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Brunswick, Maine

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Brunswick, Maine


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Located on the coast of Maine about 26 miles northeast of Portland (42 kms), the Town of Brunswick has an aproximate population of 20,000 and it is framed by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Androscoggin River to the north. It is connected with the city of Portland by Interstate 295 and Route 1.

Settled in 1628 and known by the name Pejepscot for over the first 100 years. In 1794 Bowdoin College was established. During the 19th century it became a prosperous industrial town thanks to its seaport and the power providing Androscoggin River Falls. Those two elements helped make Brunswick a major industrial producer of lumber, paper, soap, flour, carriages, plows, furniture, shoes, bricks, cotton and textiles.

While Harriet Beecher Stowe was living in Brunswick, she wrote the book Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Nowadays, Brunswick is a college town with a big range of artistic and cultural resources, including Bowdoin College’s museums, theater and concert hall.

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