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Commodore 64 games and emulators for free download

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The Commodore 64 was launched in 1982 and from the very first moment it took over the 8-bit home computers market, becoming the top selling computer of all times with over 30 million units sold; way beyond its competitors; Atari, Sinclair, Texas Instruments, IBM and Apple.

For those of you who grew up in the 80s enjoying the good old Commodore 64 days and miss the games of the most popular computer of all times, here you can download for free the tools you need to emulate the great C-64 in your modern PC as well as 624 of its top games; like Maniac Mansion, Defender of the Crown, Bubble Bobble, Giana Sisters, Wonder Boy, Karateka, Kung Fu Master, Barbarian, Winter Games, Ghostbusters etc.

This huge downloadable file includes 624 classic Commodore 64 games. Once uncompressed in you computer, the games can be foundin the C64 Games folder.

Below is a list of all the games included. First there is a list with the top 100 games with a short description and an image of each and after that list there is another one with the other 524 games, giving a total of 624.

I included also a list with the links of other downloadable emulators (including the Vice official site). But the idea of this article is to download at once all the games together with the most popular emulator so as you can enjoy, after a few minutes of waiting, playing with your favorite Commodore 64 games.

Download 624 classic C64 games from here

There is also an excellent and quick Commodore 64 Vice Emulator tutorial here


Vice (v2.2) (5.97MB)

An excellent Commodore 64 emulator. This one is the best Commodore emulator available.

Vice Official Website

CCS (v1.09) (429k)

One of the most popular Commodore 64 emulator for Windows.


CCS (V2 beta) (250k)

A newer version of CCS it also emulates cartridges and has a better fast load, just about every Commodore 64 program works with this emulator.


CCS (V3.7) (1.53 MB)

The newest version of CCS for Windows offers multiplay over the Internet, increased compatability and more resolutions.


Commodore 64 Games

Here is a list with some of the most popular Commodore 64 games.

Download 624 classic C64 games from here

Maniac Mansion (1987)  
Maniac Mansion


The first adventure game of Lucasfilm Games/Lucasarts to incorporate the point n' click system; actually it is the first adventure game with a point n' click system. Created by Ron Gilbert it changed the gaming industry forever adding cinematic scenes and a full story to the game. It was created in 1987 and is considered one of the top Commodore 64 games ever created.

In this adventure you play with three characters Dave (the main characters) and two of his friends, who must be selected from a list of pals. They have to rescue Dave's girlfriend Sandy, who has been kidnapped by crazy Dr. Fred Edison.

International Karate+ (1987)  
There are lots of fighting games for Commodores 64 but this karate game is considered one of the best of the genre on the Commodore 64.

Created by Archer MacLean this game is also known as Chop 'n Drop Karate

Pirates! (1987)
Pirates! Pirates! is one of the top strategy games of all times and by far the most popular for the Commodore 64. It takes us back to the 16th and 17th century when piracy was a common activity in the Caribbean.
The Last Ninja (1987)
The Last Ninja Together with its sequel, The Last Ninja 2, this is the most popular Action-Adventure game for the Commodore 64. With incredibly beautiful graphics for an 8-bit system, an amazing soundtrack and a high level of gameplay this game is a must if you consider yourself a Commodore 64 fan. In this game you play the role of Armakuni (the last ninja) who must explore the island of Lin Fen. It features a mixture of exploration, puzzle solving and combat.
The Last Ninja 2 (1988)  
The Last Ninja 3


This is the sequel of the aforementioned game. The Last Ninja 2 -Back with a Vengeance- is also considered together with its first part the most popular adventure game for the Commodore 64. The game structure is the same, mixture of exploration, puzzle solving and fighting; with a little difference, this time instead of exploring the Lin Fen island you must visit New York City. The graphics are amazing, the soundtrack too and the gameplay level one of the highest you can imagine.
The Last Ninja 3 (1991)  
The Last Ninja 2 The last part of one of the most successful and award-winning trilogies produced for the Commodore 64. This game was published in 1991, during the era of the 16-bit systems, however The Last Ninja 3 became the proof that with games like this one, the good old C64 was still competing in the market.

After Armakuni destroyed the plans of his arch rival, the evil shogun Kunitoki, at Lin Fen and in New York City in the previous two games of the series the latter managed to escape both time. In this final part of the trilogy our hero must destroy him once and for all with your help.

Defender of the Crown (1987)  
Defender of the Crown This strategy game takes you back to the England of the Middle Ages when Saxons had to fight off the Normans. In this game you must play the role of a saxon lord (Wilfred of Ivanhoe, Cedric of Rotherwood, Geoffrey Longsword or Wolfric the Wild) and take control of all England. Together with Pirates! this is one of the top strategy games of Commodore 64.

It was created by Cinemaware, a company well known for the graphics quality of its games. Defender of the Crown features a splendid soundtrack that makes use of all the potential of the Commodore 64 sound chip SID II. The graphics are literally cinematic and highly realistic for its time. There are remakes for other systems but no one of those versions can beat the original version created for the C-64.

Project Firestart (1989)  
Project Firestart If you want to blend science fiction and Commodore 64 games just think on this game; a Survival Horror Action-Adventure, which feature one of the most chilling atmospheres ever experienced on a C-64 game. This game takes place in the fututre, in the year 2069 in a spaceship where a genetic experiment is underway. Created by Jeff Tunnell and Damon Slye and published by Electronic Arts in 1989; according to IGN this game represents the first "fully formed vision of survival horror as we know it today."
Wasteland One of the top RPGs games for the Commodore 64. Developed by Interplay Productions, Inc., it takes place in the future after the nuclear holocaust of World War III. In this game the player must  guide a band of rangers, protecting what is left of mankind while uncovering a plot that threatens it.

You can create a party of adventurers as well as recruit some other characters among the population of the game's world.

The skills system can help achieve goals and get past obstacles. So these attributes can be used on activities other than combat. For instance, high strength can be useful to break a heavy object, high levels of charisma may influence in a positive way how NPCs interact with the main character, etc.

Archon the Light and the Dark(1984)  
Archon Developed by Free Fall Associates, this is a strategic board game with some aspects of chess. It can be played by one or two players. It is divided into two sides, a light one and a dark one, on a 9x9 squares board and 18 pieces on each side. The player wins the game by having one of the units on each of the five powerpoint squares or by removing all the opposing pieces from the gameboard.

But removing an opposing piece is not that easy, as it cannot be removed just by reaching its square. In order to remove it, the player must fight in a combat, that if taken place on a dark square gives a longer health bar to the dark monster-piece while if taken place on light square gives more power to the light monster-piece. Moreover the squares change color over time adding more points to the gameplay.

Archon II: Adept (1984)  
Archon II This sequel features a more complex gameboard as well as enhanced gameplay.

Each player takes the role of an Adept (a wizard with the ability to cast spells against the other Adepts and summonings).

The game is similar to the original, you must play it in a chess-like gameboard, with arcade elements. The gameboard also shifts from time to time, making the game more difficult and the gameplay level even higher.

Elite (1985)  
Elite Developed by Firebird this is a free-form space trading and combat simulation, which usually is considered the first of this sub-genre. It is a pseudo-3D wire-frame graphics game; and is viewed from a first-person perspective.

The player takes the role of Commander Jameson. The game consists of traveling to different star systems, trading with their inhabitants, making money and gaining reputation. The player can also undertake military missions, asteroid mining, bounty hunting and even become a pirate in order to make more money. You can travel through eight galaxies and 256 planets.

With more money the player can get enhancements of different kind.

Turrican (1990)  
Turrican Developed by Rainbow Arts in 1990, when 16-bits home computers were getting more popular and developers were focusing more on them. However Turrican proved that the good old 8-bit Commodore 64 could still cope well with those new 16 bits monsters.

The game is based on a story where three-headed demon Morgul made people's dreams to become nightmares, that later became real.

Turrican is a platform shoot-em-up, where the player has to simply jump, shoot and explore all the time playing the role of Turrican; who must save them by exploring 5 worlds and 13 levels of excellent gameplay.

Turrican II: The Final Fight (1991)  
Turrican 2 Developed by Rainbow Arts in 1991, this is the second installment of the successful Turrican series, produced in a time when 16-bit machines and VGA cards for PCs provided spectacular games (at least for the time) with better graphics and effects than those of the ol 8-bit Commodore 64 that still was considered a strong entertainment machine.

This platform shoot-em up features a story where an evil robot called The Machine attacks the United Planets Ship Avalon 1, killing anyone who stumbles across its way.

However Bren McGuire, manages to escape and get into the experimental Turrican bionic armor system. Your mission is to take the role of McGuire "The Turrican", and destroy the machine.

There are various attack modes, including shooting your enemies with a huge arsenal of different weapons, jumping upon the heads of smaller enemies, a power shoot which produces a laser beam you can turn all 360 degrees around yourself, as well as the ability of transforming yourself (well actually Turrican's) into a spiky wheel, that rolls over each and anything.

Turrican III (2004)  
Turrican 3 An unofficial sequel of the previous two games of the series, made by fans that still in the 21st century are producing games for the Commodore 64.

