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Useful free online applications

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Here is a list of nice and useful applications that will make the life of designers and common users easier. All of them are completely free, so you can even replace commercial applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, with these great online tools. The list also includes lots of incredible entertainment tools. This article is divided into three parts: Part 1 (this one), Part 2 and Part 3. This list was last updated on June 4th, 2017.

This is a powerful and very useful online application which lets you convert files from one format to another for free. You can convert videos, audios, documents, images, music, compressed and CAD files without the need to download any software. You can also download and convert videos from Websites (except Youtube), as well as convert files from URLs. It supports convertion between almost all popular file formats (over 100!) and they are adding support for new formats all the time.
Zamzar file formats convertion tool
Just like Zamzar, Online-Convert can convert any media file from one format to the other. This tool is excelent and very useful for designers and Web developers.
A very nice free online application to create smileys, with tens of thousands of different possible smileys created interactively. You can customize everything, from the body to the eyes and hair. It is ideal for use in social networks, forums and messenger servicies.
Smiley Generator
This is an online word processor just like MS Word but online and for free. Among its features:
-Create or edit already existing documents with easy-to-use WYSIWYG Editor
-It accepts the most popular file formats used by classic word processors.
-You can keep your documents private or share them with other Google users.
-Documents can be shared with read-only or edition rights.
-You can write or edit documents simultaneously together with other Google users you invite in live sessions. Nothing better than work as a team.

-Documents can be created from scratch or from public templates offered by this online application.

-You can chat live with your document teammates.
-This is a great tool for college group works.

Google Docs Word Processor
This is an online word processor just like Google Docs, completely free and with similar features. This is by far the best alternative to Google Docs.

-You can upload existing DOCX files from your computer as well as Google Docs and OneDrive.
-It offers plenty of styling tools just like other commercial word processors.
-Documents can be shared with read-only or edition rights.
-Just like in Google Docs, you can co-edit your documents online with other users.
-You can restore older versions of your documents. This way you can undo changes made by other users.
-It has automatic spell check.
-Unlimited storage space for documents.

ONLYOFFICE Personal Online Word Processor
  • Zoho - Online Word Processor: https://www.zoho.com/docs/writer.html

    This is an online word processor just like MS Word but online and for free. You can save files in .doc and .pdf format.
Zoho Online Word Processor
  • Google Sheets - Online Spreadsheets: https://drive.google.com

    Just like Google Docs Word Processor, Google Sheets gives you the possibility of replacing MS Excel with an online spreadsheet service. Google Sheets, like other Google Drive office tools, is cloud based.

    -It includes lots of formatting tools as well as formulas you can find in commercial spreadsheet software.
    -It offers Data Validation and PivotTables.
    -Despite the charting system it offers is much more simple and the look of its charts cannot match the look of the MS charting engine, it can generate very nice standard charts for common tasks and works which are not quite complex.
    -It offers a built-in map charting system which lets you chart data on a map.
    -You can create surveys that can be published to a Website and the results of their online forms are automatically added and processed in a worksheet.
Google Sheets Online Spreadsheets
  • ONLYOFFICE Personal Spreadsheet: https://personal.onlyoffice.com
    Another great free online spreadsheet program is ONLYOFFICE Personal Spreadsheet. This a great alternative to MS Excel and Google Sheets.

    -It lets you create new files or upload existing ones.
    -Your spreadsheets can be shared with other people including non-users of ONLYOFFICE.
    -It supports the XLS file format.
    -Unlimited storage space for spreadsheets.
    -It has many of the same features offered by Excel.
ONLYOFFICE Personal Spreadsheet

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