Shego and Drakken.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus

Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Patrick Warburton: Steve Barkin
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie Rockwaller
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible

Guest stars

Nancy Cartwright: Computer Voice
Maurice LaMarche: Professor Acari
Brad Garrett: Big Mike
Phil LaMarr: Vinnie
Diedrich Bader: Junior

Episode: 5 (season) / 5 (show) / 16 (production order) First Aired: June 21, 2002 Product Code: 116
Writers: Brian Swnelin Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Starburst Animation

Episode summary

This episode starts off outside a snowy Middleton High, where the sign reads: "Mount Middleton Ski Trip". At the side of the school stands a school bus. Some pupils are going into it, while some others are putting their backpacks into the bus. Barkin stands at one end of the bus and writes down everyone who gets on the bus. Ron then comes, and he carries a pair of skis and almost hits two people, one of them being Kim. They then look at a really sad pupil named Alan Platt going into the bus. The reason he is sad is because his parents is going to chaperone on the ski trip. Kim's mom then shows up, to Kim's surprise. She then says that Bonnie called her and Mr. Dr. Possible, telling them that the Platts came down with flu at the last minute. So they decided to chaperone on the school trip. Bonnie then takes a picture of them.
Opening credits begin.

Kim then says that Bonnie did it on purpose, to which she "tries to act innocently". Kim's dad on the other hand, is trying to act cool, which means humiliation nation for Kim.

As the bus drives through the snow-covered mountain landscape, Kim's parents are talking about her in a way that completely humiliates her. Ron on the other hand, is worried about a snow beast that he is reading about in the newspaper, to which Kim gives a sarcastic answer. She tells him that the picture in the newspaper could be anything, and that Ron shouldn’t take it seriously. He then tells her that is the point, as the newspaper is giving $5000 to whoever that gets a clear photo of the beast. Every person in the bus hears him, and looks at him weirdly, and Barkin asks if Ron really believes it. Kim’s parents then begin to sing, making Kim totally humiliated, while Ron sings along.

When they have arrived, Kim’s dad makes sure that everyone gets all their stuff, while Barkin asks Ron if he is ready to get that snow beast. Ron doesn’t get it, but Barkin explains that he didn’t want to share the 5000 dollars with the whole class. Barkin then agrees with Ron that Ron will get two percent of the 5000 dollars. Kim is continuing to get humiliated by her parents as they continue to tell her classmates more embarrassing stuff about her. Bonnie, on the other hand, is really enjoying herself, and continues to take pictures of Kim and her parents.

Ron and Barkin is walking up the mountain. Ron is very exhausted, while Barkin is not tired at all. They then stop, as Barkin is hearing something. A terrible scream then come, shaking trees and making Barkin and Ron almost fall. Ron and Barkin then says out “Snow Beast!” at the same time, in a happy tone, and heads to where the scream comes from. They then start to follow it, before seeing a shadow flying over them, and then a big crash behind them. This causes Ron and Barkin to fall over the edge, and slide down the snow-covered mountainside, before heading of a cliff and falling some meters into the snow below. They manage to get up from the snow, and hear the same scream again, and some very heavy footsteps. Barkin makes the camera ready, as a shadow approaches. Ron screams, but Barkin tells him to calm down, as it is only a woman. We then get to see this woman, who is a little big in the edges. She also has black hair and glasses as well. They then talk a bit with her, and she asks if they believe in the snow-beast, to which they assure her that they don’t. She also introduces herself as Amy Hall. She is trying to hit on Barkin. Ron tries to play matchmaker as soon as he notices, much to the dismay of Barkin. They then head back to the lodge, as we hear some giant footsteps, and see a large monster jumping past, with big rodent teeth and whiskers, and it screams out, which allows us to see that it has long ears and two horn-like growths on its nose, but it is only a silhouette, so we don’t see any facial details.

Back outside the lodge, where the rest of the class is, Bonnie is talking to Kim’s dad, but Kim interrupts, fearing a humiliation scene coming up. Ron then comes down at high speeds on a snowboard, an as he stops, he manages to shower Bonnie with snow, much to her irritation and Kim’s pleasure. Kim then asks if he has found his snow monster, to which Ron hushes her. Amy and Barkin then comes down, and Amy is still hitting on him. Kim then notices a strange-looking stuffed animal that Amy has attached to her jacked, around the center of her chest, saying that it is an Otterfly, a Cuddle Buddy. Amy then asks if Kim collects Cuddle Buddies, to which she replies that she has seen them at the mall, as to not embarrass herself. Kim’s mother then comes and says that Kim loves Cuddle Buddies. Amy is really happy for this, and says that she is the president of the Cuddle Buddy Collectors Club, and Bonnie takes a picture of them, which annoys Kim. Amy then asks which of them Kim’s favorite is. Kim’s mother then says that it is Pandaroo, and that she still sleeps with it, which annoys Kim, and makes Bonnie really happy.

Up at the terrace of the lodge, Kim is standing, looking very angry. She then tells Ron that Bonnie knows about Pandaroo, and that all hope is lost. Ron then borrows the Kimmunicator, and asks Wade about the snow monster sitch. Wade says that he hasn’t found anything, and that Barkin gives him 10 percent of the reward if he delivers info, which irritates Ron. Kim then tells how terrible it is to have her parents on the ski trip, and that she is in humiliation nation. Unfortunately, Kim’s dad hears this, and gets sad. Barkin then comes and says that they have to go out again before Amy force-feeds him more cocoa.

Up in the mountain, Barkin and Ron is ready for the snow beast. Barkin has the camera ready, and is on the lookout for the beast, and so is Ron and Rufus. Ron is holding the Kimmunicator, with Wade on it. They then discover some really large footprints, which Barkin takes pictures of the footprints, as a shadow moves between the nearby trees. A dog then comes out of the trees. Barkin proceeds to pet it, but it reveals it has a pair of pincers, as well as six lobster legs and a lobster tail. Barkin is about to take a picture of it, when a rumble appears and it runs away. A big monster then jumps out of the trees behind them, and we clearly see that it is the monster we saw from before. We now get to see it in detail, and it looks like a rabbit mixed up with a rhinoceros. Amy then appears with two masked men and the dog-lobster in her hands, and tells the rabbit-rhinoceros to sit still, and it obeys. Barkin then understands that Amy is the owner of these beasts, and Amy then tells the masked men to get the camera. Barkin then takes off one of the monsters’ mask, and he understands that it is not a normal man, as the head is that of a pig. Ron takes off the mask of the other “man”, and sees that its head is that of a bird. The pig-man then knocks out Barkin, as Amy tells them to take them to her lab. The pig-man and the bird-man then carries off Ron and Barkin, while Amy rides the rabbit-rhino back to her Lab. The Kimmunicator on the other hand, is still lying in the snow, and Wade figures he has to get Kim, and the Kimmunicator then rockets off, with two sled legs on it.

Back at the lodge, Mr. Dr. Possible is building a snowman, as two girls says that he has a nice outfit, to which he answers “groovy”. Kim’s dad then gets a little angry as Kim comments that reply, and Kim’s mother then tells Kim’s father that they should go, since they don’t want Kim in humiliation nation, with a slightly irritated tone. Kim then realizes that they heard her talking about it, but then the Kimmunicator comes down, and Wade tells Kim that something has happened.

At Amy’s lab, the man-creatures are tying up Ron, Barkin, and Rufus, while Amy scolds the rabbit-rhino for wandering around in the mountains. Barkin then asks what kind of place they are at, to which Amy replies that it is her Genetic Engineering Lab, and she shows them her favorite part of it, which is her one hundred percent complete collection of Cuddle Buddies. She then begins to tell what she did after that, as she takes some cookies out of an oven, which was to create living Cuddle Buddies. She then says that she is one of the world’s most foremost bio-geneticists, and that she was called DNAmy. Barkin then says that she is sick and wrong, and DNAmy then says that he is a meanie and that she “can fix that”, and gets an evil smile on her face.

Kim is snowboarding through the mountains, and stops to ask Wade if he can search the Cuddle Buddy website for Amy, as they have information about every major “cuddlers”. Wade asks how she knows that, and she says that she has visited the website a few times. This makes Wade almost laugh. They then find out that she is a bio-geneticist, and that she was kicked out of the university because of unorthodox splice experiments, and that her nickname was DNAmy. Wade then proceeds to scan the nearby area for a lab, and he finds a cave with high amounts of artificial reinforcements. Kim then continues to snowboard through the terrain, towards the cave. She then detects a security cam moving back and forth, and manages to get past it undetected.

Back inside DNAmy’s lab, she is about to put Barkin and Rufus into a machine, and she tells them that she is going to genetically splice Rufus and Barkin, since he told her she is sick and wrong. They then gets taken into two small rooms. DNAmy is then starting the genetic splice, and the machine gets activated. Kim has come in, and is watching the process from above. She then sees a cat approaching, but it is no ordinary cat, as it has the body of a snake. It then wraps around Kim, and she falls down some stairs to the same floor as DNAmy and the others. The snake-cat gets knocked out from this. She then discovers a Pandaroo Star edition in DNAmy’s collection, stating that they only made twelve of them. She then throws two Cuddle Buddies at DNAmy’s man-creatures, who is running towards he. The Cuddle Buddies knocks them out. Kim then proceeds to take DNAmy, but she whistles, and the rabbit-rhino arrives and stops Kim. DNAmy then completes the genetic splice between Rufus and Barkin, and a creature which looks like a man-sized Rufus with huge muscles and Barkin’s hair then comes out of a third room in between the two that Ron and Barking were taken into before the genetic splice. Kim then plays the rabbit-rhino up against the naked mole man, saying that DNAmy has a new favorite, which works, as the rabbit-rhino let go of Kim and begins to fight the naked mole man, while DNAmy tries to stop them. Kim uses the situation to free Ron. As the fight continues, the two mutants begins to destroy DNAmy’s lab; Kim then manages to get the naked mole man into the genetic engineering machine, and transforms it back to separate Rufus and Barkin. But, Rufus has Barkin’s clothes on him, while Barkin asks for pants. They then escapes just as the lair blows up, Barkin wearing a purple dressing gown and slippers. As the lab explodes, Cuddle Buddies starts to rain down. But just as they thought they were safe, an avalanche starts, triggered by the explosion. They then start to run, but they see no hope of outrunning it. But, just as hope seems to have gone, Kim’s dad comes in for a miraculous rescue on his homemade rocket snowboard, and they manages to jump over a chasm, and is safe from the avalanche, which plunges into the chasm.

They arrive down at the lodge, and everyone is cheering. Kim then apologizes to her parents. DNAmy gets taken into custody (how’d she survive the explosion?). Bonnie then takes a picture of Kim hugging her mom after the apology. Both Kim and her mother then looks irritated at Bonnie. Behind her, a woman comes out, and Bonnie realizes that it’s her mom. She calls Bonnie stuff like pumpkin and Bob-Bon, which leaves Bonnie in humiliation nation, while the others enjoy it. Kim’s mom then reveals that she called Bonnie’s mother, and told her that they needed more chaperons. Kim then tells her mom that she rocks.


Wade's skin tone changes several times throughout the episode.

DNAmy's lips perfectly match her flesh tone, yet they leave a lipstick-pink print as she kisses the inside of her squad car's window.

We see Ron, Mr. Barkin, and DNAmy start to walk back to the ski lodge. The next time we see them, Mr. Barkin and DNAmy are still walking, but Ron has somehow acquired a helmet and the snowboard he used to spray Bonnie.

Also during the jet down the mountain, Kim and Ron momentarily swap arms.

We find out Kim used to have an obsession with cuddle buddies.

Wuzzles: The Cuddle Buddies mentioned in this episode have similarties with the Wuzzles. Most notable, they are both animal hybrids.

Kim: The snow beast of Mount Middleton makes tracks? Ron's snow beast story sounds a lot like the rumors concerning the yeti (also known as the abominable snowman).

Beanie Babies: The Cuddle Buddies are obviously a parody of the Beanie Babies craze

Mr. Barkin now has dark brown hair.

Introduces: DNAmy.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Patrick Warburton: Steve Barkin
Melissa McCarthy: DNAmy
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie Rockwaller

Guest stars

John DiMaggio: Snow Beast/Pig Man/Bird Man
Jo Anne Worley: Bonnie's Mom

Bueno Nacho
Episode: 6 (season) / 6 (show) / 2 (production order) First Aired: June 28, 2002 Product Code: 101
Writers: Julie Du Fine and Amanda Rudolph Schwartz Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Rough Draft Korea Co., ltd.

Episode summary

This episode opens at the Possible residence. Kim is sitting it the living room, looking through Club Banana designs, while commenting that someone at Club banana is in major style denial. She then sees a green jacket, which she decides that she want to buy. But just as she is going to order it, Wade beeps in and says that he has bad news. Kim replies by answering that she can’t afford the jacket she was looking in. Wade says that he knows, because he has been checking her bank account, but says that the empty bank account is not the bad news. Kim then gets angry because Wade has hacked into her account. Kim then suspects Wade of looking in her diary. Wade then tells Kin that Drakken has broken out of prison. Wade then accidentally reveals that he has been reading Kim’s diary, and beeps out when Kim gets angry.
Opening credits start

Somewhere in a snowy area we see a pipeline with the text “Warning: Flammable” on it. We then see further along the pipeline, and a tall structure reveals itself. Inside the control room of the structure, a man with dark skin is operating something that seems like a big laser drill. He says that he has to take it very easy. Suddenly a black-gloved hand wipes off the dew at the window, and a face reveals itself. It is Drakken, and he scares the man, almost making him lose control. The man then gets angry at Drakken, before a pair of hands grabs his shoulders. The hands belong to two of Drakken’s henchmen.

We then see a dog sleigh running through the snowy wasteland. On it are Kim and Ron, and a man “driving” the sleigh. Rufus pops out of Ron’s pocket, only to get his face covered in snow, and he then gets down in the pocket again. Kim then thanks the man for the ride, which she got because she saved his life, from an “itty, bitty” iceberg. Ron then screams out, believing that he is snow-blind, but he has just a lot of snow on his goggles. Kim then says that Ron is supposed to be looking for signs of Drakken. They then see the tall structure we saw earlier, with three helicopters surrounding it. Ron then says that it looks suspicious. Kim then says thank you in a sarcastic way.

Shego then drives past them in a snow scooter. She is wearing the exact same jacket that Kim wanted earlier. Ron then names her as “The mad scientist’s mad assistant”. Shego throws some dog food in front of them, before saying “bye-bye”. The dogs then take a sudden halt, and begin to eat the doggie food. Kim then grabs her snowboard, and jumps off the sleigh and starts riding downhill after Shego. Ron also has a snowboard, but he isn’t able to control it, and he just falls. Rufus then eats some dog food, and Ron does it as well.

Kim is riding after Shego, and they begin with fashion talk; discussing Shego’s black jacket and Kim’s “last year” red fleece. Kim then gets angry, and she continues to ride down the hill after Shego, who is laughing.

Meanwhile, at the big structure, three hooks grab onto the structure. The hooks are part of three long metal chains, one for each helicopter. They then start to drive off, with the entire structure. Shego then attaches explosives to her snow scooter, and setting its course straight towards the pipeline, while she jumps off it and onto one of the helicopters. Drakken then thanks Shego, saying that phase one is complete. Kim then jumps onto Shego’s snow scooter, and manages to drive onto a hill so that the snow scooter jumps into the air instead of driving into the pipeline, and it explodes in the air, while Kim jumped down to the ground. Ron then comes driving down the hill, and he slams right into the pipeline, and falls down on the ground, while Kim stares at Drakken’s helicopters flying away with the giant structure.