The graphics are similar to the other two games; there are some additional special effects like the transitions from light and dark areas, the inclusion of music as well as other elements that put this game almost at the same level of quality the previous official installments of the series.

Bubble Bobble (1987)  
Bubble Bobble Published by Firebird, this successful platform game can be considered as one of the most famous games ever developed for the Commodore 64; so much that in your typical retro-C64 conversations this is usually one of the first examples of good old games, chatters use to mention.

In the story Bub and Bob explore a mysterious cave of monsters and magically are transformed into dinosaurs; and the only way to transform back is to reach the end of the cave; so basically that is your mission.

This game, features levels made up of a single screen. The enemies of a level must be destroyed in order to go to the next one. With one player controlling Bub and the other controlling Bob, the player can jump and collect items to gain more points.

Bub and Bob have also the ability to blow bubbles which can be used as platforms to leap on, or to trap enemies. Once trapped the enemies can be popped by jumping into them, wherein they'll turn to fruit.

If it takes too time to complete a single level Baron Von Blubba shows up, floating around the place trying to destroy your character.

If you are a retro-C64-gamer this game is a must.

Laser Squad (1988)  
Laser Squad Developed by Target Games Limited and published by Blade Software this is a turn-based strategy game.

In this game you control a group of soldiers and cyborgs. You must buy weapons and armour with a predetermined amount of credits, according to the individual abilities of the squad.

There are 3 missions in turn - The Assassins, Moonbase, and Rescue From the Mines. Laser Squad can be played by one or two players.

Summer Games (1984)  
Summer Games This sports game allows up to 8 players to compete in a series of summer athletic events. You must select a country to represent, and compete in various events against the computer or other players in order to win the gold medal!

You can also practice the events before playing them in a competition. The events include: Pole vault, Platform diving, 4x400 meter relay, 100 meter dash, Gymnastics, Freestyle swimming, Skeet shooting, 100 meter freestyle, and Rowing.

Summer Games II (1985)  
Summer Games 2


The second installment of the games, it features eight new events: Triple Jump, Rowing, Javelin, Equestrian, High Jump, Fencing, Cycling and Kayaking.

As in the previous game the graphics are great; the music beautiful, including national anthems; and the gameplay very high.

Bruce Lee (1984)  
Bruce Lee


This is a fighting platform game developed by Datasoft; in which you must collect strategically-placed lanterns while fighting against two enemies, a ninja and a green sumo warrior named Yamo who even after killed keep coming over and over. You can punch, kick them as well as luring them into dangerous areas or making them hit each other.
Winter Games (1985)  
Winter Games


After the big success of the Summer Games series, Winter Games was released. Featuring an astonishing beautiful graphics for the time, and a very high gameplay; you can play against the computer or against other 7 players (with a total of 8 players).

It features 7 winter events represented by the beautiful graphics this game provides: Hot Dogs Aerials, Biathlon, Figure Skating, Ski Jump, Speed Skating, Free Skating, and Bobsled

The Games Summer Edition (1988)  
The Games Summer Edition This is the third installment of the summer series. As in the previous games it can be played either against the computer or in multiple-player option with each one representing a different country.

It features eight events, including Velodrome Sprint Cycling, Hurdles, Pole Vault, Hammer-throw, Uneven Parallel Bars, Rings, Archery, and Springboard Diving. You can practice them or play them in the competition mode.


The Games Winter Edition (1988)  
The Games Winter Edition The third installment of the Winter Games series includes all the same features of the previous versions; single or multiple-player modes (up to 8 players), different countries you can represent, beautiful realistic opening and closing ceremonies, very nice graphics and a number of events.

It features 8 events Figure Skating, Cross Country Skiing, Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Slalom, Downhill Skiing and Luge. All of them can be practiced individually or played in competition mode.

Leaderboard Golf (1986)  
Leaderboard Golf Developed by Access Software and published by US Gold, this is the first of a long line of golf simulation games produced by Access.

It features four 18-hole courses, that can be combined in any form in a 4-round match. You can play against the computer or against up to 3 players (4 players in total).

It features three skill levels Novice, Amateur and Professional with different difficulty levels in each one.

Executive Leaderboard Golf (1986)  
Executive Leaderboard Golf


Developed by Access Software and published by US Gold, this game is pretty much the same as the previous only with some improvements, mainly in the graphics aspects with more realistic courses.
World Class Leader Board (1987)  
World Class Leader Board Developed by Access Software and published by US Gold, this is the last game of the Leaderboard series before continuing with a new line of golf simulation games.

It includes real courses like St. Andrews, as well as fictional ones like The Gauntlet, which as the name suggests has been created to push the skills of the player to the maximum level.

In this game the courses are more complex and difficult than in the previous two.

Impossible Mission (1984)  
Impossible Mission In this game you play the role of a secrent agent whose mission is to stop the evil Professor Elvin Atombender, who is interfering with national security computers. You must penetrate his stronghold, avoid the deadly guardian robots, and collect various pieces of a password to use in the main control room.

You can't use any weapons as Elvin's security scanners would spot them, so the only thing you can use is your pocket computer and your excellent jumping skills.

This is a platform action game combined with puzzle elements, resulting in the perfect combination of hours of entertainment.

Impossible Mission II (1988)  
Impossible Mission 2


In this sequel of the successful Impossible Mission you have 8 hours to prevent Elvin Atombender, from destroying the world.

So you must penetrate once again into his stronghold in a tower fortress, avoid his robots, assemble security puzzles for each tower, recover musical sequences and combine them into a full melody puzzle in order to get into Elvin's central control room.

Microprose Soccer (1988)  
 Microprose Soccer This is the most popular soccer game produced for the Commodore 64. Played in top-down perspective it features many elements that were quite innovative for a soccer game of that moment; such as  weather options; replay camera after each goal; aftertouch, allowing the player to swerve the ball after kicking it, rain including sliding effects.

It can be played outdoors as well as indoors and you can participate in single matches as well as in tournaments.


Boulder Dash (1984)  
Boulder Dash Developed by First Star Software, this is a classic of the 8-bit era that must be included in the collection of every C-64 gamer.

You play the role of Rockford, and you must guide him through a maze-like monster infested cave, where he has to dig in search of diamonds.

In each level the player must collect a certain number of diamonds to open the exit-door to the next level.

Enemies can be squashed by falling boulders, which are released when the ground below them is removed some other elements included are walls and boulders which can block Rockford's way; fireflies which explode when touched by you; butterflies which explode like the fireflies when touched, only that these are transformed into 9 diamonds; magic walls which convert boulders into diamonds and diamonds into boulders when they are falling through, and growing walls which appear when there's no ground to stop it.

Boulder Dash II: Rockford's Revenge (1985)  
Boulder Dash 2


The second installment of the series has not change very much from the first one and presents pretty much the same idea, digging through a maze-like cave.
Boulder Dash III (1986)  
Boulder Dash 3


The idea is still pretty much the same as in the previous two games, only that now Rockford must dig through a cave in another planet in search of diamonds, wearing a space suit.

The graphics feature a more futuristic ambience including an element called Metal Grafik, which gives a sci fi environment to the game.

Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1986)  
Boulder Dash Construction Kit If you enjoy playing games but also enjoy making them, this is the opportunity for you to design your own levels of Boulder Dash.

You can construct caves with the original elements (boulders, butterflies, diamonds, fireflies, etc.) you can also adjust their parameters, such as changing their colors. 

This construction kit gives you the chance of designing caves of any difficulty level. The limit is your imagination.

Supremacy (Overlord) (1990)  
Supremacy Overlord This sci-fi real time strategy game also made history.

The story goes something like this; you are the ruler of a galaxy and new barren planets have been discovered in four barren dimensions located between your galaxy and another alien one.

You must colonize thore planets, convert them into inhabitable and of course tax the population of those new planets in order to earn more money.

It works in a similar way with games like Sims City; only that here the goal is to obtain the supremacy of the galaxy.

The Great Giana Sisters (1987)  
The Great Giana Sisters The Great Giana Sisters is another classic that is pretty much possible to come up first in a conversation about C-64 games.

Developed by Rainbow Arts, this classic arcade platform game features 32 levels, where Giana and Maria (the two sisters) have to fight monsters, huge spiders and lots of other creatures to find a magic diamond that makes it possible to return to their own world.

They must collect stars by running over them or knocking the head on special boxes; with some of the boxes containing special items that give them the power to break bricks with their skulls, or shoot the monsters instead of jumping on them.

The graphics and sounds are beautiful and they remind us the Super Mario games for the NES.

Another must for your Commodore 64 games collection.

Creatures (1990)  
Creatures This game and its sequel, Creatures 2, showed us that even at a time when the 16-bit monsters and VGA cards where taking over the market, the good old Commodore 64 could still compete with games like these.

Tthis game introduces us to Clyde Radcliffe, a fire-spitting and flame-breathing Fuzzy.

The Fuzzies loved to party but the demons who lived in the same land did not, so craftily the latter invited to Fuzzies to a party and then captured the guests.

Fortunately Clyde managed to escape and must save them.

Featuring stunning  graphics and a great gameplay this side-scrolling platform game is another must for the collection.

