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Lake Licancabur

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The crater lake named Lake Licancabur is located in Chile at 5916 m (19,409 ft) on the summit of Licancabur Volcano, in the the Antofagasta Region, of the Segunda Región, Province of El Loa.

It is located entirely in Chile as well as the crater and the summit, since only a small part of the northeastern slope of the volcano belongs to Bolivia up to the two thirds of its height at 5400 m (17,717 ft) from the foot of the volcano located at 4360 m (14,304 ft); the biggest part of Licancabur, including the highest third of the northeastern slope from 5400 m (17,717 ft) up to the summit at 5920 m (19,423 ft), belong only to Chile.

It has an area of 0,003 km² and a depth of aproximately 5-6 m. It is about 70 m (230 ft) x 90 m (295 ft). Its water temperatures can drop to aproximately -30 °C. It is the sixth highest lake on earth.

In 2003 chilean, american and mexican scientists discovered similarities between the Licancabur volcano and the surface of the Planet Mars. Due to the mentioned similarities the experts have determined that the Licancabur can be used as a laboratory by reasearchers looking for extraterrestrial life in Mars as well as by scientists and engineers developing methods for future bases in the red planet.

Among the researchers that climbed the Licancabur there was Edmond Grin who at 83 years old, became the oldest climber on earth.

Source of information:

National Geographic.

Instituto SITI (Búsqueda de Inteligencia Extraterrestre)


Universidad Católica del Norte.

  • Elevation: 5916 meters (19,409 ft)
  • Location of the Crater and Crater Lake: Province of El Loa, Segunda Región, Antofagasta, Chile.

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