At the Possible house, Mr. Dr. Possible is sitting in the kitchen designing rockets. Kim then comes into the kitchen with a magazine and a bowl of cereals. Mr. Dr. Possible then asks Kim how she is, to which she answers that she feels moderately bummed, and she tells him that Drakken got away. He then complains about the launch vectors on the rocket he is designing. Kim then asks him what he thinks of the jacket Kim wants. He then asks why she need a new jacket when she already has a functional one. She then says that it is a good thing fashion sense isn’t genetic, as the jacket she already has is “last year”. The twins then come in, and ask their dad what the combustion temperature of the J200 fuel he developed is, and they look very nervous. We then hear an explosion, and the twins then run of. Kim’s dad then begins to talk nonsense about him wanting a new propulsion system, and how money doesn’t grow on trees, or actually does, as money is made of paper, and paper comes from trees. Kim then sighs, and asks how that relates to her, to which her dad answers that he doesn’t know. He then says that she can’t get money for the new jacket. Her mom then comes in, and she says that the jacket looks cool, and Kim then says that she has to explain it to her dad, which “incorrectly believes that she doesn’t need a new jacket”. Her mom then says that she has to go to the hospital, and don’t have the time to do it. But, she then proposes that Kim can work at Bueno Nacho. They then argues that she practically live there anyway, so why not start there?

At Bueno Nacho, Kim asks Ron to work there with her, and uses the same argument as her mother to Ron, but he says that you should never work where you food. She tells Ron that it is the only way to afford that jacket, because her parents said no. Ron asks if she tried the puppy dog pout, to which she answers that it had no effect. If she wants the jacket, she’ll have to earn it. Ron says that that is harsh. Ron then pours his Nachos onto a Taco, and starts eating it. Kim then looks slightly disgusted, and asks what he is eating. He then says that a taco meets a nacho, and that it is called a Naco. Kim on the other hand, calls it gross beyond reason. Ron then takes a big bite and asks Kim if she want some, while Rufus pops out of Ron’s pocket and starts eating it. Kim then says that restaurants doesn’t welcome pet, but Ron says that Rufus is family rather than a pet. Kim then says that Rufus is from the rodent family. Kim then says that she have to do two weeks of work before she can afford the jacket. Ned then comes over, and Kim gives him the application paper, and says “Hola, amigo”, which he doesn’t get too happy for. Ron is making faces behind Ned’s back, but stops as he turns around. Ron then asks if Ned is wearing a clip-on tie, which he is, in the event of a grease fire. He then asks when they can start. Kim says that she is ready to start, but Ron isn’t quite with him on the question. He then realises that Kim wrote an application for Ron, which he gets angry at. Kim tries the puppy dog pout, and she convinces Ron.

Later, behind the Bueno Nacho counter, Kim and Ron are wearing Bueno Nacho uniforms while getting the Bueno Nacho SOP by Ned, which stands for Standard Operation Procedures, and they must “learn them, know them, and live them!” Ron then says that he will get Kim for this, while Kim sings “two weeks to jacket, two weeks to jacket”.

Ned is driving Kim hard. He complains about too little lettuce, too much salsa, and wrong amount of beans in the Taco Kim is making. He then points at Ron, who does the job excellently, even building a Mayan Temple of food. Ned then gives them the task of folding burritos, something Ron handles excellently, while Kim isn’t. Ned then puts Kim on “cheese duty”, in which she is going to pour cheese on nachos. She is very bored, but she manages to cope (barely) when she thinks of the jacket. Wade then beeps in, and Kim answers. Wade then says that he has scanned all recent satellite photos, but he hasn’t seen any signs of Drakken. Ned then sees Kim, and believes that she is playing video games, and docks her payment one hour. Ron on the other hand, is arranging food to look better, something Ned praises him for. Kim then gets angry at Ron, because he is doing so well even though he didn’t want the job. Ron then begins to hold a speech, and says that he has found where he really belong: At Bueno Nacho. He then slides on his knees out the front door and says “I love this place” in Spanish or Mexican.

Late, back inside, Ron is wiping off a plate, as to make it look more delicious, and when he says up the order numbers over the speakers, he speaks like a true poet, like “fifty-eight, you’re order is great, fifty-nine, looking fine!” And “sixty… you’re food is ready.” Kim is angry, but then Wade beeps in, but Ron switches ff the Kimmunicator before Wade gets to tell Kim about the current sitch. He then tells her that the nachos needs cheese, but she gets angry at him, because they may have gotten a lead on Drakken, and she then tells him that her priorities are to stop Drakken, not nacho cheese duty. Kim and Ron then argues, and Ron walks off. Kim coaxes Rufus with a nacho, and tells him to do the nacho cheese duty, which he gladly does. Kim then beeps in, and talks badly about Ron. Wade gives Kim the sitch. There has been seismic activity in Wisconsin, and the epicentre is the world’s largest Cheese Wheel. Kim then finds out that thee was a break in at the Cheese Wheel Mall, and that one thing was stolen: a leather jacket. This makes Kim suspect that Drakken and Shego has their lair there. Kim then tells Ned that she has to go, but he doesn’t care, because he isn’t assistant manager anymore. That position Is now filled by Ron, who isn’t willing to go with Kim to fight Drakken, because he is tired of always being Kim’s sidekick. HE says that she can’t handle the fact that someone is better than her. Ron then asks Kim to mop the floor, but she leaves, and both of them are angry. Ron then gives Ned the mopping job.

Back at the Possible house, Kim is looking through her closet while talking with her mom on the phone about her fight with Ron. She then tells her mom that she feels bad about the whole deal, but that she has to go stop Drakken, and not stay at work. Her mom then says something, and Kim realises that her mom has her on speakers, because she is in the middle of an operation. Her mom then hangs up the phone after saying that they are going to have Nacos for dinner.

Up in the clouds a small crop dusting plane is driving, over endless fields. Kim then thanks the person who steers the plane; she apparently saved his crop dusting business. The plane then turns upside down, and Kim jumps out, down through the skies towards the endless fields, and ejects the parachute. She then spots the giant cheese wheel, and is heads towards it. She lands on top of the giant cheese wheel, and she then hear a tour guide speaking, and she says that the building is not mad out of cheese as many believes, but rather one hundred percent Wisconsin Swiss. The guide then makes a bad joke about cheese. Kim on the other hand, is already on her way into one of the holes in the cheese.

Inside the cheese wheel is a big open room, where several of Drakken’s henchmen is standing, and a laser is drilling through the ground. Kim then arrives, and calls Wade, and he does also point out the whole “not a cheese-thing”. Kim then tells Wade that Drakken has the whole mad scientist lair in the building. Wade then tells Kim to look in her backpack, and she finds… a hairdryer? Wade then tells her that it is a grappling gun. She hooks the grappler to a wall, and rappels down the wall from the hole where she is standing. When she comes down, she runs around the base. Drakken then tells his henchmen to increase the drill’s power, because he wants to reach that magma. Kim then gets discovered by Drakken’s henchmen, as well as Shego. Shego starts her glowing powers, while Kim takes some flips and knocks out some of the henchmen, but then even more arrives, and she gets caught

Drakken’s henchmen then tie her up to a wall, and Drakken then arrives. and says that it is nice to see Kim again, especially when she are helpless to stop him. He then begins to tell Kim his plan, but she tries to predict it and says that he is using the world’s most powerful laser drill to tap into the molten magma beneath the earth’s crust, and this annoys Drakken. But, that was only the first part of his plan, the second one he then begins to tell about. He will use the magmachine he has to melt the entire state of Wisconsin, and he will then take it for himself and rename to Drakkenville. Kim then says that Drakken is so conceded. Drakken then says that in any second now he will execute phase two of his plan. Shego then says that it will take more like half an hour. He then says that in roughly thirty minutes Wisconsin will surrender to Drakken.

Back at Bueno Nacho, Ron is diving Ned harshly, and complains because some customers have been waiting for over thirty seconds in the drive-through. Ron then gives Ned mopping duty. Wade then beeps in on the headphones Ron are wearing, and says that Kim is in trouble, and that he has lost contact and needs Ron. Ned then confronts Ron and asks what is the most important: His job as assistant manager or his role as goofy sidekick. They look angry at each other, and circle around, before Ron says that it is not a choice at all. He then says it is time to say “Bueno Noches, Bueno Nacho!” and he runs off, together with Rufus.

Back at Drakken’s lair, the drill is making progress. Drakken then says that the Midwest is about to receive a molten calling card from him. Drakken then asks Shego how long it is to they break through to the molten lava.

Outside, Ron is sitting in the Guide train, and asks and gets an answer to the whole “Not a cheese-covered building concept”.

Inside the lair, Drakken is complaining that they don’t drill fast enough, and scolds his henchman. Kim is still trapped, but she then sees Ron, and he is about to free Kim when Shego appears, and Ron gets trapped as well. While they are hanging on the wall, Ron apologises to Kim about him not saving her, and he apologizes because he got too high from the power that assisting manager role gave him, and that Kim were right. She also reveals that she resented Ron because he were better than her at something. They then forgive each other. Drakken then arrives and says aaawwwww, that’s so sweet; the fact that they are friends again just in time to get fried in magma. on then asks, “remind me again why I rushed over?”

Deep down, at the magma core of the Earth, the drill is breaking through, and Drakken then orders to activate the magmachine, which is a huge, giant hollow sphere with wheels. Ron then says that it would be so cool if it weren’t going to hurt them. The magmachine drives over the hole, and Drakken orders the activation of the magma pump. A giant tube now rises up, through the cheese buildings, and creates panic between the people there. The magmachine then starts to suck up all the magma. Rufus then suddenly pops out of Ron’s pocket, and Kim then realises that Rufus can save them (again), by pressing the button that will free Kim and Ron. Rufus then climbs upward Ron, and climbs over, but he can’t reach the button, so he has to jump. He hits the button, and Kim and Ron gets freed. Rufus lands on Ron’s head. They then sneak away, and Kim tells Ron to get to the laser drill, while Kim takes care of Shego. Kim then says that Ron has to get creative with the building, since it is made of cheese. Ron then says that it will be his masterpiece. They then say “be careful” to each other at the exact same time, and Kim is quick and says “Jinx, you owe me a soda”. Kim then tries to sneak past Drakken, but he discovers her and says that Shego has to stop her. He also says that the buffoon (Ron) is nothing, but he will be proven wrong.

Kim is now fighting off henchman after henchman, and she ends up fighting with Shego atop the crates that is in Drakken’s lair. They both get into a fierce battle, and Shego punches and punches, but she can’t hit Kim, she is too fast. They continue to fight. Drakken is standing on his hover pad and hovers around the magmachine, and sees through ha window the molten magma hat begins to flow in, and he says “here comes the magma”, and laughs a long, evil laughter. Kim and Shego is still fighting, while Ron is sneaking up to the control room for the drill. When he comes in, he says to Rufus that it is a precision instrument, and extremely complex. HE then says that he’d better mess with everything, and begins with pressing buttons and flipping switches randomly. An alarm then begins to sound, and the whole machine is beginning to malfunction. Ron then presses the button to activate the drill, and he begins to steer it through Drakken’s lair. Drakken sends his henchmen after Ron, but he knocks them out with the laser drill. He then starts to melt the whole building, seeing how it is a cheese building. The magmachine is however, filled with magma, and Drakken is about to activate it, but nothing but melted cheese gets out of the tube, or a cannon as it is, that sticks out of the top of the building. The melted cheese then begins to pour down over Drakken’s whole lair. Drakken also makes the whole “ask-and-answer-about-the-cheese-covered-building-thing”, when the tour guide floats past. Ron then climbs up to the top of the drill, trying to avoid the cheese. Kim and Shego is still fighting atop the crates, but the laser is headed their way, and they fall down into the cheese. Kim manages, however, to grapple into the wall and avoid falling into the molten cheese. She also grabs Ron, and they barely make it out through one of the holes in the cheese building. Drakken, who is floating in the melted cheese, says that this is not over.

Later, Kim and Ron stands outside the now deformed cheese building. Drakken is stuck in the cheese, and so is his henchmen and Shego. People standing around them are also taking pictures. Ron then calls “his masterpiece” for “Badguy concesso”.

Back at Bueno Nacho, Kim and Ron is sitting outside eating. Ron says that Kim doesn’t seem very happy, and this is because she is no closer to owning the jacket, even after saving the world. Ron then says “maybe… maybe not”, and gives Kim a box with the Club Banana emblem on it. Kim opens it, and inside is the green jacket. Ron says that he bought it with his “way Bueno” Nacho bonus. Kim then says that she loves it, and hugs Ron. Ned then suddenly comes waling past, wearing the exact same jacket, he bought it because he saw the picture of it that Kim had left by the cheese dispenser, and he just had to have it then. He then says “Viva me!” and walks off. Ron then asks if Kim is going to exchange it, and she answers “oh yeah”.


Mr. Dr. Possible tells a story in which he tells us that money is made out of paper. He is wrong. In fact, the dollar bill is made out of 75% cotton, and 25% linen, and is not made of normal paper from trees. So, it in fact does not grow on trees.

When Drakken has Kim held captive and yells to Shego about when the laser drill will hit magma, his scar jumps from under his right eye to its usual place under his left eye.

When Ned first speaks, one of the triangles on his left sleeve disappears several times.

Kim's upper lip disappears twice in this episode. First, after Ron says "Don't worry, Kim, I'm here to save the day." Second, on the shot of Kim and Ron when Drakken activates the laser drill.

When Kim says "Hello, Kim to Ron," the logo on her shoe is missing (this is also apparent later as Ron and Kim are arguing about going to Wisconsin).

Drakken, while stealing the laser drill, says, "Well done, Shego, phase 1 is complete." Later on, Kim tells him that his plan is "To drill through to the magma beneath the Earth's crust," and Drakken says, "Well, that's phase 1."

At breakfast, Kim's right forearm passes through her ear -- twice -- as she explains the difference between her paternally-described "functional coat" and the "Club Banana" jacket she currently desires.

As Ned grasps the cardboard nacho tray, his thumb passes under the nacho cheese, but over the tortilla chips that obscure it. The result is this rather odd-looking sequence of images.

One of five first season episodes altered post-release to include songs from the then-upcoming Kim Possible soundtrack. In this case: Tony Phillips' "Call Me, Beep Me" remix and Angela Michael's "I'm Ready".

MADtv: The tour guide's voice sounds strangely similar to that of the "Vancome Lady," a recurring character who became infamous for her complete and utter lack of tact on MADtv. She was played by Nicole Sullivan, who also voices Shego.

Place: Club Banana. Club Banana is a play on the real-life clothing store called "Banana Republic."

Bueno Nacho: As a Mexican fast food restaurant chain, Bueno Nacho is somewhat similar to Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, Pollo Loco or a variety of other Spanish-influenced restaurants. Coincidentally, Eddie Deezen, who plays Ned, also voiced Nacho the cat in series of animated, kid-targeted TV commercials for Taco Bell in the mid-90's.

Introduces: Drakken's henchmen, Kim's grappling hook and Club Banana.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible

Guest stars

Eddie Deezen: Ned
Nicole Sullivan: Tour Guide
John DiMaggio: Mr. Parker
Kevin Michael Richardson: Drill Worker

Number One
Episode: 7 (season) / 7 (show) / 12 (production order) First Aired: July 12, 2002 Product Code: 112
Writers: Mark Palmer Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Rough Draft Korea Co., ltd.