Creatures II Torture Trouble (1992)  
Creatures 2 Torture Trouble In this sequel Clyde Radcliff found a mate, Fuzzette Bonnie, and had some 9 children, unfortunately for him his family has been captured, and fortunately for us there is a new game of the series in which we must help him save them.

This game abandons the scrolling levels style of the previous one. It is made up of three islands and in the final level of each island but the third, he must transport Fuzzies from this island to the next.

The music and sounds are great, the graphics stunning, the movements excellent and the gameplay very high.

A very nice piece of work for a C-64 game that had to compete with the 16-bit monsters (Amiga, Atari ST, PC) in the era of the realistic adventure games such as Monkey Island, Alone in the Dark, Darkseed and others.

Paradroid (1985)  
Paradroid This is a top down view shoot-em-up action game set aboard eight large spaceships filled with droids. After going through a storm of rays in space, the radiation affected the robots making them malfunction and kill the crew.

You control a prototype droid known as the Influence Device and the game begins when you get aboard the first ship, called the Paradroid. Your mission is to try to destroy all the droids on the fleet of eight ships.

You can temporarily control other droids and use their weapons to destroy  other ones. When your power is low or your damage is high, you will need to transfer to another droid or risk losing your Influence Device.

Mayhem in Monsterland (1993)  
Mayhem in Monsterland This is another case in which the good old Commodore 64 could still compete with the Amiga, the Atari ST or the PC equipped with Sound Blaster and a Super VGA card.

Developed in 1993 by Apex Computer Productions; this side-scrolling platform game makes you take the role of Mayhem, an unhappy dinosaur, as Monsterland is an unhappy place, due to a magic spell of a magic dinosaur.

Your mission is to change it back, with the help of Theo Saurus, the apprentice responsible for Monsterland being the gloomy place it is now.

In this game you must kill your enemies by jumping on them. There are 5 levels; each one of them is visited twice, once in a sad mode, and once in a happy mode. In the sad one, you must collect a certain amount of magic-dust bags, and then find the level-exit; while in the happy one, you must collect an amount of stars, and then find againg the level-exit, which by the way has changed its position.

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1988)  
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Developed by Audiogenic Software, this is one of the best soccer games ever produced for the Commodore 64. It includes all kind of features to bring you hours of entertainment.

The options are many; you can play against the computer or against other player; but it also gives you the possibility of playing two players for the same team against the computer.

It also gives you the possibility of playing in different tournaments. It includes statistics and the possibility of teams customization, selecting the colors of your team and even of the ball.

It is played in isometric perspective and the graphics are very nice for a soccer game.

Samurai Warrior:The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo (1988)  
Samurai Warrior In this game you play the role of Usagi Yojimbo, a Japanese hero rabbit from comic books who also appeared in a few episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

You enter his world which is ruled by a feudal government, where peasants live hard, robbers are roaming the land and everybody must fight for their piece of liberty.

You must help those who cannot fight the evil themselves. However after the first level you find out what your real mission is. You must rescue a girl who has been kidnapped by some evil warriors.

Usagi can be in normal mode or in fighting mode, and that depends on whether or not he is holding the sword. When in normal mode, he walks slowly, he can also make small jumps, and give or take money or bow. But when Usagi holds his sword he turns into fighting mode. In fighting mode he can run faster and make bigger jumps; as well as performing two different attacks and one block movement.

World Games (1986)  
World Games Following the same line of the Summer Games and Winter Games series, in this game you compete on lessernative sports from different countries of world.

As with the other series it can be played by up to 8 players in different events. You can practice each event individually or participate in the competition mode.

The graphics are excellent, the music brilliant representing the folk music of each country in which you compete, the gameplay very high and it has some particular addition, the humor; an element not so usual in sport games; since your player can live strange funny situations (at least for you and not the sprite you play with) if something goes wrong.

California Games (1987)  
California Games After the big success of the previous series of "The Games" (Summer Games, Winter Games, World Games) the idea of making California Games came out of the mind of the developers.

This is the fifth of the Games series. As always it can be played by up to 8 players, but this time in events that are commonly practiced in California and nearby areas; not a bad idea, actually it is very clever one.

The graphics are similar to the ones of the World Games, the music is very nice, and as always the gameplay high.

Legacy of the Ancients (1987)  
Legacy of the Ancients This RPG developed by Quest Software takes you to the world of Tarmalon where you play the role of a simple shepherd who finds a panic-driven dying man by the roadside who is carrying a leather bound scroll and a golden bracelet.

In this RPG you must race against time to destroy the evil scroll and those who wish to kill you to use its powers for their own benefits.

The games takes you through dungeons, towns, castles, oceans, pirate caves and other places to finally face the real threat to the world of Tarmalon. In order to continue your journey you make use of weapons, magic, gamble, as well as items trade. The character you play with is rated for strength, dexterity, endurance, intelligence, and charm.

The sound effects are brilliant and the graphics typical of a RPG game of the time.

Times of Lore (1988)  
Times of Lore Times of Lore is an action RPG developed by Origin Systems in which you play the role of a young warrior who must protect a weakened kingdom from various threats, and with the objective of recovering special Artifacts that once made the kingdom strong.

You must move the character through various terrains, like forests, towns, and dungeons. You must also gather basic elements, like magic potions and health. You have to also collect weapons that help you progress in the story.

Combat is real-time also, against creatures such as skeletons, rogues and orcs.

Alter Ego (1986)  
Alter Ego Created by Peter J. Favaro PhD and published by Activision this game tries to simulate as realistically as possible a virtual psychologist.

You must create your own character with different personality aspects, by answering a few introduction questions. Then you must guide the character through the seven life phases, from newborn to old age.

As you progress in the game you must react to numerous events, separated into categories (Intellectual, Social, Physical, and Emotional), each represented by a different icon. According to your responses to the situations there is a change in the overall aspect of your personality. For example, failure in a science test will result in a decrease in your intellectual level.

The game comes in two editions one simulating a female life and the other a male life.

Neuromancer (1988)  
Neuromancer Developed by Interplay Productions, this great game based on the novel by William Gibson, you take the role of Case, a cyberspace cowboy of the future who finds himself broke in Chiba City.

Your mission is to find a laptop and the right software for it so you can enter into databases around the city in order to regain your access to the cyberspace.

Once you get into the cyberspace, you'll take on the AIs that guard the most important databases.

Katakis (1988)  


In this game the player must control the H-75 Eagle Fighter, and fight against the machines which have taken over a peaceful planet, through 12 levels.

Each of these levels are influenced from films like Aliens and The Terminator.

H.E.R.O (1984)  
H.E.R.O H.E.R.O. - Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation, is a classic multiscreen platform game published by Activision.

Your mission is to enter into the underground mines and rescue the trapped miners

You play the role of Roderick Hero, and must make your way through the dangerous mineshaft in each screen, avoiding dangerous creatures and other obstacles, and save the miners before you run out of oxygen in the air-supply.

Your equipment include a helicopter-pack that allows you to fly around the caves, dynamite that used to blast away walls and a short range lasergun to kill the dangerous creatures of the cave such as spiders, bats, and huge butterflies, among others.

Be careful and don't touch the red walls and red surfaces since they are contaminated with a lethal fungus.

The graphics are very nice, it doesn't feature music but the sound effects are very good, however what is very high is the gameplay level. This game is a must in.any collection of C64 games.

Pitstop (1983)  
Pitstop One of the most memorable racing games of computer history. It features 6 race tracks. You must earn as much money as possible by winning races in the Grand Circuit consisting of a race on each of the six tracks; each time one of these races is finished, you earn money based on your position and the number of laps completed.

During each race you must keep an eye on your tires and fuel, these two elements giving the game a higher level of realism and gameplay, as if you run out of fuel or if your tires become too worn, causing a blowout, the race is over. In those cases you have to make a pitstop.

While in the pit the race keeps going on so you must make your repairs as quickly as possible.

As ther manual says "Races are won or lost in the pits."

Pitstop II (1984)  
Pitstop 2 This is the second part of the Pitstop series, one of the best racing games ever made for the Commodore 64.

You can choose the track, difficulty level, number of laps as well as the number of drivers; yes, you can play it in two players mode as the game screen is split in two halves, adding more realism and points to the gameplay level.

As in the previous game and as the title implies, if your tires become too worn or you run out of fuel you have to make a pitstop.

Skate or Die (1987)  
Skate or Die One of the most memorable if not the most memorable skate related game of computers history.

It features 5 distinct skating styles, which can be practiced individually or in competion. The options menu is your typical neighborhood and you must skate around the menu to choose an option. But before continuing you must visit Rodney's skate shop to buy equipment.

The five skating styles this game features are Freestyle, High Jump, Downhill Race, Downhill Jam, and the Pool Joust.

Jumpman (1983)  
Jumpman In this game you play the role of Jumpman, an expert who has been called on to save the Jupiter headquarters after the evil Alienators took it over.

You must find your way through 30 uniquely designed levels, collecting every bomb the Alienators have spread around the place. You can use the platforms and ladders, as well as a jet booster to propel you up the screen; but things are not that easy as there are also enemies you must avoid.

