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Tales of Monkey Island for Mac

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Tales of Monkey Island

Our favorite young pirate has just hit the Mac world. Telltale Games released a Mac version of their latest series, Tales of Monkey Island.

According to Telltale Games the 5-episode game is a native Mac application and not a port. They also announced that customers who have already purchased the PC version can access and download the Mac version for no extra charge.

Since this version is not a port and has been created using new functionalities that have been built into Mac proprietary development tools. So, users of Mac and hand-held devices like the iPhone and iPad can enjoy this game with the same top quality their PC counterparts do.

Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors said, "We've always believed that Telltale's games make sense in a touch environment. This release brings us one step closer."

A special feature Monkey Island fans will love, is the addition of fan-favorite Earl Boen's historic voice as the evil LeChuck in the first episode of the series "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal." Since he has just joined the team his performance has not been added into the PC version of the first episode.

Meanwhile, in Telltale Games their are planning to release Mac versions of other games. Due to the interactive character of the company and their respect for their customers opinion they are asking fans what to release for Mac users next: The polls are open until Feb 21, 2010; so there are just a few hours left to cast your vote. The winning game will be announced the last week of Ferbruary 2010 and will be released in March.

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