Episode summary

After rescuing an ambassador in Abu Dhabi, Kim gives her cheerleading squad 120% during practice. Fellow cheerleader Bonnie Rockwaller, however, thinks she can do a better job than Kim (only as squad-captain). Elsewhere, Ron is upset because Bueno Nacho is cutting back on the beans in their burritos.

Suddenly, Kim is "abducted" by Doctor Betty Director, the blue-clad head of GJN (the Global Justice Network). Their number-one agent, Will Du (he is Chinese), needs a new partner. Du's latest mission is to find the recently-disappeared Professor Sylvan Green, developer of the Sirenita guided-missile tracking/defense system. Du, a highly-trained professional (who speaks fourteen languages and thirty-two regional dialects) is insulted by the prospect of working with an "amateur" like Kim (who is tutoring Ron through French). So of course Kim jumps at this new challenge.

After school the next day, Will Du shows up to collect Kim so she can "assist me with my investigation." Ron falls victim to Du's watch, which turns out to be a combination taser/voice-recorder. Bonnie has launched a new fund-raiser, selling chocolates, without informing Kim. Ron tries to help Kim sell some chocolates, although Rufus proves to be a better salesman than Ron is!

Later that afternoon, Will Du goes over to Kim's house with her to discuss their mission. He sucks up to Kim's mom, which she loves. Using a holographic simulation of the missing professor's home, they see a large hole has been blasted in the wall...with a golf ball! Professor Green shows up in various online discussion groups: gardening, botany, experimental fertilizers; and his lawn won the blue-grass ribbon three years in a row. Du can't figure out what Green would be captured for, other than his weapon-systems expertise. Kim, however, insists that Green was a weapons-expert in the 1960s; everything he knows could be looked up in the library. Moreover, Kim detects another trace element at the crime scene: hyperactic acid, an experimental fertilizer available only on the black market.

Will Du and Kim visit the world headquarters for black-market gardening supplies: the Cloak-and-Dagger Cafe. Ron tags along, still trying to sell chocolate bars however (and to whomever) he can. They confront Big Daddy Brotherson, a huge and sweaty man whom Du foolishly attempts to shake down for answers. Big Daddy sics a huge bouncer on him. Kim attempts to find out who's in the market for hyperactic acid. Alas, Big Daddy has a rule in this establishment: client confidentiality. That is, until Kim offers him her fund-raiser candy bars. He buys them all, in exchange for a client's name: Duff Killigan. Will pulls out his standard-issue GJN mobile database (a handheld computer) to tell them all about Duff Killigan; Kim pulls out her customized palm-pilot for the same purpose. Ron alone notices Killigan himself smacking an explosive golf ball straight toward them. Then Kim notices same...just after Ron pulls her and Will into an alley, and the ball explodes. (This marks the fifth or sixth time Ron has upstaged Kim during the series' run; here, he also upstages Will. However do Kim and Will take all that in stride, when most people in their position would cringe with embarrassment?)

Kim goes back to Middleton. Bonnie has sold all of her chocolate as well; she's also composed a new cheer for the squad. Moreover, she's bought Kim and the other cheerleaders "badical" new uniforms! (These ones are gold instead of purple, with long sleeves, but still without midriffs.) After Kim gets a location on Duff Killigan, Will transports her and Ron there in his sleek standard-issue GJN hoverjet.

Arriving at Duff Killigan's Island, Kim and Company head for the villain's lair: a huge old castle. They enter the castle hall, at the far end of which is a dungeon...where everything is covered in grass. Kim puts it all together: Killigan captured Professor Green; then he bought a ton of hyperactic acid, which Green had been experimenting with, to improve on the professor's award-winning lawn. Killigan has invented a new superfast-growing grass! Kim finds Professor Green, trapped in a man-sized clump of grass, whom Ron frees with Rufus's teeth. (Upstaged again, it looks like, for the second time in one episode!) Killigan appears behind them; he plans on covering the world in grass to create a giant golf course. He locks them all in the dungeon, but Kim picks the lock with a "lipstick laser." (Whatever happened to using her guts and wits and physical prowess, like the initial concept dictates or at least implied, as opposed to a space-age arsenal?) Will is downed by the club-swiping, ball-whacking Killigan...whom Kim disarms by twirling an iron wall ornament. Killigan escapes via a trick fireplace, and a huge plaid blimp. Kim and Company run back to Will's hoverjet but fall into a sand-trap actually filled with quicksand.

Kim--up to her neck in the quicksand--sends Rufus to retrieve the hoverjet. She then lifts herself out of the quicksand using only her teeth (because both her arms were trapped by her sides). Back in the hoverjet, Will keeps turning all the way around to question Professor Green about Killigan; Kim has to grab the controls and prevent them from crashing. They estimate that Killigan intends to strike at the first country which banned him from professional golf, that country being Japan.

They are correct. Duff Killigan is tossing Professor Green's fast-growing seeds everywhere. A couple of sprinkles from his watering can of black-market fertilizer, and the grass erupts from the ground like a green volcano...spewing a veritable tidal wave of grass through the streets. Will's hoverjet arrives but is completely covered by a huge surge of turf. Only Kim evades the seeds and supergrow liquid; while Killigan drives exploding golf balls at her, Will ejects himself and Ron from the trapped hoverjet. Will tries to zap Killigan with his taser-stopwatch, but it breaks. Another explosive golf ball sends Kim flying. But then she plucks a stray dandelion and blows on it. As the seeds form a cloud around Killigan, Kim splashes him with his own watering can. Duff Killigan turns into Fluff Killigan as weeds grow over him and pop out; he's now a big cottony ball of seeds.

As Kim tries to decide whether to have Killigan arrested or mowed, he suddenly defoliates himself (Don't ask how) and leaps toward her. Luckily, Will tasers the villain with his suddenly-functional-again (Again, don't ask) stopwatch. Just before heading back to GJN headquarters, Will credits Kim with...being of much assistance to him! Kim is insulted by said remark, but decides that selling the rest of her fund-raiser candy bars takes precedence over ranting. Back at Middleton High, Bonnie tries to get Kim's recall as cheerleader-captain on in her absence. Just then, Kim shows up in her new uniform, having sold the rest of her chocolates. She proceeds to astonish everyone by resigning as captain in favor of Bonnie! Kim praises Bonnie for the fund-raiser, the awesome uniforms, the new cheers...Bonnie has really worked hard for this. A second after being voted in as captain, however, Bonnie discovers that she must keep up the hard work...having set new standards for herself and the squad. Suddenly, Kim couldn't be happier for "Captain Bonnie"...who winds up passing said mantle back to Kim within two grueling weeks.


While Dr. Director is giving the briefing on Professor Green, she changes the slide on display. When the shot moves back to Kim, the previous slide is still visible in the background.

Professor Green is called both "Prof. Green" and "Doctor Green."

After Kim says, "Careful there, Bonnie. I hear when you hit 160, you spontaneously combust", to Bonnie, in the next shot the edges of her new cheerleading uniform are black, not purple, as they are on Bonnie's uniform.

During Kim's "Bonnie rant" at the end of the episode, her gloves' cuffs switch directions, judging by the notches, for a split second.

When Kim, Ron, Will Du, and Prof. Green are trapped in Killigan's sand trap, after Will Du summons the GJ hover jet, the remote suddenly disappears when Kim says, "Ladies first".

Bonnie's collar is yellow (rather than red) during her "Did you give the squad 110% today?" solo shot. Also, shortly after, as Bonnie asserts her intention to be squad captain, her upper lip develops a dark outline.

This episode is available on Kim Possible: The Villain Files on DVD and VHS.

Star Wars: When Kim cuts open the door to the dungeon, she uses a small laser-type knife. This device looks suspiciously like a lightsaber from Star Wars.

S.H.I.E.L.D.: Global Justice's uniforms look just like those of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in Marvel comics. Also, the female leader of Global Justice has an eyepatch, just like the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, does.

Ron: There it is! Killigan's Island! (Kim gives Ron a dirty look) What?! "Killigan's Island" is obviously a play on Gilligan's Island.

Introduces: Global Justice, Dr. Director, Big Daddy Brotherson (with bodyguard), Tara, and Jessica.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Brian George: Duff Killigan
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible
Tara Strong: Tara
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie Rockwaller

Guest stars

Felicity Huffman: Dr. Director
Maurice LaMarche: "Big Daddy" Brotherson
B.D. Wong: Agent Will Du

Mind Games
Episode: 8 (season) / 8 (show) / 6 (production order) First Aired: July 19, 2002 Product Code: 106
Writers: Marsha Griffin Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Rough Draft Korea Co., ltd.

Episode summary

Kim is called for help from Dr. Drakken, but not; the voice isn't his, but of a Pvt. Dobbs. Drakken has used a brain-switching machine to trade bodies with Dobbs.

Kim and Ron go to rescue Dobbs from Drakken's lair. While there, they battle Shego and accidentally get brain-swapped themselves. Meanwhile, Drakken has used Dobbs's body to get into a top-secret project area and steal a new military weapon. When he returns, he finds his new lair destroyed, so he and his henchmen move. While unpacking, he discovers that his body is missing, and he wants it back. While Wade tracks down where Drakken has moved, Kim and Ron get a good taste of what it's like in each others shoes: Ron being bullied and Kim being over-tasked.

Wade finds Drakken; Kim, Ron, and Dobbs return to Drakken's new lair to retrieve the weapon. After battling Shego, Drakken senses a loss and sets the self-destruct on his new lair. With mere seconds to go, Kim and Ron re-switch their brains. Unfortunately, Ron and Rufus get swapped. They re-swap and escape just before the lair explodes. Dobbs is in luck; the weapon is indestructible, and is unscathed in the midst of the debris.


This episode features the first mention of Professor Dementor, although he doesn’t appear until later on in the series.

When Ron and Kim switch minds, Rufus activates the machine by landing on a button on the control panel. However, for every mind switch after this, a lever is pulled to activate the machine.

Ron and Kim shouldn't have kept their own voices when they switched bodies, because voices are part of the body, not the brain.

When Shego is shown laughing after Dr. Drakken says, "Time to deliver my ultimatum.", her face is flesh colored.

If Drakken's brain switch machine blew out all the electrical power, there shouldn't have been enough power to turn on the self destruct mechanism.

When trying to outrun a goon, Kim/Ron says to Ron/Kim, "Now you know what it's like!" Kim/Ron's mouth doesn't move until she says "like."

When we first see the Possible family eating, you see Dobbs/Drakken "clean his plate". But a few shots later, you see little pieces of vegetables.

This is when Kim sees how unpopular Ron is. She begins to make changes to help him, starting with the bullies in D hall.

Drakken yells at Shego for letting Kim Possible take his body and destroy his lair, but Kim didn't destroy his lair.

Dan Castellenaneta, who voiced Private Dobbs in this episode, works with Nancy Cartwright (voice of Rufus) on another show, The Simpsons.

Dr. Drakken: I will destroy a major city every hour on the hour! Dr. Drakken's ultimatum is almost the same as Dr. Evil's (from Austin Powers) ultimatum.

Star Trek: The first brain switch sequence where the images of Kim and Ron ghost out and switch bodies is based on the opening scene from the final Star Trek original series episode Turnabout Intruder where Dr. Janice Lester (an old flame with vengeance on her mind) uses an alien machine to switch bodies with Captain Kirk.

Introduces: Mentions Dr. Dementor.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Tara Strong: Tara
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie Rockwaller

Guest stars

Jean Smart: Tutor Woman
Jeff Bennett: Banner Man, Announcer Voice
Tara Strong: Yearbook Girl
Kerri Kenney: Computer Voice
Dan Castellaneta: Private Cleotus Dobbs/Baxter

Attack of the Killer Bebes
Episode: 9 (season) / 9 (show) / 4 (production order) First Aired: August 2, 2002 Product Code: 104
Writers: Madellaine Paxson Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Starburst Animation

Episode summary

In this episode, after being told that his lack of extra curricular activities might hamper his chances of getting into a good college, Ron decides that he needs a resume filler, and decides to take up cheer leading. Putting Kim in the difficult position of having to defend Ron in front of the rest of the squad, while trying to find a way of discouraging him before he embarrasses himself, or her. Things don't get much better when Ron announces that he's changed his mind, and doesn't want to be a cheerleader. Largely, because he's set his heart on being the teams mascot. Even going so far as to design and build his own "Middleton Mad Dog" costume.

Feeling bad about not standing up for her friend and his dream, Kim seeks advice from her father. Dr. Possible then tells a story about his college days, and how he lost a good friend whose dream he once laughed at. Unfortunately, Dr. Possible's story doesn't convince Kim and she ends up having a blazing row with Ron.

Meanwhile something strange is happening in the local science community. Professor Ramesh, of the Mount Middleton observatory, calls Kim in when his partner, Astronomer Bob Chen has gone missing.

Kim arrives at the observatory just in time to see Professor Ramesh being abducted by three fembots, who introduce themselves as Bebe before make off with the professor. Angry that the Bebe got away, Kim blames Ron and his belated arrival for distracting her, and chews him out. Hurting his feeling to the point that, when he discovers a link between the two missing scientists and Kim's father, he decides to go it alone.

Sometime later, Dr. Possible is getting in his car when, all of a sudden, the Bebes appear. They tear a whole in his car roof and reach in to drag him out.

The first that Kim knows about this is when her father, quite unabducted, storms into cheer practice and demands to know where Ron is, and why there is a hole in his car roof. All soon becomes clear when the scene changes, revealing Dr Possible locked in a cage with the missing scientists. Their captor, none other than Dr. Drakken.

It is soon revealed that Professors Ramesh and Chen are the two friends mentioned in Dr Possible's earlier flashback. More than this, though, Dr. Drakken is the one that they laughed at back in college, and now he's back and wanting revenge on them for mocking him all those years ago. Of course, there is one more surprise in store. Dr. Possible isn't Dr. Possible, he's really Ron in disguise. Leaving the Real Dr. Possible to arrive with Kim.

With the introductions over, and the Bebes announcing that Drakken is not fit to command them, Kim sets to with the rogue robots but finds that they are too fast and too tough for her Kung Fu skills to be effective against them. Fortunately for her, Dr. Possible comes to the rescue by getting Wade to set the Kimunicator up to emit a wave that interferes with the Bebe's wireless network signal. Severing them from the Bebe's coordinating hive mind, confusing them sufficiently for Kim get them to destroy one another.

With Drakken and his robots out of the way, the episode draws to a close with Ron, as the Middleton Mad dog, at a school basketball game. Much to Kim's surprise, and Bonnie's shock, the crowd loves him.


This is the only Drakken-centric episode in the entire series in which Shego does not appear at all.

In the scene where Drakken says he demands "better from his lackeys, especially the robotic ones," between "robotic" and "ones", his head leans back and there are two pairs of eyes for two frames.

When the Bebes begin to walk slowly towards Dr. Possible (Dad), Drakken's belt is the same color as the rest of his jacket.

In the Sky subs, "Drakken" is spelled "Drachen", "Ramesh" spelled "Romesh" and at one point "Chen" is spelled "Chan".

During the scene when Ron, Prof. Rhamesh, and Prof. Chen are in Drakken's holding pen, the bottom of Ron's pants are colored brown, to match the bottoms of the other two.

Ron's mask doesn't act like a mask until after he's been captured. During the scene with the car the mouth opens, the eyes widen, the eyebrows dip, but when he's trapped in that cylinder and says "No!" (followed by "He's Dr. Drakken, and he's in for a world of hurt!") the Dr. Possible head just has an oblivious half-grin.