Each level gets harder as the game progresses, with new and different obstacles and enemies showing up in each one of them.

Wizball (1987)  
Wizball Wizworld was a happy and peaceful place to live in until the evil Zark drained its life and colors, leaving behind a drab and unhappy world.

So you take the role of the friendly wizard Wiz who can turn himself into a green ball that is able to defend Wizworld against the color-draining enemies.

Wizworld is made up of eight screens. You start out as a bouncing green ball that can shoot and be put into a somewhat heavy rotation. Your first task is to upgrade the ball movements by shooting the first non-moving enemies, and collecting the green bubbles that are left by them.

In order to fight the upcoming enemies you must improve your movements. Once you have complete control over the ball, you must get a shield sheltering the top and bottom of the player as well as a two-way (left/right) fire.

You have also the help of your friend Catelite who can, turn into a small green satellite that can imitate the ball's movement, or can be directly controlled by you.

All in all this game features very nice colorful graphics, fantastic music and sound effects and a really high gameplay level. Another must for the collection of C64 games.

Rainbow Islands (1990)  
Rainbow Islands This is the sequel of one of the most successful and popular games ever produced for the Commodore 64, Bubble Bobble.

This time Bub and Bob  are now seen as small boys rather than dinosaurs, attempting to rid the Rainbow Islands of bad guys.

Each island is made of four rounds, with its own different style and inhabitants. Bub must climb it and reach the top of it before time expires.

At the top of every 4th round you must fight against a big guardian, who must be defeated in order to proceed to the next island.

You can trap enemies under the rainbows you can fire, and jump on them to break them to collect seven different colored gems, or get power-ups for extra speed and rainbows.

The graphics of this sequel are very nice with varied colorful backgrounds and sprites; the gameplay is very high, making this platform game one of the best ever made for the Commodore 64.

Spy vs Spy (1984)  
Spy vs Spy One of the funniest games ever produced for the Commodore 64, with lots of laugh moments. This game originated as a comic strip in Mad magazine which later was transferred to the computer games world.

Your task is to search a place for some secret objects, put them in a briefcase, and find the door to the airport. However things are not that easy, as there is an opponent in the game that can be either played by another player in two-players mode or by the computer.

You must go around the mansion looking for the objects and sometimes you can run across your opponent in the same room, where you have two option run away or fight with the sticks you carry.

You must be faster than the opponent, get all the objects into the briefcase and run to the airport.

The game adds a new element to the gaming world, humor, which by the way is very high. The graphics are very nice and functional to the needs of the game, the sounds keep pace with the humor of the game and the gameplay is also very high, especially if you play against another human player. All in all this game -as well as its sequels- is one of the smartest creations ever produced for the Commodore 64.

Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper (1985)  
Spy vs Spy 2 This sequel of the successful Spy vs Spy puts the spies stranded in a desert island, where they must collect 3 pieces of a missile.

The game follows the same humoristic style of the previous with some additions. Now you can set traps all around the place in order to make your opponent fall into them or fight him with a gun, rather than the sticks of the previous part. It can be played either in one player or two players mode.

In this sequel the graphics are on the same level of in Spy vs Spy, the sounds also go in pace with the humor which by the way is very high as well as the gameplay.

Spy vs Spy III: Artic Antics (1986)  
Spy vs Spy 3


The third installment of the series, follows the same style of the previus two, only that this time they are in the Artic. As in the previous games they must collect items to run away, and set traps to the opponents or (or run away) if the run across each other.

This is the last part of a successful trilogy that must be included in your collection of C64 games.

Wizard of Wor (1983)  
Wizard of Wor Wizard of Wor is a top down shooter in which you take the role of a warrior who must enter a dungeon to fight the creatures that wander around the place shooting them. It can be played eother by one player or by two simultaneously.

At the end of each dungeon level a Worluk sometimes appears who moves rapidly and will only be on the screen momentarily. If you destroys this creature before it escapes, the next dungeon level will be a double score level in which all creatures will be worth twice as many points.

Lode Runner (1983)  
Lode Runner The story of this game goes something like this; the Bungeling Empire has stolen a huge amount of gold from its rightful owners, and your objective is to enter its treasury and recapture it.

In order to achieve your goal you must make your way through 150 screens of platforms, ladders and ropes.

There are also robotic guards protecting the gold, and contact with any of these will cost you a life. In order to avoid them you must dig a hole in their line of movement, causing them to fall in briefly, and thus allowing you to move across the gap safely.

Once you collected all the gold, a ladder allowing you to move to the next screen shows up.

This game also includes a level editor which allows the player to create new levels with no programming skills needed.

Stunt Car Racer (1989)  
Stunt Car Racer In this original game you must race a single computer opponent for first place on a particular racetrack located 100 feet in the air.

The game is viewed from within the car throughout the 3-lap races, with the distance between you always on screen.

You must jump all kind of obstacles and get the first place of the race.
The car has also the ability to burn a certain amount of turbo boost fuel that gives you the ability to accelerate faster.

You must also take care and do not damage the engine too much; since severe damage and dents will show up during the next race.

But most importantly, you don't have to fall off the track.

Space Taxi (1984)  
Space Taxi Ever thought on a Taxi game? Well this is taxi game; well actually a space-taxi game; in which instead of travelling around a city you must travel across the universe, or at least the galaxy.

The idea couldn't be more original. You must pick up passengers from "pads" and carry them to whatever other pads they wish to go. The faster you move the higher amount of money you earn. Hey! who said dollars are not used in other planets?

But you must be also careful, as if you run out of fuel your taxi simply will crash after losing its ability of flying around. Fortunately there are fuel stations where you can fill up the tank.

The graphics are surrealistic but still nice, and the sounds are brilliant as they include the voices of passengers who call you with a simple "Hey Taxi!" and once in the taxi they tell you at which pad they wish to go.

Barry Mc Guigan World Championship Boxing (1985)  
Barry Mc Guigan World Championship Boxing


One of the top boxing games ever produced for the Commodore 64; with all kind of elements that make this sport game a realistic experience, in which you have to fight your way through the ranks and into the top contenders. A real boxing simulator.


Blue Max (1983)  
Blue Max This early isometric perspective shoot'em up game was something unique at the time it was produced.

The game is named after Max Chatsworth's nickname, one of Britain's Flying Aces during WW I. Germany offered to anyone who could shoot down Max Chatsworth, the Blue Max medal, that's why he got that nickname.

In this game you take the role of Blue Max, on flying missions, attacking targets like buildings, airfields, runways, enemy planes, tanks, anti-aircraft batteries, bridges, vehicles and boats.

Blue Max 2001 (1984)  
Blue Max 2001


This is the sequel of Blue Max, only that this time you must fly a spaceship in other planet.

The objective is the same as in the previous game; also the style and perspective are isometric as in the original Blue Max.

Rodland (1991)  
Rodland This platform game features two fairies called Tam and Rit, whose objective is to rescue their mother who has been kidnapped and taken to Maboots Tower in castle.

In order to rescue their mother they'll have to make their way through 32 high in gameplay screens.

On each level there is a certain number of flowers you must collect. If you collect them all, an extra game period is enabled, which in turn when killing an enemy, letter power-ups appear; if you form the word extra with those letters, a bonus life is given to you.

To add more points to the gameplay it can be played also by two players simultaneously.

Buggy Boy (1987)  
Buggy Boy This racing game produced by Elite is not your typical racing game. In Buggy Boy you must race against the clock to finish circuits while, collecting flags for points, avoiding obstacles, staying away from the edges of cliffs and tunnels and making jumps in the air.

There are five courses, North, South, East, West and Off-road which are each broken up into five legs which must be finished within a limited time period. Each screen features different landscapes and obstacles adding extra points to both the graphics and gameplay.

If you collect time flags some extra time is added to the next leg.

All in all this is a combination of racing game and arcade that result in a fabulous piece of work that cannot be skipped when playing Commodore 64 games.

Little Computer People (1985)  
Little Computer People Who said The Sims are the first human life simulation game? No, ladies and gentlemen, that title belongs to Little Computer People, a complete human life simulation game produced by Activision in 1985.

The idea of the game is that there are supposedly little people living inside your computer circuits, and with the help of this program we can pry their lives.

The game starts with a notebook showing the date and giving you the chance to put a name on it.

The a new screen opens where you can see a three-story house full of rooms. After some time a little person will show up and check out the house. If he likes it, he will move in bringing his dog along with him.

From that moment he will do all kinds of things like, read the newspaper, watch TV, cook, eat, feed his dog, exercise his body and sometimes he will write you a letter to let you know what he feels or what things he needs.

You can communicate with him typing commands like "Watch TV" or "Read a Book", etc you can also play cards with him and send him presents and food.

Try to keep his mood as high as possible or otherwise he can get sick or depressed.

A very nice and complete life simulator especially if we take into account the time it was released in.

Shinobi (1989)  
Shinobi In this side-scrolling platform game you take the role of Joe Musashi, a ninja who must fight to rescue the children of the Oboro clan and defeat Zeed.

You make your way through each level using shurikens, kicks and punches and at the end of each one you must defeat a boss.