In the opener, Kim picks at the opened end of a burrito (or something similar) with a fork. Shortly thereafter, the burrito is shown as sealed, and Kim's fork has disappeared.

Drakken's sidekick Shego doesn't appear in this episode.

Drakken's real name is Drew Lipsky.

Kim's middle name is Ann.

Bonnie intercepts Rufus before he can finish licking the banana cream from her hair and arms, dangling the naked mole-rat at arms length. After a quick cutaway to Ron (just long enough for a "But -- !"), Rufus is still dangling, and Bonnie doesn't seem to have moved much, but the banana cream has disappeared.

The Six-Million-Dollar Man: At several points in the episode, the Bebes make the famous "sha-na-na-na" sound from The Six Million Dollar Man.

Episode Title: Attack of the Killer Bebes. The title is in reference to the early ninety's cartoon named Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Lon Chaney Sr.: Kim: I'll bring the man of a thousand faces. Lon Chaney Sr. was known as the man of a thousand faces (as he played so many different horror movie monsters).

Beauty and the Beast: Ron shows Kim three of his home-made masks. A Kim mask, the Mad Dog mask, and a mask that resembles Beast from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Introduces: Bebes robots, Professor Ramesh, Professor Bob Chen, and Drew Lipski.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie Rockwaller
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken

Guest stars

Kerri Kenney: Bebes
Brian George: Professor Ramesh
Rob Paulsen: Dallas, Announcer Voice
Gedde Watanabe: Professor Bob Chen

Royal Pain
Episode: 10 (season) / 10 (show) / 7 (production order) First Aired: August 16, 2002 Product Code: 107
Writers: Madellaine Paxson Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Rough Draft Korea Co., ltd.

Episode summary

Kim and Ron are mini-golfing, discussing campaign ideas. Ron suggests Kim get a dog. After all, 'everybody loves dogs'. Kim does not care about the big political deals, she wants to help the people. As Kim discusses her point, Wade calls over the Kimmunicator. Kim asks her trademark quote: 'What's the sitch?' Wade explains that Prince Wally, the prince of a tiny country named Rodeghan, is in danger.

Kim and Ron travel to this land to meet him, and an ancient prophecy is revealed. "Awaiting the light of full harvest moon.

Rodeghan's foe will soon face his doom. In the shadow of the palace, we will not get deterred, the monarchy ends with Wallace the third." Wallace the third, of course, refers to Wally.

Wally decides to go to Middleton, because he thinks he'll be safer from the Knights of Rhodeghan. So, Kim must now protect Wally as well as be his opponent in the school elections after he is self-nominated. Wally, naturally with an incredible amount of money to his name, is able to lead an amazing campaign and thus everyone votes for him over Kim's humble strategy.

The Knights of Rhodeghan enter Middleton, and plan to destroy Wally near a castle, namely the one at Middleton Mini-Golf, the sixth hole. However, Kim believed that the castle would be the one in Wally's homeland. As always, Kim saves Wally but unfortunately gets nothing in return. The prophecy does indeed come true as Wally foregoes being ruler of Rhodeghan to be class president of MHS, winning by 998 votes versus Kim's 2.


This is one of two episodes where Mr. Barkin has blonde hair, with the other episode being Tick-Tick-Tick. He has brown hair for the rest of the series.

When Kim pastes up her own posters, her bottom lip is showing and both her lips are flesh-colored.

As Kim tells Wally and Ron what the tapestry said, Ron's sandwich is made of white bread. When Brick sits down, both his and Ron's sandwiches are made of brown bread. By the end of the scene, Brick's sandwich is on white bread, and Ron's is on brown.

Brick Flagg is voiced by Rider Strong, who worked with Will Friedle, who voices Ron Stoppable, on Boy Meets World.

Knight: All too easy. Towards the end, one of the knights says "All too easy" as he is trying to defeat Kim. Darth Vader said this same line as he was trying to defeat Luke in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. He and Vader were fighting on Cloud City. Luke fell into the carbon freezing chamber as Vader used the force to activate the lever. (All too easy!) Luke escaped, as did Kim.

Sleeping Beauty: The ancient king looks exactly like King Hubert from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. The outfit, the beard, the necklace -- right down to the eating chicken on a bone thing.

Prince Wallace (about the bubble bath liquid): Three drops. Not four, not two. This is a spin on the famous line from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. The actual scene is "The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch", in which the second brother speaks the following lines: "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it."

Introduces: Prince Wally and the Knights of Rodeghan; reporter Tricia Lipowski and Officer Hobble.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Brian George: Duff Killigan
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie Rockwaller
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible
Patrick Warburton: Steve Barkin
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
Rider Strong: Brick Flagg

Guest stars

Grey DeLisle: TV Reporter
Corey Burton: Officer Hobble
Rob Paulsen: Prince Wally
John O'Hurley: King Wallace II / Ancient King

Coach Possible
Episode: 11 (season) / 11 (show) / 17 (production order) First Aired: August 23, 2002 Product Code: 117
Writers: Laura McCreary Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Toon City Animation.

Episode summary

After Dr. James Possible breaks his leg, Kim takes over coaching his soccer team, and drives the twins and the other players insane when her ultra-competitiveness pushes everybody to the breaking point. In between practice, she and Ron try to recover state of the art animatronic animals and a neon-style gas from the thieving Seniors, one of which is coming up with his own evil scheme for the very first time.


After Kim and Ron land in the bushes outside Bueno Nacho, Ron's hair is messed up when he sits up (and there's a flower sticking out of it). However, when it shows him with Bueno Nacho in the background, his hair is back to normal.

When everyone is dancing at Junior's party/Senior's modified trap, the skin of the gray haired lady briefly turns blue.

When Kim has on her sunglasses, you can see that the frame sides switches between solid plastic, and plastic with a clear triangle on the side.

When Kim says the words 'family issues' during one of the scenes, her nose is black instead of its usual color.
When Kim and Ron land in the bushes outside Bueno Nacho and Kim's butt is sticking up in the air, her back is black as if her shirt is tucked in.

During Ron's "Yeah you are alike! Wow, that's weird!" line, the color level of his shirt keeps changing as he moves.
In Bueno Nacho, Rufus goes through the motions of pouring a packet of Diablo sauce over the chimerito, but the red sauce was not animated in. Also, the outline of what was supposed to be the poured on sauce suddenly shows up on the chimerito, but was not colored in.

When Wade tries to put the sunglasses on hypnotized Kim, for a brief frame or two, her hair is parted on the wrong side (flopped cell).

When Ron says "Have you ever seen me shimmy? It's not pretty," as he and Kim hang beneath the helicopter, his glove is missing.

During Kim's line "I'm just glad Ron was there to serve as ballast", during the hot air balloon ride, Ron's left forearm is colored black, like his shirt sleeve.

When Kim and Ron run for Señor Senior, Sr. and Señor Senior, Jr. just before the end of the episode (the shot before the smokescreen) Ron is closest to the camera. After the smoke vanishes, and Ron says "I hate it when they get away", he is on Kim's other side. Ah, the ol' switcheroo...

During Ron's line "Come on, we don't have much time", the color under his belt is colored black like his shirt. It is normally gray, as it's the top of his pants. None of his shirts are visible under his belt.
When Kim says "It's Señor Senior, Sr. and Señor Senior, Jr.", you can see J.P. Bearymore closest to the helicopter window. For the next several shots, the beaver is closer. From SSJ's "Why not?" on, Bearymore again appears to be the closest.

Kim and Ron were still hypnotized dancing in the cages even though the disco ball had been retracted back into the ceiling. (no ball, no hypnosis) SSS then revealed it to the people below in order to hypnotize them.
Nitpick: When Kim is talking to her dad inside the house, the steam from Dr. Possible's coffee seems to be rising awfully high.

While Kim and Ron are hypnotized, Señor Senior, Sr. says that they are open to suggestion. However, he orders his son to laugh-- surely the hypnotized Kim and Ron would have heard the command and laughed too.

When Junior does his video ad for his disco, he calls the club "Club Lair," but when the outside of the club is shown, the giant neon sign says it's called "Jr's."

When Kim enters the room that her parents are in, Kim's mom is putting a pillow behind Kim's dad's head. Yet when they show the front of his head the pillow is gone.

Cleanup Goof: A stray, straight line inexplicably appears across Señor Senior, Sr.'s face, extending from the side his nose to the edge of his jaw for several frames as he attempts to negotiate a kingship over "everything".

When Ron shouts "Pizzapotamus!" and dives for the robot, he gets carried up pretty high. When Kim goes for Ron soon after, she doesn't have to jump or anything to get to his feet, though she would have not only have to have leapt up on the stage, but also into the air to even REACH Ron.

First time Mrs. Possible does the puppy-dog pout.

Galaga: When Kim spots Ron playing an arcade game at the pizza place, sound effects and music stings from the 1981 arcade game Galaga can be clearly heard.

Super Mario Brothers: When Rufus wins, the 1-up tune from SMB plays, and the in-game sounds are the jumping and coin noises from SMB. Odd thing is that Ron and Rufus are playing what appears to be a space shooter.

Hot Air Balloon Pilot: I wouldn't have made it around the world in 80 days if you hadn't have saved me from that hurricane. This is a reference to the Jules Verne novel, 'Around the World in 80 Days'. Although a journey by hot air balloon has become one of the images most strongly associated with the story, this iconic symbol was never deployed in the book by Verne himself.

Señor Senior, Jr.: Do you love the nightlife? Love to boogie? Paraphrases Alicia Bridges' "I Love the Nightlife": "I love the nightlife / I got to boogie / On the disco 'round"

Señor Senior, Sr.: Junior, this is not a party. This is not a disco. This is not fooling around. Señor Senior, Sr.'s paternal chiding paraphrases the Talking Heads' "Life During Wartime": "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around."

Pele: In the disco scene, when Kim kicks the disco ball from its moorings in the ceiling, she uses the same style kick method as the famous Brazilian soccer player and legend Pele (it's called a FLIP kick and Pele can do it WITHOUT using a rope!)

Chuck E. Cheese: Animatronic J.P. Bearymore and his game-stuffed pizza chain ref animatronic Chuck E. Cheese and his game-stuffed pizza chain (est. 1977).

Kim: Can't... stop... dancing...This episode's hypnotically-induced frooging alludes to The Groovy Guru, an episode of the 60's series Get Smart.

Claw Machine: Junior's use of a suspended metal claw in his theft of the Pizza Party-Torium's animatronic figures is likely meant to represent a larger-scale version of the "claw machine", a classic quarter-guzzler in which one attempts to hoist stuffed animals (and other objects) from a small, glass-enclosed prize pit using a similar (though flimsy, and much smaller) joystick-controlled claw. In fact, one such machine is visible in the background as Pizzapotamus is literally "lifted".



Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
Nestor Carbonell: Señor Senior Jr.
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible
Earl Boen: Señor Senior, Sr.

Guest stars

Kath Soucie: Kaitlin, Sign-tist
John DiMaggio: Blumberg, Phone Guy
Phil LaMarr: Bearymore Employee

Pain King vs. Cleopatra
Episode: 12 (season) / 12 (show) / 18 (production order) First Aired: September 6, 2002 Product Code: 118
Writers: Patti Carr and Lara Runnels Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Starburst Animation.

Episode summary

Kim and Ron get tickets to the big match between wrestlers Pain King and Steel Toe. Ron, unable to get Kim excited about the event, fears that a new friend has come between them. However, a new challenger plans to crash the match with a magical amulet imbuing him with the powers of Anubis.

An ancient Egyptian talisman which can give its wearer supernatural strength is stolen from a museum, and Kim and Ron battle the now-supersized thief at a pro wrestling match.


When Kim first meets Monique, Monique is wearing a green top, but at the register, Monique is wearing a red top.

This is the only episode in which Monique's eyes are little black dots. In every other episode, she has whites surrounding her pupils.

When Jackie destroys the Pain King banner in the crowd, the man in the bottom-right corner disappears for about 1 frame (right as the laser hits the banner).

Jackie makes note of wearing "open-toe sandals" before the transformation. The Jackal is barefoot, but he gets the sandals back after he changes back.

Since Monique just moved to Middleton, why would she get a job at Club Banana before even starting school there?

In the coffee house scene, Kim has a spoon in her cup, but when she gets up, the spoon is gone.

As Ron shouts "Steel Toe rules!" near the episode's beginning, the hinder portion of his left, inside cheek becomes fully transparent, revealing the background behind it.

Up until the point where Jackie gives Kim the tickets to see GWA, Jackie's eyes are white with black pupils. For the rest of the episode, his eyes are just plain black dots.

This episode and Coach Possible were aired in order of their production numbers; this is a first for the series because Disney typically airs the series out of order.

"Pop Pop Porter's Mini Corn Dogs": Music and Lyrics by Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn.

West Side Story: The scene where Kim and Ron are surrounded by the two groups of fans in the beginning of the episode is similar to West Side Story.

NWA: GWA is a reference to NWA, a group of small wrestling companies set up across the country with one champion being champion for every one of the companies.

Kim: "I think this is the beginning of a very weird friendship" This closing line is very similar to the closing line of Michael Curtiz's 1942 b/w film Casablanca: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

WWE: The GWA is an imitation of the WWE, a professional wrestling organization.

Professional Wrestling: The voices of Steel Toe and Pain King are Bill Goldberg (for the old WCW) and Andrew Martin (A.K.A. Test from the WWE), respectively.

Introduces: Introduces Monique, Steel Toe, Pain King, and Jackie Oaks


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Raven-Symone: Monique
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
Jean Smart: Mrs. Dr. Possible

Guest stars

Rob Paulsen: Golf Interviewee
John DiMaggio: GWA Fan
Andrew Martin: Steel Toe
Bill Goldberg: Pain King
Jean Smart: Museum Tour Guide
Bill Barretta: Jackie 'The Jackal' Oaks

Monkey Fist Strikes
Episode: 13 (season) / 13 (show) / 3 (production order) First Aired: September 13, 2002 Product Code: 103
Writers: Gary Sperling Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Starburst Animation .

Episode summary

As she and Ron are hanging hundreds of feet in the air, clinging to the rocky face of a tall mountain, Kim uses her wrist-mounted palm-pilot to track an eaglet (baby eagle, that is) with an injured wing…by a flashing electronic band around its leg. While a screaming Ron and Rufus hug the rocks far below her, Kim finds the eaglet in a dark cave on a ledge. While Ron tries to haul himself onto another ledge (he instead yanks his pants down...again), Kim tucks the eaglet into the leather pouch on her belt and parachutes to the ground…using a stylin’ purple silk chute.

After handing the rescued eaglet (a most rare breed) to a park ranger on the forest trail, Kim answers her video-cell phone...it’s her dad. Instead of being proud of her, however, he’s upset with Kim because she’s missed yet another family game night. (Her being on the other side of the country, where it’s still day, doesn’t help at all.) Never mind that this was an emergency, Dr. Possible scolds his daughter; her cousin Larry is very disappointed. Actually, Larry is 50% of the reason Kim ditched family game night; he’s creepy, annoying, and obsessed with role-playing games. Meanwhile, Ron drops headfirst into the back of a truck. (Kim didn’t even bother to save him and Rufus; loyal gal, ain’t she?)

After Kim literally spends 24 hours (all the way home) explaining all the things she can’t stand about Larry, it turns out that he and Ron both enjoy the videogame Fortress…and the comic books it spawned, as well as the movie Ios, all of which Kim considers a stupid waste of time. At school, Kim finds a message on her website from Lord Monty Fiske, the famous archaeologist. He has discovered the location of a rare artifact, in Cambodia, but needs Kim’s help to get it.

Kim and Ron get a lift to Cambodia from a squad of commandos (whom she has previously assisted, while Ron almost got them killed) and their troop-transport plane. She enters a dank, hot jungle flittering with insects…and spots the vine-and-leaf-covered ruins of a monkey temple in the distance. Said matter is complicated when Ron’s simian-phobia kicks in; he once had to bunk with Camp Wannaweep’s mascot, Bo-Bo the chimp, and has been terrified of monkeys ever since. The teens are greeted by Lord Monty Fiske and his valet, Bates. Ron doesn’t trust Fiske, although Lord Monty is a highly-respected scholar and explorer; the sentiment is mutual.

Kim negotiates a maze of booby-trapped tunnels to reach a solid-jade monkey-statue…which, supposedly, will generate “mystical monkey power” when aligned precisely within the temple. Braving everything from fire to spikes to snakes, Kim retrieves the jade monkey for a grateful Fiske.

Kim and Ron spend the night at Lord Monty’s jungle-camp, where a ninja attempts to steal the jade monkey. The ninja uses Ron, who’s stuck in his sleeping bag, as a weapon to fight off Kim…who vows to get the jade monkey back.

Back home the next morning, Kim’s aunt June invites the entire Possible family over for dinner on Saturday…another potential “game night” for Larry, who never has friends over. (Can you blame them?) Yet Ron, being Ron, would love to meet Larry...who sounds to him like a fun guy. Wade discovers that there are actually four temples like the one Kim raided in Cambodia, each with its own jade monkey statue. All four jade monkeys are needed to give the owner “mystical monkey power.”

At his rambling stone Castle in the remote English countryside, Lord Monty Fiske reveals to Bates why he hired Kim Possible to handle those primitive booby traps and retrieve that jade monkey: he didn’t want to injure his big, hairy (transplanted) monkey-hands and monkey-feet. Fiske himself masqueraded as that thieving ninja, to throw suspicion off himself. Lord Monty has built his own monkey-temple within Castle Fiske; now, with all four jade monkeys in his possession, “mystical monkey power” will be his. Elsewhere, Kim and Ron decide to consult Fiske about the legend surrounding the jade monkeys and temples. The appointment is set for the weekend…when Kim is expected for dinner with her relatives!

Saturday night finds Ron at Castle Fiske, alone. Back in Middleton, Kim greets Larry…who, this evening, is masquerading as “Othar,” from the movie Return to Ios. He proceeds to show off his collection of Ios action figures. Kim works hard at looking impressed.

Back at Castle Fiske, Lord Monty shows up in a black martial-arts outfit. He reveals himself to be a grandmaster of “monkey kung-fu”…technically, “Tai-Shing-Pek-Kwar.” Then he stands in the center of all four jade monkeys and is hit with a burst of glowing light. With his newly-achieved mystic monkey mojo, Lord Monty Fiske becomes LORD MONKEY FIST.

Back in Middleton, it turns out Larry’s been following the career of Lord Monty Fiske for some time, long enough to know about his grand-mastery of Tai-Shing-Pek-Kwar. Realizing that she and Ron have been set up, Kim attempts to warn her sidekick, although Larry would rather play Star Trek.

Back at Castle Fiske, Lord Monkey Fist is about to destroy Ron when his serenity chimes go off; it’s time to meditate, since Tai-Shing-Pek-Kwar is half mental. (No way! If that's not the worst type of dramatic cheat, I'm Jackie Chan.) Ron uses the opportunity to escape, with Bates in hot pursuit, but is finally cornered by Lord Monkey Fist.

Back in Middleton, Larry explains the fundamentals of Fortress level nine: To defeat the Cloud Guardian, you must drink from his enchanted well (don't ask)…thereby becoming that which you fear most. This gives Kim an idea. She passes this data to Ron, thousands of miles away.

Back at Castle Fiske, Ron flees to the monkey temple’s center, surrounded by the four jade monkeys. He becomes an instant grandmaster of Tai-Shing-Pek-Kwar, and proceeds to fight it out with Lord Monkey Fist. Bates tries to clobber Ron from behind with a fireplace poker, but Rufus—also magically endowed with “mystical monkey power”—prevents him from doing so. But then Lord Monkey Fist gets the upper hand against Ron and prepares to finish him off. Again Rufus comes to the rescue, this time by knocking over all four jade monkey statues, which shatter. (Jade is the toughest substance found in nature; would it really break so easily?)

Back in Middleton, Kim sits through numerous “fan-fic” stories written by Larry. Then Ron shows up and, fascinated, begs Larry to continue. While they happily discuss the rebellion on Bernalus (don’t ask) and the Shrieker Rebellion from Moon Beyond Ios, Kim seizes the opportunity to bail and head home.


When Kim asks Wade what monkey kung fu is, Ron's left sleeve is flesh-coloured.

When the hooded ninja and Kim start to fight, the scene focuses on Kim, in which the ninja’s gloveless hand flies by Kim’s face despite the fact that the ninja was wearing gloves. Also, in that scene, the hand was normal, despite the fact that Lord Monty Fiske was supposed to be the ninja, though if that were true, the hands would have been monkey hands. It’s impossible for Lord Monty Fiske to have received his monkey hands overnight so it would have been impossible for the ninja to actually be him, though it was implied that it was in the episode.

When "the hooded ninja" is caught stealing the monkey statue, and Kim engages him in battle, the statue disappears and reappears in the ninja's left arm (just before Kim kicks it to Ron).

When Ron's mouth hangs open after Fiske's comment of personally directing questions to Kim, his tongue is white.

When Ron says "Completely mental in this case!" and rushes past Bates, his entire outline is black, rather than grey on his shirt, pants and gloves.

When Bates opens the door to Ron and the Holo-Kim, Ron's belt is briefly grey.

The plane in which Kim and Ron fly to Cambodia looks like a jet airplane, however the sound effect used is of a propeller aircraft.

When Ron receives mystical monkey power from the idols, the floor beneath him is yellow with no monkey image on it.

However, later, as Monkey Fist is trying to catch the falling idols to keep them from breaking, the giant monkey picture on the floor is visible.

When the ninja (Monkey Fist) picks up Ron to get the jade monkey from him, the ninja's gloves are missing.

As Kim scales the cliff to save the eagle, she has the Kimmunicator strapped to her wrist. As she parachutes down, it's missing. Then, when she lands, she brandishes it from nowhere.

After Ron knocks Bates on his back, the latter's hair and mustache darken for a frame as he struggles to stand.

The appearance and color of the monkey idols changes from the scenes where Kim gets the idol and Wade tells Kim about the legend to the scenes where Lord Fiske and Ron acquire the mystic monkey power, then changes back after Ron tells Rufus to "search and destroy".

The Kimmunicator is briefly red as Kim demonstrates one difference between the Holo-Kim and the real McCoy.

Near the conclusion of Ron's hand-to-hand battle with Monkey Fist, Fiske slams Ron to the ground. For that moment, and that moment alone, Ron's hands are bare.

When Lord Fiske thinks Kim and Ron have found out his secret, he’s wearing a robe and ascot; though in the next scene, both are gone.

Ron gains his mystical monkey kung fu powers.

Tom Kane also voices Darwin (the ape) for Klasky-Csupo's The Wild Thornberrys.

Scooby Doo: Where are You?: In that show, everytime the gang encounters something supernatural, Scooby-Doo jumps into Shaggy's arms. In this episode, Ron does the same exact thing when he believes holo-Wade is a ghost.

Kim: Saturday is going to be night of the living Larry! Tongue-in-cheek reference to George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead.

Tomb Raider: The monkey temple sequence is a homage to Tomb Raider, which features another heroine who can seemingly "do anything."

Harry Potter: This might seem like a stretch, but when Kim goes into the temple to get the jade monkey, she has to dodge the trap where fire shoots out of the stone-carved monkeys, which is similar to when Harry has to dodge the fire that shoots out of the stone-carved snakes in the computer game based on the book and movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Kim: And Larry goes on and on about these creepy conventions he goes to, in costume! Larry is similar to a dedicated group of Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans, such as Star Trek or Star Wars fans who go to conventions in costumes to discuss the series.

Kim: "Spikes. Gee, where are the snakes?"

This is a reference to Indiana Jones. Indy was afraid of snakes, and they always seemed to be in every temple he went into.

Lord Fiske: So. You know all about my obsession with Tai Shing Pek Kwar. Tai Shing Pek Kwar (Monkey Kung Fu) apparently does exist.

Cousin Larry: (into Kimmunicator) Hello, away team, do you read me? References Star Trek and its "communicator" device.

Introduces: Monkey Fist and Cousin Larry.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Tom Kane: Lord Monty Fiske / Monkey Fist
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
Gary Cole: Mr. Dr. Possible

Guest stars

Brian Posehn: Cousin Larry
Jeff Bennett: Colonel Bates
Roz Ryan: Park Ranger

October 31st
Episode: 14 (season) / 14 (show) / 21 (production order) First Aired: October 11, 2002 Product Code: 121
Writers: Mark Palmer Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Toon City Animation.

Episode summary

During a mission, a kind of super compact battle armor attaches itself to Kim's wrist. During Halloween, Ron wants her to go trick-or-treating with him, her parents want her to help them with a Halloween event and there will be a Halloween ball which Kim's love interest, Josh Mankey, will go to.

When Kim starts to lie to her parents and Ron in order to be able to go to the ball, the armor begins developing. Wade informs her that the mechanism is based on stress, which Kim experiences heavily when she lies. Meanwhile, Drakken and Duff Killigan race to steal the armor.


When Dr. Drakken and Shego are eavesdropping in Kim and Wade's conversation, Drakken could hear everything. When Kim mentions to Wade that she is going to Monique's, Dr. Drakken's reaction is not shown nor does he visit Monique's place at all during the episode.

When Mrs. Possible was taking up tickets, there was some disruption. But a boy paid Mrs. Possible before the disruption, then after it, he paid again.

As the Centurion Project deploys and covers Kim's head, it covers her tiara. However, when the Project retreats back into the bracelet, she is no longer wearing the tiara.

During Ron's "I don't have anything to add...." speech in the cafe after confronting Shego, Drakken and Killigan, Kim's mouth is frozen in an "O" shape.

When Kim is upstairs talking to Wade about the Centurion Project, she's barefoot. When she answers Ron at the door, a second or two later, she has shoes on.

The first time Kim answers her bedroom phone, its side is briefly transparent.

Jim and Tim switch places after Mr. Dr. Possible's line: "The bracelet appears to be constructed of a super-strong alloy." Before that, Jim is on the right and Tim is on the left (Green shirt-left, Red shirt-right). After that, Tim is on the left and Jim is on the right (Red shirt-left, Green shirt-right).

When Kim flashes back to the first Halloween with Ron, she has freckles. Unless I'm wrong, freckles don't go away.

Why was Kim wearing cargo pants under a princess outfit? And why did the Centurion armor form over her top and pants, but under her dress (Disney S&P aside ;)?

Explanation: Kim was wearing the cargo pants and top when the armor started to deploy. Therefore it started to cover them, but not the princess dress because she put that on later.

Contrary to the series' established style, Kim's lower lip is momentarily filled in as she answers her cordless phone (and crushes it in the process).

Coloration Goof: The black that tops Shego's collar appears and disappears at random throughout the episode.

Mom raises her arms in a spooky gesture as she relates the tweeb's desire to "drench [Kim] in fake blood", then withdraws them, half-concerned ("At least, I hope it's fake blood..."). In a single frame, as the camera angle changes, her left arm's back in the air, completely motionless in the foreground.

The number of finger segments in the Centurian Project's gauntlets varies wildly from shot to shot.

Why would Kim allow Killigan to return to, and operate out of, his island lair?

Ron leaves the front half of his unicorn costume with Kim behind a door she presumably locks, yet has it handy to offer Josh at the episode's end.

Shego's gloves are already lit as she races toward Kim in the third act ("Oh, it stops here!"), yet when the camera cuts wider, she lights them again.

Coloration Goof: At the end of the episode, both of Shego's gloves are green, rather than one being green, and the other black.

Animation Goof: When Kim finally gets to the party, both her arms are armored. But this occurs before the right one is covered.

Animation Goof: When Kim answers the phone, the bracelet disappears.

Drakken was at his island lair, though in "Tick-Tick-Tick", Kim started a chain reaction that blew it up. Wasn't it totally destroyed?

It's been a while since the whole "Tick-Tick-Tick" incident, so maybe he had his men rebuild that particular lair.

Drakken and Duff Killigan find out both have Kim Possible as an enemy.

This is the first episode with a timeline.

It is fall in Middleton.

Even Stevens: A.J. Trauth(the voice of Josh Mankey) also played Twitty in Even Stevens, who had a band as well. Also, Christy Carlson Romano, who voices Kim, used to play Ren Stevens on that show

For Your Eyes Only: Near the end of the second act, Kim Possible literally loses the princess outfit as the Centurion Project armor overwhelms her. Interestingly enough, one shot is a poster pose of the famous James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only".



Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Jean Smart: Mrs. Possible Mom
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
A.J. Trauth: Josh Mankey
Gary Cole: Mr. Possible
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Raven-Symone: Monique

Guest stars

John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken, Trick-or-Treatee
Brian George: Duff Killigan
Rider Strong: Brick Flagg
Tara Strong: Trick-or-Treater

All the News
Episode: 15 (season) / 15 (show) / 10 (production order) First Aired: November 1, 2002 Product Code: 110
Writers: Laura McCreary Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Toon City Animation.

Episode summary

Ron, wanting to write for the school newspaper, interviews Kim, but takes her quote about quarterback Brick Flagg being "hot" out of context. Ron's article embarrasses Kim and leads to Brick asking Kim on a date, which she is reluctant to go on.

Meanwhile, Ron, Jim, and Tim are fans of TV stuntwoman Adrena Lynn, but Kim considers her a bad influence on children who imitate her stunts (such as her brothers). Kim catches Adrena Lynn faking a stunt, and Ron's report on the fraud makes national news and causes Adrena Lynn's show to be canceled. As a result, Adrena Lynn plots revenge on Kim and Ron.


After Kim deployed her jet pack backpack to save Brick, we see the jet pack packed up and back in the undamaged pack at the very end.

At the end of the episode, when Kim says "You do?" to Brick and "Thank you" to Rufus, her backpack is missing.

During Adrena Lynn's midair admission to being less-than-extreme, the gray bands around her wrists disappear.

This is one of four episodes where Ron changes his image to get more popular, with the other three being The New Ron, Ron the Man, and Ron Millionaire.

When Wade faxes the paper to Kim, which should contain the highlighted area's from Ron's picture of Andrena Lynn, it is blank.

When the squad is doing their routine out on the field and saying, "Hips to the left, hips to the right," At first their hips are facing left, then right, but when the camera closes in just before they twirl, their hips are pointing left again.

As we all have known, there are pictures of Shego and Drakken on the inside of Kim's locker. At the very beginning, these pictures were replaced by some kind of text papers, later in this episode, they reappear.

When Adrena Lynn takes over all the television stations, the television is on Channel Four. Next, Kim's dad hits the Channel Up Button. Then when they pan out onto the television, it's still on Channel Four.