In this outstanding game the graphics of the game are very nice, and despite the lack of music during the game (except of the intro tune) the gameplay is superb with elements like completing a level without throwing a star gives you a bonus among other things.

Enforcer:Fullmetal Megablaster (1992)  
Enforcer In this side-scrolling shooter you have to fly a spaceship and make your way through different levels destroying and dodging everything that gets in your way.

The game is very fast and the number of enemies simultaneously on screen very high, if you collide with any of these, your energy bar goes down, so it is very difficult but this makes also its gameplay excellent. Also if you shoot certain objects different items show up such as a laser, a spreadshot, a weapon that fires laser beams in four directions, among others as well as power-ups

At the end of each screen, you must fight against a boss.

All in all the game is excellent, with detailed graphics, brilliant sounds effects and music that play simultaneously and a superb gameplay that requires you being fast, really fast.

First Samurai (1992)  
First Samurai This side-scrolling platformer released in 1992 by Image Works is one of those games that kept alive the spirit of the Commodore 64 way into the times when the 16-bit machines dominated the market.

The Demon King descended from his mountain domain to you, the First Samurai and your master. Your master fell in combat, but, with his last breath, he summoned the Wizard Mage. After that the Demon King fearing defeat, escaped to the future. As a revenge the samurai follows the Demon King into the future and you must help him in his quest.

You have to fight all kind of annoying creatures which re-spawn at very fast rate making adding points to the gameplay level. The samurai has also a peculiar ability, he can climb almost anything.

This game features an innovative energy system in which you lose the weapon you carry if the energy drops below a certain level, making you fight using your fist only. Once you get enough hit points you get the weapon back.

The graphics are stunning for the Commodore 64 capabilities, with nice drawn sprites and beautiful backgrounds, the intro music very nice and the sound effects very good. All in all this game is one of those that can only be compared to classics of its time.

Stix (1983)  
Stix This game produced by Supersoft features a simple but still brilliant idea, a game about sticks.

You play with a little dot on the outline of a rectangle. There's an assembly of stick moving around the rectangle randomly and you must cut the rectangle in order to contain the sticks in only one part.

You must steal its territory away from it. If you end on the outer line you are safe, but while cutting the middle, you are in problems. If you touch the sticks or if they touch the line you are drawing, you lose a life.

Once you cover over the 75% of the rectangle, you proceed to the next level which features more difficulties.

Due to the random movement of the sticks this game is never the same, making it really fun a re-playable.

Beach Head (1983)  
Beach Head


An evil guy took the control of a fortress on the island of Kuhn-Lin. Your objective is very simple; you must recapture the island.

In order to achieve your goal you have to go through six sequences: Aerial Reconnissance, the Hidden Passage sequence, the General Quaters sequence, Battle Stations, the Beach Head sequence and the Final Battle.

Beach Head II (1985)  
Beach Head 2


The dictator of the previous game is back but this time he gave himself a new name, The Dragon.

You can control either the Allied Commander J.P. Stryler or the Dictator (The Dragon), performing objectives through 4 different sequences being: Attack, Rescue, Escape, and the Fianl Battle.

The Train: Escape to Normandy (1987)  
The Train Escape to Normandy This classic of Accolade cannot escape this collection of top Commodore 64 games.

Before the liberation of France by the Allies in World War II, the Germans triy to take Paris' collection of classic paintings. In this story you take the role of a Resistance member, Pierre LeFeu, helped by wounded former engineer Le Duc, who must take the paintings by train to Normandy under Allied control.

This game features a mixture of action and simulation, as you must control the train. As a matter of fact, it can be considered the first train simulator in computers history.

The game starts at Metz station, with you holding a gun beside the train. You must shoot your enemies at the windows, once you controlled the situation you have to set the switch to change the rail direction and accordingly the direction to send your train in. Actually this is a difficulty level selection, since according to the direction you choose the game becomes longer or shorter as well as less or more difficult.

From that moment on you must drive the train (in real train simulation mode) to Normandy making stops at different stations for water, coal supplies or telecommunication needs; as well as bridges and other spots.

You control the train from inside where you must set the throttle level, make sure that there is enough coal in the furnace, control the speed, and ensure that steam is released when it is necessary.

You are provided with a map to control the strategic part of the game. And when riding the train there are diferent camera views inside and outside the train, that help you avoid attacks from the german planes.

One of the most complete games in terms of simulation and action combination; with stunning graphics, and excellent sound effects and intro music. Finally the gameplay is outstanding.

The Way of the Exploding Fist (1985)  
The Way of the Exploding Fist When talking about martial arts games this is one of the top ones.

Featuring Sixteen different moves that will help you go up through different competition screens, those movements being: The block, Jump Kick, High Kick/Mid Kick, Short Jab Kick, Sweep Kick, Roundhouse, High & Low Punch, Jab Punch, and Somersaults, among others.

This game can be played in one player mode against the computer or in two players mode against other player.

Barbarian:The Ultimate Warrior (1987)  
Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior When talking about classic Commodore 64 fighting games one that almost always is mentioned is Barbarian.

With its constant medieval flavor In this game you play the role of a barbarian who must stop the evil magician Drax who is terrorizing the town and cast a spell over the princess Marina who is forced to obey him.

You, Gorth the Barbarian, have been sent to help the city and free the princess. With your sword in hand, you have to beat 8 of Drax's best warriors and at last the Drax himself.

You must fight them in different places like the woods, dungeons, mountains, etc. until reaching Drax's palace itself.

Barbarian 2: The Dungeon of Drax (1989)  
Barbarian 2 The Dungeon of Drax


In this sequel of Barbarian, The Ultimate Warrior, Drax the evil wizard is back. But this time you have the help of Marina, the princess you saved in the previous game.

The idea of the game is almost the same of the previous one; you have to enter the dungeons of Drax and make your way fighting through four levels until your reach Drax himself.

Rally Speedway (1985)  
Rally Speedway


This top-down racing game also made history. The graphics are very nice, and the gameplay excellent.

Another must for your collection of Commodore 64 games.

Midnight Resistance (1990)  
Midnight Resistance This is the conversion to C64 of the popular shoot 'em up arcade game.

The mad scientist King Crimson has kidnapped your scientist grandfather and five other members of your family, and aims to use them for his evil plans.

You must take control of a resistance fighter who must go through five scrolling platform levels (in the original arcade game there were nine of them) each ending with a boss you have to fight with.

The game starts with 5 lives and a basic rifle, but as you finish the levels, you will have the chance to buy new weapons and backpacks using red keys, which are given by shooting special soldiers throughout the levels. Dead enemies will release special keys, which can be traded in at shops for weapons.

This is an excellent conversion to C64 of the arcade game. The graphics are very well designed, with very few reductions from the arcade version. It plays smoothly and with very fast scrolling. The gameplay is excellent and it gives you what you are waiting fo in a game of this type all the time.

Hyper Sports (1985)  
Hyper Sports Here is another sports game that must be included in the collection of Commodore 64 games.

It features 6 events: swimming, gymnastics, archery, skeet shooting,  weightlifting, and triple jumping. Each one of them must be completed in order to be allowed onto the next one.

They are highly realistic and include all kind of physical effects that must be taken into account in order to achieve your goals.

Karateka (1985)  
Karateka When talking about martial arts games for the Commodore 64, one of the best is Karateka as it not only includes the action part but also a story.

The evil Akuma has kidnapped Princess Mariko and your objective is to enter into his fortress and rescue her.

You must go through the palace until you reach the cell where she has been locked in.

The graphics are stunning, the music adds more suspense to the story and the animations are very realistic with all the usual karate kicks and punches.

It also includes cutscenes that add a more movie-like flavor to the game.


Kung Fu Master (1985)  
Kung Fu Master This classic side-scrolling is a conversion to the C64 of the original arcade game.

In this game you take the role of Thomas, a kung fu master who own a restaurant, and who must rescue Sylvia from the evil Mr. X.

She is located on the top floor of Mr. X's castle and you must help Thomas make his way to the top, fighting all kind of guardian enemies, including a floor boss on each on each floor.

Once on the top floor Thomas will have to fight against Mr. X himself in order to save Sylvia.

Henry's House (1984)  
Henrys Houre This is a platform game in which you must guide Henry through the rooms of his house. Each room is filled with deadly household-items such as teapots, flying toast, toothbrushes, shoes or coffee machines.

If Henry touches any of these objects or if he falls from too high he loses a life.

Henry's objective is to collect all the items of the room and a key that will open the door the takes him to the next room.

Racing Destruction Set (1985)  
Racing Destruction Set This isometric perspective game features 50 built-in tracks, and the intuitive editor gives you the chance to experience an infinite number of races. You can edit the existing ones or create your own.

Not only can the tracks be modified but also tje kind of pavement like, ice, asphalt or dirt; elements like gravity can also be modified, giving different results to the reactions of your car to the different movements.

As for the vehicles, you can choose from a VW Beetle, a stock car, a dirt bike, a Porsche or a Lunar Rover. Each one with its own characteristics; the tires and engine sizes can be also selected. The game also gives you the chance to equip your vehicles with things that will make the race more interesting like oil slicks or land mines or among other things.

It can be played in either one player mode or two players mode with a a split-screen.

The Sentinel (1986)  
The Sentinel This original game features a 3D-like perspective.

It is played on a deformed chess-like board with hills and valleys. On the highest of these hill is located the Sentinel, a chess-piece like object located on top of the highest hill.

You start at the bottom square, and you cannot move forward, but can look all around you, if you see a free square on the checkered landscape, you can create a 'shell' for yourself and transfer to it.

But you must be careful as the sentinal turns round scanning the landscape every few seconds, and if the square you are standing on falls into his gaze, it will begin to absorb you, until your energy is depleted, and you lose the game. You will have 5 secons to teleport to another location.

You can absorb trees for energy, and bolders can be created to put another 'shell' onto, to obtain height, until you will be able to see the sentinel's square and absorb it moving onto another screen.

In later screens pther sentries located on lower squares will show up, who can also absorb you, or create a 'menie' on a square next to yours so you will be forced to teleport somewhere lower on the checkboard-like landscape; thus adding more difficulty to the game and more points to the gameplay.

Ghosts 'n Goblins (1986)  
Ghosts n Goblins Another classic that cannot be missed. In this side-scrolling platform game Arthur the knight must rescue his beloved Princess from the Demon King and his forces. In order to achieve his goal he must travel through different screens located in different landscapes like the forest, the village, the cavern, the mountain, etc; and which must be completed within three minutes each.

To add more difficulty to the game you will have to fight against all kind of enemies such as ghosts, zombies, bats, ogres and goblins among others. You will have to avoid also obstacles; making the gameplay of the game really high.

Ghostbusters (1984)  
Ghostbusters If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)
If it's somethin' weird an it don't look good
Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)

If there is something that the Commodore 64 has plenty of are games based on movies. And here you are ladies and gentlemen Ghostbusters.

This is an action game in which you must check the map of New York City for "ghosts alarms" as well as casual spirits. If you find any, you must control the Ghostbuster vehicle as it drives through traffic; where, you are able to capture casual ghosts on the way if they are en route. Once at the emergency location, the screen switches to a side-view. Two of the ghostbusters will take position and activate their proton beams and leave a trap to the ground; you will attempt to drive the ghosts over the placed trap. Once it is activated, the trap can capture any ghosts directly above it.

A you successfully capture ghosts you will earn money, that can be used to buy new vehicles and new modifications for the vehicle.

Ghostbusters II (1989)  
Ghostbusters 2


The Ghostbusters are back, and as in the sequel of the movie the game takes them to an underground river of slime, hauntings in the courthouse, an abandoned subway line and other places.

You must also control in driving sequences the Ghostbusters car, Ecto-1A. All those sequences will lead the four Ghostbusters to the final fight in order to save New York City from the evil ghostly forces.

The Real Ghostbusters (1989)  
The Real Ghostbusters Based on the cartoon TV series which in turn are based on the successful movie this game makes you go through 10 levels full of ghosts to destroy.

You must first shoot the ghosts using a gun, and then with a photon beam suck them in for storage in the backpack.

You have also the help of the Ghostbusters' mascot Slimer, who also appears as a power-up, which hovers around your character killing ghosts when they come on contact.

Rupert and the Toymaker's Party (1985) (In the collection can be found within the COLLMTH.T64 file)  
Rupert and the Toymakers Party Produced by Quicksilva, this beautiful game takes us to the forests of Snowdonia, in Wales, where Rupert the Bear and his friends live.

There is a party in the toymaker's castle but Rupert Bear has made himself late it. Once everybody is in the castle the toymaker decided to put the toys on guard.

So Rupert will have to go through all those guardian toys in order to reach the party.

There are seven levels in this platform game each one of them located in a different sector of the castle and made up of four screens with three floors each.

In each level you must collect all the invitations in order to open the door that takes you to the next level.

In order to achieve his goal Rupert has to leap up or down watching out for marching toy soldiers, birds, planes and Jack-out-of-the-boxes. If he touches any of them he loses one of his initial four lives.

However he has the help of the white-coloured birds who will transport him flying from one platform of the screen to other; just jump on them and reach to platforms that initially seem unreachable.

The graphics of this game are excellent, the tunes brilliant and the sound effects very nice. All in all this is another classic game that cannot be missed.

Rupert and the Ice Castle (1986) (In the collection can be found within the COLLMTH.T64 file)  
Rupert and the Ice Castle Rupert the Bear is back in another story in which his friends Bingo, Edward Trunk, Algy and Badger Bill have been frozen by Jack Frost's evil sister, Jenny; while they were visiting Jack at the Ice Castle.

You have a certain number of magic ice pills which will revive his friends. He must find and give each of them an ice pill in order to take them back to Nutwood.

Nevertheless Jenny has set some traps as well as enemy guardians for Rupert, so you will have to help him avoid them. If Rupert is touched or hit by any of them he loses one pill, if he finally is left with no pills he will get frozen and leave the place.

Each level is divided into three screens where he must unfreeze one of his friends. But beware as in each one of those screens there are also falling icicles that add more problems to the situtaion.

As in the previous game of the series, the graphics are stunning, the sprites very well drawn, the tunes brilliant and the sound effects excellent, you can even hear Rupert's steps as he walks around the place. The gameplay is high as it is a fast moving game that requires fast responses from the player in order to continue.

Western Games (1987)  
Western Games There are Summer Games and Winter Games series, World Games and even California Games, what would be a better idea than a Western Games competion?

This game features six Wild West events including: Arm Wrestling, Beershooting, Quid-spitting, Milking, Dancing, and Eating.

All of them can be played in one player mode or in two players.

The graphics are excellent, the sounds very nice and the gameplay high, especially if you play in two players mode.

Crush Crumble Chomp (1983)  
Crush Crumble Chomp


In Crush, Crumble & Chomp you take the role of a movie-style monster.

This is also a strategy game since you must keep an eye on several statistics, including your health, appetite, etc.

Your objective is to destroy the city before the humans destroy your monster.

The Movie Monster Game (1986)  
The Movie Monster Game


This game is the sequel of Crush Crumble Chomp. You take the role of the monster of your preference among six of them and smash London, Paris, New York, or San Francisco, 

The monsters included are Godzilla, Tarantula or a Robot among others. The game takes the form of a monsters film featured in a movie theater, with different plots including escape, rescue, or destroy a landmark.

The Three Stooges (1987)  
The Three Stooges


In this Cinemaware's great game Moe, Larry & Curly must collect $5000 to try and save an orphanage from the evil banker.

It features screens based on classic Stooge scenes from their many TV episodes and movies.

The graphics are excellent including digitalizations of real images, the music also is brilliant and the gameplay high.

Paperboy (1987)  


This is another conversion of a classic arcade game, the object of Paperboy is to deliver with your bicycle, newspapers to your customers around the neighborhood while inflicting as much damage as possible to the houses of your non-customers.

You must avoid all kind of obstacles in your way including construction workers, cars, skateboarders, rogue tires, dogs and cats, among other things.

Pole Position (1984)  
Pole Position The conversion of the arcade racing game in which you must get the highest score possible in the shortest amount of time.

Before you can enter the Grand Prix, you must qualify by competing in the Qualifying Lap within 73 seconds or less.

The you start in one of the eight available positions according to your qualification time.

During the Grand Prix, you must compete against other racing cars as well as the racing timer.

Pole Position II (1988)  
Pole Position 2


This is the sequel of the successful Pole Position, in which you must drive again a F-1 racer in a timed qualifying run, trying to achieve the pole position.

Unlike in the previous game now you have four tracks to select from.

The Goonies (1985)  
The Goonies One of the most memorable puzzle-solving platform games for the Commodore 64 is The Goonies. It features a story based on the successful movie in which a group of kids from Astoria, Oregon who call themselves the Goonies must find a treasure located in the underground caves below the surface of the town, where a pirate ship has been hidden since the 17th century; in order to save their houses from being foreclosed.

The game is divided into eight screens of increasing difficulty based on scenes of the movie.

To add more points to the gameplay this game can be played in one player mode in which you can switch between the characters in order to achieve your objectives or in two players mode simultaneously.