Several times in this episode, the point where Ron's black (mission) shirt sleeves meet his shoulders changes appearances. At times there's a line, possibly a seam, while in other shots it's a smooth, uninterrupted connection.
At the beginning, when Ron takes the paper away from Kim, it looks like he's stuffing it in a paper folder, but in the next shot it looks like a bunch of loose papers.

In the far away shot of Kim and Ron on the motor scooter, when Ron says there's nothing down the road but the old Middleton fairgrounds, his mouth is missing. In an even wider shot, as Adrena Lynn ties Ron to the swing ride and Ron says the ride always makes him throw up, his mouth isn't moving.

As Brick talks to Kim at lunch, the button on his jacket disappears.
Tara is not seen to be at the first cheerleader practice, yet she, not Blonde-Straight, is one of the cheerleaders who runs off past Kim and Brick and Ron a few scenes later.

When Ron was playing back the interview with Kim the tape is rewinding even though he didn't press the button.

During her cheer routine, when Kim says "Who's gonna win against Eastside? Who? Who?" her hair is parted on the wrong side (flopped cell).

When Brick Flagg first approaches Kim on the football field, he has his helmet tucked underneath his right arm. For the rest of the scene, the helmet is not there.

The Middleton High pay phone that Wade uses as a landline to contact Kim is missing a few buttons.

In the close-up shot of Kim and Ron riding to the fairgrounds, Kim's left glove (the hand holding onto Ron, before she puts both around his waist) is missing.

While Bonnie and Amelia are talking to Ron about his stories in the cafeteria, the bottom of his shirt changes from red to black often.

When the Adrena Lynn 'falls' out of the blimp, she seems to move around quite a lot. Making a lot of excessive hand gestures and actually jumping off the blimp. Yet, when the rope snaps and Kim catches her, it is revealed to be a dummy.

After he, Tim, and Ron have watched Adrena Lynn, Jim comes in to the kitchen and comes back in a matter of seconds with a piece of meat and one tied on his head. This was much too quickly to do all of the preparation required.

In this episode (and other S1 eps by Toon City Animation), some character's mouths don't move for the first moment or so after they enter a scene. Their lips catch up on the third or fourth word or so.

Tara Strong provides the voice for Amelia instead of Carly Pope in this episode.

One of five first season episodes altered post-release to include songs from the then-upcoming "KP" soundtrack. In this case: LMNT's "It's Just You".

Adrena Lynn: Adrena Lynn's name is a pun on the name of the hormone adrenaline, which your body often produces while doing extreme stunts or sports.

New York Times: The episode's title comes from the slogan of the New York Times, 'All the News That's Fit to Print'.

Ron Stoppable: Houston, the angle has landed...A play on Neil Armstrong's report (to Mission Control in Houston) of the Apollo 11's historic touchdown on the Moon's surface: "The Eagle has landed."

Jackass: Adrena Lynn's stunt show and the reference to children imitating her stunts is likely a reference to the MTV series Jackass. There were several reports that individuals attempted to copy the stunts performed on that series.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: The character Pop-pop Porter is a reference to the Kentucky Fried Chicken founder, Colonel Sanders. He is similar in both the way he looks and the purpose of his character.

The Fugitive: Dr. Richard Kimble, Lt. Gerard, and the One-Armed Man have their final showdown in an amusement park in the final episode of the TV series The Fugitive.

The House of Mirrors: Used in a number of movies, but most memorably in "Enter the Dragon" in the final fight between Bruce Lee and Han. (Hundreds of images and reflections, and not one of a camera crew!)

Introduces: Adrena Lynn and her cameraman.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
Gary Cole: Mr. Possible
Jean Smart: Mrs. Possible Mom
Stephen Root: Pop-Pop Porter, TV Guy
Tara Strong: Amelia, TV Reporter
Jeff Bennett: Cameraman
Rider Strong: voice of Brick Flagg

Guest stars

Nestor Carbonell:
Tangi Miller: Editor
Rachel Dratch: Adrena Lynn
Cree Summer

Kimitation Nation
Episode: 16 (season) / 16 (show) / 19 (production order) First Aired: November 15, 2002 Product Code: 119
Writers: Kayte Kuch and Sheryl Scarborough Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Starburst Animation.

Episode summary

In this episode, Kim begins on a frustrated note, lamenting both the fickle, yet often excessive, nature of fashion, and the fact that Bonnie gets to sit at the senior table, while the seniors barely notice that she is alive.

Later, during a mission to protect the remote control for a top secret orbital laser, Kim lands on the stage of a music award ceremony, right in front of Bonnie's favorite style gurus. Who proceeds to steal Kim's Cargo pants and top combination, metaphorically, at least, and to market them as the next big look. "Kimstyle", as it is dubbed, becomes an overnight sensation, spawning a line in boy's wear "Kim, for him" and even a range of designer pet wear. Kim, suddenly feeling much less unique, treats this with consternation. Until, that is, she realizes that it might get her in with the seniors.

Unfortunately though, having her look become the latest fashion craze doesn't win Kim the adulation of the seniors that she desires, apparently, she can't "pull off" the look, even though she invented it. It does, however, inspire Doctor Drakken to create an army of Kim clones. Unfortunately, things also don't go quite as he planned either.

Temporarily confused by the fact that everybody is wearing the same clothes ,ala Kimstyle, Drakken accidentally collects a sample of DNA from the wrong gym locker and creates a trio of killer Bonnies instead. Despite them not being Kim clones, Drakken is impressed by the Bonnie clones' natural hatred for Kim, and he unleashes them against his teen foes. The clones go on the rampage through Bueno Nacho, forcing Team Possible, plus the real Bonnie, to take shelter in a nearby dumpster. Naturally, Bonnie is not amused by this and has to be escorted home by Monique, though it does provide Kim with a vital piece of information. Drakken's clones are chemically unstable, and contact with soda-pop melts them.

After a running battle against the Bonnie clones and Drakken's grunts, during which clones of Rufus, then Ron, and finally Kim are also produced and unleashed, Kim douses the clones with soda, melting them all, and saving the day once more.

Meanwhile, having fallen out with Drakken over the issue of cloning (he initially wanted to clone her, even though her contract expressly forbade him from doing so), Shego has been sunning herself on the beach, tormenting small children, and appears to have acquired a new male friend.


When Shego is sitting on the beach with her legs crossed, she has the wrong feet on the wrong legs (her left foot is on her right leg, and vice versa).

After Kim found out that even Ron bought himself clothes in "Kimstyle", he explains that its "Kim for Him".

Ironically, Ron's mission outfit is already the same as Kim's, only without the exposed belly.

The island where Shego is vacationing is the same one where the billionaire's club was located in Animal Attraction.

When Ron lands in the 'Ron goo' he is covered in goo and sitting down. When Drakken says 'No!' It shows the next shot. Ron is now standing, and not in goo!

When Kim jumps into the truck,the screen turns to Drakken and you see Kim and Ron in the rearview mirror. As Drakken talks they look scared out of their minds, but when the screen turns back to them, Kim has already started fighting.

If Shego really hated Kim, why would she be reading a magazine about Kim style clothing?

When Monique leads Bonnie away from the dumpster, the yellow on Bonnie's skirt goes past the hem, as if the yellow stripes extended, contrary to the established look where the stripe ends at the solid red bar at the bottom.

When we first see Drakken and Shego talking in Drakken's lair, Shego is filing her nails with her gloves on.

How did KP's string grow back on the Blow dryer Hook Gun Thing because Shego cut the line?

The lemonade on the Bonnie clones turns green a split second before they're sprayed with the soda.

The shot of Drakken opening the curtain while missing a sleeve is used at least twice in this episode.

When Kim hugs Bonnie ("Bonnie! It's you! No one else would insult me like that!"), Monique's collar flaps are colored yellow.

In addition to the "spray gun-nozzle box" goof, as Kim sprays the box, her hair isn't parted. Animation goof?

After Kim says "Then so are we" she turns off the Kimmunicator, however Wade remains on the screen.

Nitpick: How could Drakken get a paper cut when he is wearing gloves?

When Ron says "How can this be sticky and slippery at the same time?" his eyebrows aren't shaded in.

When Drakken opens the curtains to his cloning machine, he says: "My Kim clone!" He normally refers to her as "Kim Possible".

Re: Bonnie not knowing about Kim Style-- you have to remember that Bonnie is a self absorbed twit. After all, later in the ep, she complains that Kim is "always wearing the same thing day after day" when she herself is dressed in the cheerleading uniform she seems to wear 24/7 (except the time she was in Pink Poof). Pot calling the kettle black?

As Kim sprays the clones with soda, the dispenser head changes from a spray gun to a nozzled box.

Really a nitpick, but when Drakken tunes into the Style File, the hostess says it was inspired by Kim Possible. So wouldn't Bonnie know that the look was created by K.P.? (Possible answers, one, that's the joke, and two, Bonnie's just being Bonnie.)

How could the Bonnie clone get the picture of Kim if she was behind glass? Drakken had the picture!

Ron's bag with his Kim for Him outfit has club banana on the outside of it. But in many other episodes, Kim is the one who shops at Club Banana, and he is a Smarty Mart shopper. The merchindise would also be at both places,(said so in a different episode).

Shego says 'again with the cloning' when Draken has not used clones before, at least to our knowledge. One of the core concepts behind Drakken and Shego seems to be that they've been at this for a while, far more than we've seen in the series. The way this particular scene plays out, it sounds like Drakken has been *trying* to clone Shego for some time, now -- that it was one of the many annoyances she'd had to deal with on the job (albeit the one that served as the 'final' straw).

After the clone Rons are melted, Ron falls in the gunk they leave behind, and is completely covered from head to toe, yet one second later when Drakken comes in, he is clean.

Also seen in the above images: Ron's shirt is miscolored as Rufus gags.

Neverending shrimp? When the seniors are eating shrimp at the beginning of the show, the first few times they eat the shrimp off the dish they come right back, then start to disappear.

Ron's pants have pockets on their sides...When the Ron clones are coming towards the real Ron when they first "meet", the clone Rons (or at least one of them) don't have pockets on their pants.

When Ron peeks out from behind the counter at Bueno Nacho, his freckles aren't shaded in.

When Kim switches off the Kimmunicator, Wade remains on the screen.

Nitpick: In some shots, the DNA is depicted as auburn (Kim's hair color), but in the shot when the hairs are in the beaker, they're black.

The black that tops Shego's collar disappears and reappears too many times to mention.

Every hair sample (including Ron's, Bonnie's, even Rufus's whisker) is depicted as red (presumably to conceal its true source from Drakken, and the audience, but still).

Continuity: When Ron is cloned, Drakken's pink goggles are over his face. They were never put on.

Even though Rufus is supposedly naked, when he swallows Ron's pudding in the beginning he has quite a lot of hairs.

First mention that Shego has a no cloning rule.

First time that Shego is shown on vacation.

One of five first season episodes altered post-release to include songs from the then-upcoming "KP" soundtrack. In this case: Tony Phillips' "Call Me, Beep Me" remix.

Just Shoot Me: Elsa Kleeg is voiced by Wendy Malick. This is a nod to Malick's previous role as fashion expert Nina Van Horn on Just Shoot Me.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi: The cloned Rufus in the cloning booth does the same 'battle dance' that Rikki-Tikki-Tavi did in the animated video.

Guns 'n Roses: The individual who looked similar to the Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash messed up his speech during this episode. This was similar to what Slash actually did because he once accepted an award while he was drunk, which messed up his speech.

Downloaded Music Awards: The Downloaded Music Awards in this episode was making a reference to the current fad of downloading music through programs such as Napster.

The Wizard of Oz: Drakken’s clones melted when they came into contact with soda. This is similar to The Wizard of Oz, in which the Wicked Witch of the West melted whenever she came into contact with water.

Style with Elsa Klensch: "The Kleeg Report/The Style File": A spoof of "Style with Elsa Klensch" on CNN.

Charlies Angels: When Drakken is watching the fashion report, a frame is shown of three models wearing the Kim Style Clothes. In this frame, they take the famous Charlie’s Angels pose.

Introduces: Drakken's DNA sythdrones and Commodore Puddles.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Gary Cole: Mr. Possible
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie
Bill Barretta
Tara Strong: Kim Style Adoptee
John DiMaggio: Download Awards Rocker #1

Guest stars

Thomas Lennon: Dr. Fenster
Wendie Malick: Elsa Kleeg

The Twin Factor
Episode: 17 (season) / 17 (show) / 8 (production order) First Aired: December 27, 2002 Product Code: 108
Writers: Mark Palmer Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Toon City Animation, Inc.

Episode summary

Kim learns that Dr. Drakken has robbed a secret lab and plans to travel there. However, her parents tell her that she has to babysit her brothers, and the only way she can complete her mission is to take the trouble-making twins with her.

The technology-minded twins are excited to visit a secret lab, where they seem to know about all the inventions already. Learning that the device Drakken stole was a mind control device, Kim, Ron, Jim and Tim head for his lair in Peru, where Drakken has already placed Shego under his control.


Goof: When Dr. Bortel talks about his boyhood that he made believe that he wanted to make rocket ships and blaster rays, notice that just before he pats Tim on the head, the latter's eyes are dark-colored before they change to their actual blue.

When you first see the part where they have returned to Kim's House and the parents come in, the first time you see the tweebs, they have no mind chip on there heads. Then the chips randomly appear just as Ms.Dr.P is asking about them. Also, maybe the chips just fell on the floor.

Drakken says that the Tweebs aren't clones, just garden variety twins. However, technically, identical twins are an example of natural cloning.

When Shego says, "Yes, Dr. Drakken. It is lovely," one of her, um...'features' is angular. In the next shot, it is curved, like it usaully is. Or it could just be from the angle she's standing.

When Rufus says "mmm-hmm, good plan, mmm-hmm, yeah" his mouth doesn't move (on the tree, remember?). Rufus's lips rarely move to match what he's saying; much of his "dialogue" seems to be improvisation, dubbed in post-animation (à la Popeye).

For one shot, as Dr. Cyrus Bortel says that "ferociously unethical" is a little harsh, Kim has Ron's colour pants and Ron, Kim's.

When Rufus comes over to Kim and Ron and is burned from when the Silicon Phase Disrupter blew up, he has cowlicks. But he's a NAKED mole rat, meaning he has no fur for cowlicks to be in!

This is a more a question than a nitpick, but are we presuming that there is something in the design of the chips that prevents people other than the person (in this case, Drakken) who first commanded someone under the influence of the chip from doing so?

As Ron begins his attempt to stall the mind-controlled Shego and Kim, the band around Kim's upper calf vanishes, leaving her lower leg momentarily detached.

The mind-controlled Kim's outfit, while similar to Shego's, lacks a leg pouch -- until it spontaneously sprouts one in the middle of an attack. From that point on, it's fairly consistantly shown.

When the plane is spiraling downward, Rufus's oxygen mask is semitransparent. But once Kim reattaches the hose, his mask is opaque.

When Kim faces the Tweebs and Ron outside of Drakken's lair, Ron raises his hand behind the two tweebs, and he has no gloves. Again.

When Kim faces the Tweebs and Ron outside of Drakken's lair, Ron raises his hand behind the two tweebs, and he has no gloves. Again.

When Kim first appears in the forest in Shego's outfit (before commercial), her, umm, "posterior" is green. After the commercial, it's black, like Shego's.

Animation Goof: In the opener, the hair between Shego's elbow and torso disappears.

Just before the mind-controlled Shego and Kim collide, Shego's lower lip is filled in for a frame.

When the mind-controlled Kim and Shego finally stop Ron, for a moment the camera shows Shego in just her regular uniform, without her apron and oven mitts.

Shego's pink oven mitts are colored to match her uniform as Drakken orders her to "destroy that little bald thing".

The same thing happens later, as Shego races after Ron, although, this time, they've sprouted fingers -- a common occurance over the episode's third act.

When Ron is being chased by Shego and Kim, Shego goes through the door and she doesn't have her apron on. A moment later it's back on again.

When Drakken is telling Shego about the device he created to control rubber products, Shego has her pink apron and gloves on, but for the rest of the scene she is without them.

When we first see Kim's picture, she is looking at the camera. When Wade laughs at her about the picture and turns the screen around, Kim's eyes are looking to our right.

It's nothing new, but the black that tops Shego's collar is frequently missing. Fortunately, though she wears a similar outfit in this episode, Kim never has any to lose.

Mind Control Chip: There was same mind control chips from the anime, "Street Fighter II: V" (1997). Bison the crime boss, planted the chips on Chun Li and Ryu (on their forehead). Good guys turned evil.

Kim: "Dr. Drakken will see you now." This is a take-off of a once very commonly used phrase, "The doctor will see you now." Many years ago, whenever the nurse of a hospital or medical clinic came into the waiting room he/she would announce the patient's name followed by this phrase. Nowadays, however, it's usually just the patient's name that is announced.

Mr. Dr. Possible: Candy is dandy, but fruit helps you poop. This is a parody of a line in a poem by Ogden Nash, titled "Reflection on Ice Breaking." The actual line is "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

Ron: Wrong door! In Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition, when Han Solo runs down a corridor of the Death Star, he finds himself at the doorway of a hangar that is full of stormtroopers. He promptly turns around and starts heading in the other direction.

The main difference between his experience and Ron's is the stormtroopers succeed in chasing Han, while Ron blocks the henchmen's attempts to pursue him by shutting the door before they can get out

Introduces: Professor Cyrus Bortel and his brain-control experiment that will lead to the famous moodulator..


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
Jean Smart: Mrs. Possible
Shaun Fleming (Jim and Tim Possible)
Gary Cole: Mr. Possible
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken

Guest stars

Enrico Colantoni: Dr. Cyrus Bortel
Dan Castellaneta: Mr. Geminini

Animal Attraction
Episode: 18 (season) / 18 (show) / 9 (production order) First Aired: January 10, 2003 Product Code: 109
Writers: Robin Riordan and Gary Sperling Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Toon City Animation.

Episode summary

A new fad has hit Middleton: Animology, an elaborate cross between astrology and a personality quiz (as Kim puts it) with animals & colors used to measure people.

Kim is completely disinterested in it, until Ron leaves his animology book behind, thus turning her into a believer.

As usual though, Kim has much more important matters to deal with. She has to recover a stolen cryovation device owned by mini corn-dog entrepreneur "Pop-Pop" Porter, which Señor Senior Sr. vows to use to in a revenge plot against the billionaire's club that expelled both him and Señor Senior Jr.


While on the conveyor belt, Kim's gloves briefly disappear.

When Kim and Ron are on the conveyer belt, they pass the same set of stairs three times.

Ron and Kim board Pop Pop Porter's "big 'lil corndog" in their normal outfits, without any extra baggage, save for Kim's backpack. In the next shot they appear in (presumably after the ride), they're both wearing their mission outfits. I know cargo pant pockets are big, but big enough to hold entire outfits? And as long as I'm here, Kim's backpack vanishes in the shot where the blimp lands, just before Ron walks over to it.

During the segment where Ron's trying to convince Kim how great Animology is, the spine of the book he's holding changes sides several times.

As Kim says "Señor Senior, Jr." after Wade gets the air quality anaylisis, her shirt sleeves are longer than they should be (down past her gloves).

The Middleton High gym doors are blue in this episode instead of the usual orange.

When the flowers fall out of Kim's locker, some of the flowers can be seen to the left of the monitor. When the locker is seen from the front, these flowers are gone.

As Kim and Ron are lying on the conveyor, Kim's glove goes missing twice: The first time before they start moving, and the second as Rufus runs out of Ron's pocket to push the red button.

NITPICK: Senor Senior, Sr. remembers Ron's name in "The New Ron", apparently forgets in "Coach Possible", but in this episode, he immediately remembers Ron's name without any help!

Addition to Logistics error: Kim's breakfast in "Twin Factor" - bacon and eggs? So fried!

-ALSO: Corndogs aren't even fried!

Logistics error: During the call from Wade about Pop-Pop Porter, Kim says she "avoids fried foods." Yet she eats often at Bueno Nacho. After all, they're not called reBAKED beans.

At the end of the episode, after Wade has delivered Senor Senior, Jr.'s e-card, Wade laughs with his hands in the air. His left arm is hidden behind his computer monitor. As the screen fades to black, the monitor fades away and Wade's left arm can be seen.

When Ron is polishing off those millions of corndogs and he flicks away one of the cocktail sticks, he has no gloves.

The exterior of Middleton High is shown five times, utilizing three sequences of flag animation. In the sequence used for the first and fourth shots, the flag has no stars, in the second shot, it has has five, and in the third and fifth, there are seven.

How exclusive can the Billionaire's Club be? Among those seen fleeing its island: three of Middleton High's more ubiquitous students and three of the Mad Dog Squad's cheerleaders (including the mysterious Ponytail).

When Kim goes to cheerleader practice, she goes through the single door of a Middleton High classroom yet when she gets to the other side they're the double doors of the gym. Someone could say that is not actually a goof because the two shots are not technically consecutive, but the intervening shot is.

Ron blinking his eyes twice, and there is only one sound of a door opening and closing.

When the cryovator first arrives at the Billionaires Club, the swimsuit on the woman at the far left of the screen first changes from an apparent one-piece to a bikini, then swaps colors with that of the beach's other bikini-clad sunbather.

Kim's eyes alternate between green and grey thoughout the episode.

As Bonnie attempts to wave Amelia over, the, erm, "solidly-built" cheerleader from "Tick-Tick-Tick" is back and sitting with Bonnie, along with a pony-tailed cheerleader, who, though we see only the back of her head, doesn't resemble any of those seen on the squad before or since. The latter's hair also changes from black to blonde, as she gains a bracelet (or wristband) and loses an ear.

The photo of Drakken on the inside of Kim's locker door vanishes as an embarrassed Kim indirectly admits to taking the Animology quiz, because she "can't resist a challenge".

Junior's given a wandering mole in a couple of the opener's shots.

Ron's perpetual cowlick poofs out between shots, from a few thin hairs to a massive tuft, as Kim leaves him and his Animology book to head for practice.

Cleanup Goof: Just before the above, a stray line appears beside Ron's nose (presumably mistaken for a nostril).

The pony-tailed cheerleader is also on the bleachers near the episode's beginning -- but as a redhead, this time.

The cheerleader sitting behind Bonnie on the bleachers has black hair in the wide shot, and blonde when we cut in closer.

Is Phillipe Bullion's monogrammed medallion on a chain, or pinned to his clavicle? If that line beneath his ample chin is meant to be a chain (rather than simply a neck crease), it detaches several times, leaving the gold piece floating on Phillipe's upper chest.

When Kim says "Good little hairless rodent", one of Ron's feet can be seen, clearly not frozen.

Continuity error: Pop-pop Porter. Kim knows nothing about him in this episode, though she interacted with him in "All the News".

The Billionaire Club lobster (which is so large that it appears to have an apple in its mouth) is facing the wrong way as Junior tears off a claw. The contents of the table it sits on are also very inconsistent, and, in this specific case, none of the candles, grapes, and glasses that are sometimes seen in wider shots are present.

Bullion's copy of "Euro Today" disappears from the table from the time he sets it down, to the time he picks it up again.

As seen in the pics for the lobster and Euro Today goofs, the picture on the front of Junior's Animology book temporarily disappears.

Jerry Maguire: Señor Senior, Sr. alludes to Jerry Maguire when he says "Ah Kim Possible, you complete me."

Watergate: "Follow the Money"- Ron's Quote is reference to the secret source (Deep Throat) who leaked information concerning the Watergate scandal.

M&M's: Pop-Pop Porter's mini corn dog commercial, in which a smiling corn dog dives into a pool of batter and stands under a flash freezer beam, is not dissimilar -- even in styling -- to a classic black-and-white M & M's commercial, in which, if memory serves, a smiling peanut dives into a pool of chocolate and stands under a candy-coating shower.

Introduces: Pop Pop Porter.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Nicole Sullivan: Shego
A.J. Trauth: Josh Mankey
Shaun Fleming: Jim and Tim Possible
Nestor Carbonell: Señor Senior Jr.
Raven-Symone: Monique
Earl Boen: Senor Senior, Sr.
Ricardo Montalban: Senor Senior Sr.
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Gary Cole: Mr. Possible
Patrick Warburton: Steve Barkin
Kirsten Storms: Bonnie
Ricardo Montalban: Señor Senior, Sr.
Nestor Carbonell: Señor Senior, Jr.
Jean Smart: Mrs. Possible
Rider Strong: Brick Flagg
Stephen Root: Phillippe Bullion, Pop-Pop Porter

Guest stars

Carly Pope: Amelia

Monkey Ninjas in Space
Episode: 19 (season) / 19 (show) / 14 (production order) First Aired: March 7, 2003 Product Code: 114
Writers: Meg McLaughlin Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Toon City Animation.

Episode summary

In this episode, things get off to a mystical start for Lord Monkey Fist, as he and his legion of monkey ninja awaken an ancient banana talisman and are instructed by the mystique monkey monk to seek out the most intelligent monkey on Earth, and to follow him to the stars, so that the ultimate monkey master, AKA Lord Monkey Fist, may become unstoppable.

Things, however, aren't going quite so well for Kim, who is anticipating a day of embarrassment after her father sets his heart on her attending an open house for children at the space center where he works. She thinks that she's too old to keep going, and he is seemingly oblivious to this, as noted when he presents her with the "Rocket Booster" sweatshirt that he gave her when she was 8 years old, and expects her to still wear to the open house.

Meanwhile, Monkey Fist searches the internet for the most intelligent monkey in the world, and finds it in the form of Frederick the space Chimp, who would also seem to fit with the going-to-the-stars part. Predictably, Frederick turns out to be a resident of the Middleton Space Center, where Kim is spending an uncomfortable morning with a father who acts like she's still 8 years old, a group of small children who can't quite decide whether she's a teacher or a babysitter, and a best friend who's only there for the rocket-shaped cookies.

After watching Ron freak out upon finding out about Frederick, due to a mascot-induced monkey phobia, Kim sets out to explain to her father that she is too old for the Rocket Boosters group, only to bail at the last minute after seeing how happy he was that they had something to do together.

After searching her conscience, and listening to some bad advice from Ron, Kim decides to tell her father the truth, only to find that Monkey Fist has taken over the space center, and that he intends to blast off with Frederick to an orbiting space station from where he intends to conquer the world. A scuffle ensues and Monkey Fist escapes in the center's rocket. Fortunately, Frederick manages to escape before the rocket takes off. Unfortunately, Ron doesn't, forcing Kim to take off in an experimental shuttle designed by her father, and her father to face up to the fact that Kim isn't a little girl anymore. A dramatic ninja battle ensure on the space station, both with and without the assistance of artificial gravity. Kim triumphs over Monkey Fist. And Ron, realizing that Frederick is on his side, overcomes his fear of monkeys, but temporarily.

Finally, wondering what went wrong, Monkey Fist's legion of Monkey Ninjas, who escaped without their master, consult the banana talisman once more, only to discover that there was a mistake in the first message, leading them to find a new lair and a new leader.


The flashback sequence to Ron's summer camp experience is reused footage from Monkey Fist Strikes.

At the beginning of the episode, Monkey Fist has four monkey ninjas, but when he invades the space center, he only has three. Later on the space station again, it's back to four.

After the artificial gravity is turned off. Kim is capable of moving through the air with out pushing off of anything. This is a physical impossibility.

At one point when the Mystical Monkey Monk appears to the monkey ninjas at the end of the episode, his monkey lacks any lighter coloring on his face.

When one of the Rocket Booster children says "I think she's my babysitter", the girl with blonde pigtails is the one whose head is moving, implying that she is saying the line. But when we cut to a wide shot halfway through the line, the black-haired kid standing next to her is the one whose mouth is moving.

Monkey Fist's chin switches between pointy and squared off at different points in this episode.

When Kim answers Ron at the door of her house, her hair is parted on the wrong side (her left as opposed to her right, which is normally where it's parted on).

When Kim and Ron are fighting Monkey Fist and his ninjas in space, Frederick turns the artificial gravity off, but, while the other characters start floating, Frederick and several background objects remain grounded. Why didn't they float as well?

Kim gets locked in a closet by Monkey Fist. How could she get locked *in*? All locks lock on the inside. The only way this is possibe is if Monkey Fist had a key to the closet.

Ron says 'Command module, check!' right when he bites the cookie.

The bearded scientist's mouth doesn't move correctly with the words.

I doubt that's what Dad meant by "no boys" (and Kim doesn't seem to think of Ron as a "boy", in that sense, anyway).

If no boys are allowed EVER, wouldn't Ron not be allowed to be Kim's sidekick??

Kim's shirt doesn't fit, but Ron's does? It may be due to the series' established style though...

The security guard from the Blandsfield Zoo can be seen helping Frank the booth guard (now inexplicably voiced by a different actor) restrain Lord Fiske at the episode's end. Guess they just needed some generic security, and someone either wasn't paying close enough attention, or assumed viewers wouldn't be.

When Kim shoves Ron out of the Rocket Booster room, she has no backpack, yet when she is crossing the carpark she has one.

When Rufus chews through the roof, it becomes jagged and rigid. When they go down, it is now perfect again.

How is it that Monkey Fist and his ninjas are knocked out after falling only about twelve feet? It doesn't make sense.

This episode helps Ron get over his fear of monkeys.

Gertrude Ederle: Kim telling her dad that she swam the English Channel is a reference to Gertrude Ederle, who was the first woman to swim the English Channel faster than any man, one hour and fifty-nine minutes.

Ron: I told you, KP, never trust a monkey! Recalls the punchline (such as it was) to one of Brak's more popular "School Daze" stories for "Cartoon Planet" (featured on "Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que", the series' first commercially available compilation CD) was -- that's right: "I told you, never trust a monkey!"

Ron: Get yer stinking paws off me, you filthy monkey! A parody of Charlton Heston's classic line from 1968's "Planet of the Apes": "Get your stinking paws off me, you d---ed dirty ape!"



Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Gary Cole: Mr. Possible
Jean Smart: Mrs. Possible
Brian George: Mystical Monkey Monk
Kath Soucie: Rocket Booster #1
Frank Welker: Frank
Tom Kane: Lord Monkey Fist
Bill Barretta

Guest stars

Shaun Fleming: Rocket Booster
Phil LaMarr: Rocket Booster #3
Russi Taylor: Voice of Rocket Booster #2

Ron the Man
Episode: 20 (season) / 20 (show) / 20 (production order) First Aired: April 25, 2003 Product Code: 120
Writers: Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Starburst Animation.

Episode summary

The episode starts by showing Drakken and his henchmen attempting to climb up a snow-capped mountain. Shego seems to have no problems, but Drakken and his henchmen are huffing and puffing when they get to the top due to their physical strength. As soon as they have caught their breath, they make to go into a metal door at the top to steal something top secret. However, the door is blown out and a man, who Dr. Drakken names Professor Dementor, comes out holding what he calls the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer. Dr. Drakken is upset since they got there first, stole the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer before he could, and Prof. Dementor has henchmen that are more fit than his are. Prof. Dementor and his men fly off on jetpacks with the PDVI.