Other games included in this downloadable collection are:

  1. 1942 (1986)
  2. 1943 (1987)
  3. 1943 (1988)
  4. Ace of Aces (1986)
  5. Accolade Comics (1988)
  6. The Adams Family (1992)
  7. Aftermath (1986)
  8. Agent USA (1984)
  9. Airwolf (1984)
  10. Airwolf II (1987)
  11. Alf (1988)
  12. Alice in Videoland
  13. Alice in Wonderland
  14. Aliens (1986) - Activision
  15. Aliens (1987) - Electric Dreams
  16. Amnesia (1987)
  17. Anarchy  (1986)
  18. Andy Capp (1987)
  19. Apollo 18 (1987)
  20. Arcade Baseball (1986)
  21. Arkanoid (1987)
  22. Arkanoid 2 (1988)
  23. Armalyte (1988)
  24. Armalyte 2 (1990)
  25. Astro Chase (1984)
  26. Astro-Grover (1984)
  27. Astronaut  (1983)
  28. Asylum (1985)
  29. Atom Ant (1990)
  30. Atomic Robo-Kid (1989)
  31. Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy (1991)
  32. Auto Mania (1984)
  33. Autoduel (1985)
  34. Avenger (1983)
  35. Avenger 64 (1982)
  36. Axe of Rage (1988)
  37. Aztec Challenge (1984)
  38. Baby Pacman (1984)
  39. Back to the Future (1986)
  40. Back to the Future 2 (1990)
  41. Back to the Future 3 (1990)
  42. Ball Fever (1991)
  43. The Ball Game (1991)
  44. Ball-Land (1993)
  45. Ballblazer (1985)
  46. Ballon Rescue (1983)
  47. Barbie (1984)
  48. Basil the Great Mouse Detective (1987)
  49. Basket Master (1987)
  50. Bat Attack (1983)
  51. Batman the Caped Crusader (1988)
  52. Batman the Movie (1989)
  53. Battle Chess (1989)
  54. Batty (1987)
  55. Beach Buggy Simulator (1988)
  56. Beach Volley (1989)
  57. Beamrider (1983)
  58. Beat Ball (1991)
  59. Bert the Bug Bites Back (1987)
  60. Beverly Hills Cop (1990)
  61. Beyond Castle Wofestein (1984)
  62. Beyond the Forbidden Forest (1985)
  63. Beyond the Ice Palace (1988)
  64. Big Ben (1984)
  65. The Big Deal (1986)
  66. Biggles (1986)
  67. Bigtop Barney (1985)
  68. Black Hawk (1984)
  69. Black Knight (1984)
  70. Black Thunder (1985)
  71. Blackwyche (1985)
  72. Blades of Steel (1990)
  73. Blagger (1983)
  74. Blagger Goes to Hollywood (1985)
  75. Blip! Video Classics (1988)
  76. Blood and Guts (1986)
  77. Blood Money (1990)
  78. Bloodwych (1990)
  79. Blue Angel 69 (1989)
  80. Blue Baron (1992)
  81. Blueprint (1983)
  82. BMX Freestyle Simulator (1989)
  83. BMX Kidz (1987)
  84. BMX Racers (1985)
  85. BMX Simulator (1986)
  86. Bobby Bearing (1986)
  87. Body Slam (1988)
  88. Boing (1986)
  89. Bojo (1988)
  90. Bonanza Bros (1992)
  91. Booga Boo (1983)
  92. Bop'n Rumble (1986)
  93. Borrowed Time (1985)
  94. Bounce It (1993)
  95. Bounce! (1993)
  96. Bouncer (1992)
  97. Bounces (1986)
  98. Bouncing Ball (1987)
  99. Bouncy (1995)
  100. Bouncy Balls (1996)
  101. Bouncy Cars (1994)
  102. Bouncy Cars Revenge (1994)
  103. Bounder (1986)
  104. Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (1986)
  105. Bounzy (1984)
  106. Bowling (1986)
  107. Bozo's Night Out (1984)
  108. Brave (1996)
  109. BraveStarr (1987)
  110. Break Ball (1988)
  111. Break Street (1984)
  112. Breakdance (1984)
  113. Bronx Medal (1994)
  114. Bubble Ghost (1988)
  115. Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (1983)
  116. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Rodeo Show (1989)
  117. Bulldog (1987)
  118. Bureaucracy (1987)
  119. Burger Time (1987)
  120. Burger Time '97 (1997)
  121. Burnin' Rubber (1983)
  122. California Goldrush (1983)
  123. Captured (1986)
  124. Card Sharks (1987)
  125. Castle Master (1990)
  126. Castle Master II (1991)
  127. Castle of Terror (1984)
  128. Castle of Wolfenstein (1983)
  129. The Castles of Doctor Creep (1984)
  130. Catalypse (1992)
  131. Cauldron (1985)
  132. Cauldron II (1986)
  133. The Causes of Chaos (1985)
  134. Cave Climber (1985)
  135. Cavelon (1984)
  136. Cell Defense (1984)
  137. Celluloid (1990)
  138. Centipede (1983)
  139. Chain Reaction (1987)
  140. Challenge of the Gobots (1987)
  141. Challenger (1984)
  142. Championship 3D Snooker (1992)
  143. Championship Sprint (1988)
  144. Championship Wrestling (1986)
  145. Chase HQ (1989)
  146. Chase HQ 2: Special Criminal Investigation  (1990)
  147. The Chase on Tom Sawyer's Island (1988)
  148. Cheap Skate (1989)
  149. The Chessmaster 2000 (1986)
  150. Chevytech (1985)
  151. Chiller (1984)
  152. Chip's Challenge (1990)
  153. Chip Wits (1985)
  154. Choplifter (1982)
  155. The Chrome Brothers (1994)
  156. Chubby Gristle (1988)
  157. Chuckie Egg (1984)
  158. Circus (1982)
  159. Circus Attractions (1989)
  160. Circus Games (1988)
  161. Cisco Heat (1991)
  162. The Citadel of Chaos (1984)
  163. Classic Concentration (1988)
  164. Clean Up Service (1987)
  165. Cleanup Time (1986)
  166. Cliff Hanger (1984)
  167. Clowns (1983)
  168. Club House Sports (1987)
  169. Club Master Detective (1990)
  170. Clystron (1991)
  171. Co and Co (1985)
  172. Coal MIner (1991)
  173. Cock' In (198?)
  174. Codebreaker (1984)
  175. Coil Cop (1987)
  176. Collapse (1985)
  177. Collisions (1992)
  178. Color Buster (1992)
  179. Colors (1993)
  180. Comic Bakery (1986)
  181. Company Director 64 (1991)
  182. Computer Scrabble (1984)
  183. Computer Scrabble Deluxe (1986)
  184. Conan (1984)
  185. Continental Circus (1989)
  186. Cops and Robbers (1985)
  187. The Corporation (1988)
  188. Corx (1991)
  189. Cosmic Causeway (1987)
  190. Cosmic Commando (1983)
  191. Cosmic Cruiser (1984)
  192. Cosmic Life (1983)
  193. The Cosmic Tunnels (1983)
  194. Countdown to Shutdown (1986)
  195. Cowboy (1984)
  196. Cowboy Kidz (1990)
  197. Cracker League (1988)
  198. Crackers Revenge (1985)
  199. Crackers Revenge 2 (1986)
  200. Crackers Revenge 3 (1986)
  201. Crackers Revenge 4 (1987)
  202. Crackers Revenge 5 (198?)
  203. Crazy Comets (1985)
  204. Crillion (1988)
  205. Crime Time (1990)
  206. Critical Mass (1986)
  207. Crush (1999)
  208. Cyberblocks (1990)
  209. Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine (1988)
  210. Cybernoid II: The Revenge (1988)
  211. Cyborg (1987)
  212. Daley Thompson's Decathlon (1984)
  213. Daley Thompson's Super Test (1985)
  214. Dan Dare (1986)
  215. Dan Dare 3 (1990)
  216. Dandy (1986)
  217. Danger Freak (1987)
  218. Dante's Inferno (1986)
  219. Dark Castle (1987)
  220. Dark Fusion (1989)
  221. The Dark Tower (1984)
  222. Dead or Alive (1987)
  223. Deadringer (1988)
  224. Death Wish 3 (1987)
  225. Deathlord (1987)
  226. Deathscape (1987)
  227. Decathlon (1984)
  228. Defender (1983)
  229. Deflektor (1987)
  230. Demon Stalkers (1987)
  231. Detective (1986)
  232. Die Hard 2 (1991)
  233. Dig Dug (1982)
  234. Dino Eggs (1983)
  235. Dominator (1989)
  236. Donald Duck's Playground (1985)
  237. Donkey Kong (1983) - Nintendo
  238. Donkey Kong (1986)
  239. Double Dare (1991)
  240. Double Take (1986)
  241. Draconus (1988)
  242. Dracula (1986)
  243. Dracula 2 (1988)
  244. Dragon Ninja (1989)
  245. Dragon's Lair (1986)
  246. Dragon's Lair 2 (1987)
  247. Dragonhawk (1984)
  248. Dragonriders of Pern (1983)
  249. Drelbs (1984)
  250. Driller (a.k.a. Space Station Oblivion) (1988)
  251. Dropzone (1984)
  252. Druid (1986)
  253. Druid 2 (1987)
  254. Duck Shoot (1984)
  255. Dungeon Warriors (1995)
  256. Duotris (1991)
  257. Dynamite Dux (1988)
  258. Dynamoid (1990)
  259. E-Motion (a.k.a. The Game of Harmony) (1990)
  260. E-SWAT (1990)
  261. Eagle Empire (1984)
  262. Edd the Duck (1990)
  263. Eddie Edwards Super Ski (1988)
  264. Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1984)
  265. The Eidolon (1985)
  266. Einstein (1991)
  267. Elevator Action (1986)
  268. Eliminator (1988)
  269. Elven Warrior (1989)
  270. Elvira (1991)
  271. Elvira 2 (1992)
  272. Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz
  273. The Empire Strikes Back (1988)
  274. Encounter (1984)
  275. Enduro Racer (1987)
  276. Enigma Force (1985)
  277. Enter the Ninja (1987)
  278. Escape from Mars (1992)
  279. Eskimo Games (1991)
  280. Everyone's a Wally (1985)
  281. Express Raider (1987)
  282. Exterminator (1988)
  283. Fahrenheit 451 (1984)
  284. Ferrari Formula One (1990)
  285. Fight Night (1985)
  286. Final Fight (1991)
  287. Fire Trap (1987)
  288. Firefly (1988)
  289. Firelord (1986)
  290. Fireman Sam (1991)
  291. Fist 2 (1986)
  292. Fist Plus (1988)
  293. Flash Gordon (1986)
  294. Flight Simulator (198?)
  295. The Flinstones (1988)
  296. Flip and Flop (1984)
  297. Footballer of the Year (1986)
  298. Footballer of the Year 2 (1989)
  299. Forbidden Forest (1983)
  300. Formula One Simulator (1986)
  301. Frank Bruno's Boxing (1985)
  302. Frankenstein (1987)
  303. Frankie Crashed on Jupiter (1985)
  304. Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1985)
  305. Frantic Freddie (1983)
  306. Freddy Hardest (1987)
  307. Friday the 13th (1985)
  308. Frogger (1983)
  309. Frogger 2: Threeedeep! (1984)
  310. Frogger 64 (1983)
  311. Frogger 93 (1993)
  312. Galaga (1982)
  313. Galax-I-Birds (1986)
  314. Galaxian (1983)
  315. Game Over (1987)
  316. Garfield (1987)
  317. Garfield Winter's Tail (1989)
  318. Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (1989)
  319. Gary Lineker's Super Skills (1988)
  320. Gauntlet (1986)
  321. Gauntlet 2 (1987)
  322. Gauntlet 3 (1992)
  323. GBA Championship Basketball (1986)
  324. Ghettoblaster (1985)
  325. Ghouls'n'Ghosts (1989)
  326. Go-Kart Sim (1989)
  327. Gold Rush  (19??)
  328. Golden Axe (1990)
  329. Grand Master (1982)
  330. Grand Monster Slam (1989)
  331. The Great American Cross-Country Road Race (1985)
  332. The Great Escape (1987)
  333. Green Beret (1986)
  334. Gremlins (1983)
  335. Gremlins (1984)
  336. Gutz (1988)
  337. Gyroscope (1985)
  338. Gyruss (1984)
  339. Hades Nebula (1987)
  340. Hammerfist (1990)
  341. Hard Hat Mack (1983)
  342. Hard'n' Heavy (1989)
  343. Hardball (1985)
  344. Harvey Headbanger (1986)
  345. Hawkeye (1988)
  346. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1987)
  347. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in Terraquake (198?)
  348. He-Man The Movie (1987)
  349. He-Man, Jr (19??)
  350. Hero of the Golden Talisman (1985)
  351. High Frontier (1987)
  352. Highlander (1986)
  353. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1984)
  354. The Hobbit (1982)
  355. The Hobbit (1985)
  356. Hollywood Poker Pro (1989)
  357. Hot Rod (1990)
  358. Hot Wheels (1985)
  359. How to Be a Complete Bastard (1987)
  360. Howard the Duck (1986)
  361. Hunchback (1983)
  362. Hunchback II: Quasimodo's Revenge (1986)
  363. Hunchback: The Adventure (1986)
  364. Hunter's Moon (1987)
  365. Infiltrator (1986)
  366. Inspector Gadget (1987)
  367. International Soccer (1983)
  368. Jack the Ripper (1986)
  369. Jack the Ripper 2 (1987)
  370. Jailbreak (1986)
  371. Jet Set Willy II (1985)
  372. The Jetsons (1992)
  373. Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium (1991)
  374. Joe Blade (1987)
  375. Joe Blade (1988)
  376. Jr. Pac-Man (1988)
  377. Judge Dredd (1988)
  378. Jumpman Junior (1983)
  379. Jupiter Lander (1982)
  380. Karate Champ (1985)
  381. Kick Off (1989)
  382. Kickman (1982)
  383. Kickstart (1985)
  384. Kickstart 2 (1987)
  385. Killer Ring (1986)
  386. Klax (1990)
  387. Knight Games (1986)
  388. Knight Games 2 (1987)
  389. Krakout (1987)
  390. Krakout 3 (1987)
  391. Krakout 4 (1987)
  392. Mad Nurse (1985)
  393. Magic Johnson's Basketball (1990)
  394. Magic Mouse in Goblin Land (1991)
  395. Mail Order Monsters (1985)
  396. Manic MIner (1983)
  397. Marble Madness (1986)
  398. Mario Bros (1983)
  399. Mario Bros (1987)
  400. Mario Bros 2 (1987)
  401. Mask (1987)
  402. Mask 3 (1988)
  403. Match Day (1986)
  404. Match Day 2 (1987)
  405. Match Point (1984)
  406. Max Headroom (1986)
  407. Miami Vice (1986)
  408. Mikie (1986)
  409. Mini Golf (1987)
  410. Mini-Golf (1988)
  411. Mission Elevator (1986)
  412. Monopoly (1988)
  413. Monopoly (1988)
  414. Moon Buggy (1984)
  415. Moon Cresta (1985)
  416. Moon Patrol (1983)
  417. Mountain Bike Racer (1990)
  418. Mr. Do! (1985)
  419. Mr. Do's Castle (1984)
  420. Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory (1984)
  421. Ms. Pac-Man (1983)
  422. MTV Remote Control (1989)
  423. NBA Basketball (1987)
  424. Nemesis (1986)
  425. Nemesis the Warlock (1987)
  426. The Neverending Story (1985)
  427. The Neverending Story 2 (1990)
  428. Ninja (1986)
  429. Ninja Pac Man (1991)
  430. North and South (1989)
  431. Olli and Lissa: The Ghost of Shilmore Castle (1986)
  432. On Court Tennis (1984)
  433. One on One (1983)
  434. Outrun (1986)
  435. Pac-Land (1988)
  436. Pac-Man (1983)
  437. Pac-Mania (1988)
  438. Painterboy (1986)
  439. Paradroid Competition Edition (1986)
  440. Passing Shot (1989)
  441. Pitfall (1984)
  442. Pitfall 2 (1984)
  443. Popeye (1986)
  444. Popeye 2 (1990)
  445. Popeye 3 (1992)
  446. Popeye 86 (1986)
  447. Popeye Pinball (1984)
  448. Pub Games (1986)
  449. R-Type (1988)
  450. Realm of Impossibility (1984)
  451. Rescue on Fractalus! (1985)
  452. Return of the Jedi (1988)
  453. Road Runner (1985)
  454. Robin Hood Legend Quest (1992)
  455. Robin of Sherwood (1986)
  456. Robin of the Wood (1985)
  457. Robocop (1988)
  458. Robocop 2 (1990)
  459. Robocop 3 (1992)
  460. S.W.A.T. (1986)
  461. Saboteur 2 (1987)
  462. Saint Dragon (1990)
  463. Samantha Fox Strip Poker (1986)
  464. Save New York (1983)
  465. Shadow of the Beast (1990)
  466. Sim City (1989)
  467. The Simpsons (1991)
  468. The Simpsons (1991) - Konami
  469. Skate Rock (1986)
  470. Ski or Die (1990)
  471. School Daze (1985)
  472. Slap Fight (1987)
  473. Slap Shot (1984)
  474. Sleepwalker (1991)
  475. Slicks (1992)
  476. Smurf Rescue (1984)
  477. Snoopy (1984)
  478. Space Crusade (1992)
  479. Speedball (1989)
  480. Spy Hunter (1983)
  481. Star Trek (1983)
  482. Star Trek (1983) - Sega
  483. Star Wars (1988)
  484. Street Sports Baseball (1987)
  485. Street Sports Basketball (1987)
  486. Street Sports Football (1988)
  487. Street Sports Soccer (1988)
  488. Strip Poker 3 (1984)
  489. Summer Camp (1990)
  490. Super Cars (1991)
  491. Super Cycle (1986)
  492. Super Pac-Man (1988)
  493. Super Soccer (1986)
  494. Super Sprint (1987)
  495. Super Zaxxon (1984)
  496. Superstar Ice Hockey (1987)
  497. Superstar Ping Pong (1986)
  498. Tapper (1984)
  499. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (1990)
  500. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (1991)
  501. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
  502. Test Drive (1987)
  503. Test Drive 2 (1989)
  504. Tetris (1987)
  505. Thundercats (1987)
  506. Total Recall (1990)
  507. Trailblazer (1986)
  508. Transformers (1985)
  509. Turbo Outrun (1989)
  510. The Untouchables (1989)
  511. Up 'n Down (1984)
  512. Uridium (1986)
  513. Uridium Plus (1986)
  514. Vegas Jackpot (1984)
  515. Vendetta (1990)
  516. Warhawk (1986)
  517. West Bank (1986)
  518. Wonderboy (1987)
  519. Yie Ar Kung Fu (1985)
  520. Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (1986)
  521. Yogi Bear (1987)
  522. Zaxxon (1984)
  523. Zorro (1985)
  524. Zynaps (1987)

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