Meanwhile, Kim and Ron go to one of their classes, which is being subbed by Mr. Barken. Ron presents his class assignment that was due and shows the class his bar mitzvah pictures and a certificate that shows that he is a man. Mr. Barken says that it isn't signed and insinuates that Ron is weak and, therefore, not a man. Ron is put off by these comments.

Back at Drakken's lair, he is yelling at his henchmen and showing them embarrassing clips of their attempts to climb up the mountain and how incompetent they are. Shego suggests that he should visit Hench Co. and get new henchmen but he doesn't want to pay the high prices. Shego says that she will go to the company and see if she can steal some of his technology and dive it to Drakken.

Kim gets a hit on her site from a Jack Hench and she goes to check it out. She discovers that Jack Hench provides all of the major villains with their henchmen. She meets with Jack Hench who tells her that Shego came and stole his Molecular Muscle Enhancer Rings, which make the wearer very muscular. Ron decides to take the last ring for what he claims are "investigational purposes". He puts to ring on and his classmates, with the exception of Kim and Monique, are all very impressed at the new Ron. Wade uses the unique molecular signatures that the rings give off to track Drakken and his team to the Las Vegas, Las Vegas Hotel. They go there and lay low, trying to figure out what both Drakken and Dementor are up to. Ron later gets into a fight with the other Muscle-Enhanced henchmen and gets thrown into a room filled with Jewish rabbis, among who is Rabbi Kats, Ron's own rabbi who forgot to sign the certificate. He is also not impressed by the muscular Ron. Ron re-joins the fight. Kim is trying to get to the PDVI but Drakken gets it first. He unknowingly activates it but throws it in an air vent to get rid of it. Kim and Shego try to get it at the same time, but Ron shows up and pulls them out of the vent saying that he will get it. He cannot however, because his muscles are too big for the vent. He eventually decides to take off the ring and gets the PDVI and whacks it on the vent a couple of time, which shuts it off. Rabbi Kats signs the certificate when they get back to Middleton and everything goes to back to normal.


In this episode is first mentioned that Ron is Jewish.

While Kim and Ron sit in Jack Hench's waiting room, a Muzak version of the Kim Possible theme song can be heard playing in the background.

This is one of four episodes where Ron changes his image to get more popular, with the other three being Ron Millionaire, All The News, and The New Ron.

Jack Hench's private jet looks exactly like the one in The Twin Factor.

When Kim and Ron are at the receptionist in the Hench Co. building, Kim sits down and crosses her arms but not her legs. In the next shot, Kim has both her arms AND her legs crossed.

The movement of the manly dot is completely out of proportion with Ron's movement.

The animation used for Ron's "manly dot" and "manly resort" lines are the same.

During Wade's "energy signature" line, the screen of the Kimmunicator is missing its light blue border.

After Ron says "The manly resort", Kim slaps her hands over her eyes. However right before that she was holding the Kimmunicator and her books, she could not have put them away that fast.

At the end of the episode, after Rabbi Katz signs Ron's bar mitzvah certificate, he says, "There you go, Ronald - now it's official." As he says "now it's official," Ron appears to mouth the phrase a split second behind Rabbi Katz - suggesting that this was to be Ron's line before a script revision, and either the animators started to draw it that way, or added Katz's mouth motion and didn't clean up Ron's.

How exactly does Dementor leave the mountain lab? He's not wearing a jetpack, and we explicitly see all his men take off without him. I guess it's possible they swept back in after him, but that doesn't seem very efficient/safe.

Nitpick: When Drakken and Shego step out of the elevator, the indicator lights are reversed from the norm - usually the light to indicate "up" is lit in green, not red.

Drakken's henchmen have always looked muscular (or bulky) when we've seen them in previous episodes, yet here they are 98-pound weaklings until the acquisition of the molecular muscle enhancer.

As seen in two out of three instances of the below-mentioned recurring shot: Drakken's scar is under the wrong eye, as the cels have been flipped horizontally for their reuse.

Kim's upper lip is all but missing as she stares at the heap Ron's made of Drakken's henchmen.

Nitpick: The second (re-used) shot of Jilly from Jersey jumping in surprise was completely unnecessary.

When Wade show's Ron's new energy signature, the signature appears by the entrance. Ron takes a step back to see the signature move and the signature moves all the way over to the other side of the building.

When Drakken climbs out of the pool he slicks his hair back into spikes, yet when he orders his henchmen to attack his hair is flat again.

When Drakken, Shego and his henchmen are climbing down the building, the henchmen change in number frequently.

Nicole Sullivan (Shego) and Patton Oswalt (Dementor) have worked together on The King of Queens.

This episode was the 20th episode of Kim Possible and it was also the 20th episode aired. This doesn’t occur that often because Disney aired a majority of the episode outside of their production orders.

X-Men: Professor Dementor kind of looks like Juggernaut from the X-Men series.

Jack Hench: (Sing-songy) I don't think so! Hench's (Fred Willard) line and its delivery are taken directly from a "catch-phrase" coined by Mike LaFontaine, a character from A Mighty Wind (also played by Willard) who launched a failed comedy show featuring several catch-phrases that never caught on.

Taskmaster: Jack Hench's role in supplying henchmen for villains is similar to that of Marvel Comics' Taskmaster, who runs training centers for thugs who are then hired by some of Marvel's main villains.

Ron: "Yo!" Ron repeatedly uses the word "yo". This word is associated with Sylvester Stallone, particularly his MANLY, muscle-bound character of Rambo.

Hotel Name: Las Vegas, Las Vegas: The "Las Vegas, Las Vegas" hotel is probably a play off the "New York, New York" which is a New York themed casino/hotel in Las Vegas. Interestingly enough, though, the casino is drawn to resemble the original Flamingo hotel-casino, not New York New York or any of the modern "megaresorts".

The Lord of the Rings: Very, very loose reference- so loose it might drop off- but in 'The Lord of the Rings', of the rings given out to each race, many are rings of power in this episode, a ring gives out strength.

Introduces: Dr. Dementor, Jack Hench, Ron's parents, and the trans-dimensional vortex inducer.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
John DiMaggio: Dr. Drakken
Gary Cole: Dr. Possible
Patrick Warburton: Steve Barkin
Patton Oswalt: Prof. Dementor
Elliott Gould: Mr. Stoppable
Andrea Martin: Mrs. Stoppable
Patrick Warburton: Mr. Barkin
Rider Strong: voice of Brick Flagg

Guest stars

Fred Willard: Jack Hench
Peter Bonerz: Rabbi Katz
Bill Barretta: Jilly from Jersey

Low Budget
Episode: 21 (season) / 21 (show) / 15 (production order) First Aired: May 16, 2003 Product Code: 115
Writers: Patti Carr and Lara Runnels Director: Chris Bailey Animation Production by Toon City Animation.

Episode summary

During a mission in Florida, Kim's jeans are ruined by an alligator. She has no choice but to go to the local "Smarty Mart" store to get a replacement.

Once back in Middleton, she goes to Club Banana to buy a replacement pair. On their way to the store, a new villain - Frugal Lucre - interrupts all TV signals to inform the world that he'll destroy the Internet unless everybody sends him $1.00. Dismissing him, Kim finds that she can't buy anything at Club Banana because Lucre has jammed the Internet with e-cards. She goes home, and asks Wade to trace Lucre. They replay his video and discover that he's broadcasting from a Smarty Mart store.

Kim taps into their computer network and gets data than pinpoints who Lucre really is: Francis Lurman of Philadelphia. Kim and Ron go to confront Francis, but get trapped in a net guarded by snapping turtles. They get by the turtles and go after Lucre.

At the store where he's employed, Lucre finds that only 17 people have sent him any money, so he proceeds with his plan to destroy the Internet, which will be keyed when someone scans a particular can of Vienna Sausages. Ron searches for the can while Kim tags Lucre with a security device, which captures Lucre at the front of his store.


When Kim and Ron arrive at Francis's door step, Kim's finger is ready to press the door bell in the middle of the door. But when they do a close up, her finger is in the side of the door, getting ready to press the door bell.

When Kim paid for the Club Banana pants, she pulled the money out of her pocket despite the fact that she was wearing the new pants, in which she wouldn’t have had money within them. Also, the huge shirt Kim was wearing because she needed new pants didn’t have any pockets, so it seems illogical that Kim could pull the money out of her pocket when she didn’t have no pockets to hold the money in the first place.

The cashier from Club Banana can be seen behind Ron and the customer attempting to buy cheese, despite the fact that the Smarty Mart they were at was in another city.

When Kim is uploading Frugal's file from the personnel manager's computer (upload in progress), the buttons on the front of the Kimmunicator are missing.

When Kim buys her "emergency pants," the clerk allows her to wear the pants and sit on the counter so the label can be scanned. Most stores do not permit this practice because shoplifters tend to try on clothes and then wear them out of the store after removing the tags.

When Lucre crashes the internet causing the electricity to go out, Wade managed to get in touch with Kim again, in which he yells “Frugal Lucre Strikes Again!” This stunt was the first time Lucre attempted anything, so how could he have struck again if he hadn’t struck before? It could be implied that his initial warning was the first time he struck, but we really don’t know for certain.

During the scene when Wade strips out Frugal's voice from his message, they replay the message. If you listen, you'll notice that the voice comes in at a different spot.

When Kim and Ron confront Lucre in his house, he traps them in a net. Yet when they first enter the basement, there is no net on the floor.

When Kim is in disguise to sneak into the personal manager's office, her hair is tied in a ponytail by a band. When she takes off her hat, her hair comes undone on it's own, as if it was pulled thru the hat's adjuster
Look at the desk at the Smarty Mart where Kim goes to find out who Lucre is. When she goes over to the computer, there is no little 'Z-Boy' who later fell when the manager returned.

In the scene when Wade says "Frugal Lucre strikes again", Wade smashes his cup with his hand. However, shortly afterward, his cup is back to its regular shape in the same place...unsmashed. New cup?

In the beginning, Kim's wearing a life jacket, but while swimming, she must swim up to float.

When Kim was looking at the pants, they are different colors, but when she starts running after Lucre, they're all one color.

When Ron leads "As in..." (following Wade's "It'll have to be an inside job"), his mouth doesn't move.

Kim and Ron mock Frugal Lucre’s scheme because they don’t believe it matches up towards the other villains’ schemes. However, if the entire world did send Frugal Lucre the dollar he requested, he would have had roughly five and a half billion to six billion dollars, which is much more than Ron had in the episode Ron Millionaire, which is quite a lot so shouldn't Kim have realized that his plan was better than most thought?

Kim's eyes are a gray color in some shots, but when she's in the store, her eyes are green.

When Kim shudders when she finds out that Ron buys clothes at Smarty Mart, Ron folds his arms and gives Kim a look, though at that scene his right eye partially crosses over the bridge of his nose.

Including considerations for lighting, Wade's skin tone changes several times in this episode, sometimes in the same set of shots (most notably when he's talking to Kim from her locker computer) .

When Frugal Lucre checks the amount of money that he’s made from his scheme, he has $17.28. However, he requested everyone send him a dollar so how did he manage to obtain 28 cents? It could be assumed that people from other countries sent in money, but he requested that everyone send in exactly one dollar’s worth in accordance to the exchange rate, so he shouldn’t have been able to get the 28 cents.

Wouldn't the Mall close the stores if the checkouts were down and people couldn't buy anything?

A few more goofs about the store doors at Smarty Mart where Frugal Works. The pad you step on to activate the automatic doors is missing when Frugal runs through the store alarms. Also the doors are a different color.

The second time Lucre interrupts a GWA match, the wrestlers vanish from the picture long before the ring does.

Why didn't Francis's Mom ask where his "friends" were when he went upstairs?

When Kim and Ron enter the Smarty Mart where Francis works, there are no alarms by the doors, but when Kim snaps the alarm tag on his store vest, there are alarms at the store doors all of a sudden.

When Kim and Ron go to Kim's locker, the locker door Bonnie is behind has the handle/lock on the opposite side of the other lockers. Then when she closes it, the handle/lock magically jumps to the correct side.

After Kim's discovered that Frugal Lucre is Francis, she runs up to Ron in the tire section, holding a piece of yellow paper in her right hand. When it shows Kim again after Ron's line, the Kimmunicator is suddenly where the paper was, with the slip nowhere to be found.

Frugal steals the microphone from the Smarty Mart 'Brain' mascot ('Vienna sausages- ten cans for a dollar!'). A crowd racing to get the sausages ensues, and if you slow it down, you can see the mascot running to get them too! He obviously should have known that there wasn't really an offer on.

When Kim and Ron go to Smarty Mart to access the Personnel files, Ron's turtleneck collar is colored red rather than black when he's greeted at the door.

Coloration Goof: When the manatee first comes to the surface and Ron screams that it's an aquatic naked mole-rat, the bottom of his shirt is colored red when Kim corrects him.

When Ron says 'Steel Toe versus Pain King!' his mouth doesn't move.

In the opener, just before Kim leaps from the swamp boat, its control levers are solid gray (as opposed to red and white).

Maybe there are a few aisles in Smarty Mart dedicated to animals, but Ron says he bought Rufus from aisle sixteen, whereas Lucre's snapping turtles are bought from aisle ten- 'next to the goldfish'. Aisle ten is also where Kim got some new pants from.

Spin City: Interestingly, Richard Kind guest stars as Frugal Lucre in this episode. Richard Kind used to portray Paul Lassiter on Spin City. Paul was also cheap.

Stripperella: This episode’s premise is similar to an episode of Stripperella called “Crime Doesn’t Pay. Seriously, It Really Doesn’t”, which also featured an incredibly cheap villain.

Smarty Mart Manager: Free shipping on all purchases over 25 dollars! This is a reference to Amazon.com, in which their online shopping provides free shipping to all purchases over 25 dollars.

Kim: Smarty Mart? Ron: Where smart shoppers shop smart! This is similar to the line from the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies, in which the character Ash worked at S-Mart, and often said “Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart”.

Futurama: When Ron is watching wrestling through a window of an electronics store, the store is called Victoria’s Circuits, which is a play on Victoria’s Secret, a chain of lingerie stores often present in US malls. The same play on words was also used in a Futurama episode that involved Bender reading an advertisement from a magazine.

PA Voice: Attention Smarty Mart shoppers, brainstorm in aisle eight! For the next then minutes, Pop Pop Porter’s Pizza Bagels are two for a dollar! This is a reference to K-Mart’s Blue Light Specials, in which they typically announce the sale in a similar fashion.

Wal-Mart: Smarty Mart is a reference to the big department stores, such as Wal-Mart, in which those stores have nearly everything available and offer huge discounts on their wares.

Introduces: Frances Lurman (Frugal Lucre), the Smarty Mart.


Christy Carlson Romano: Kim Possible
Will Friedle: Ron Stoppable
Tahj Mowry: Wade
Nancy Cartwright: Rufus
Gary Cole: Mr. Possible
Jean Smart: Mrs. Possible
Raven-Symone: Monique
Jeff Bennett: Jerry, Earl, PA Voice
Rob Paulsen: Local #1, Mascot
Jean Smart: Cashier #1
John DiMaggio: Cheese-lovin' shopper
Corey Burton

Guest stars

Richard Kind: Frugal Lucre
Lauren Tom: Personnel Manager
Kerri Kenney: Cashier #2

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