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My Video Games

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Dreamscenery Indianapolis X

Here I want to show you all the works and games I've developed.

My love for computers and games goes back to my childhood years (I was 9 years old) when my parents gave me a brand new Commodore 128 with a 1571 Drive. However, I used to downgrade it to Commodore 64 mode 99.9% of the time; so I have to say I had a Commodore 64 disguised into a 128 body. Also only 3 out of my over 300 games was for C128. Believe me, that Commodore 64 Basic blue screen was something out of this world, it was a passport to another world full of adventures of all kind. I used to spend hours playing with games like Ghosts N´Globins, Karateka, Winter Games, Summer Games, Spy Hunter, Quicksilva´s Rupert adventures, Hero, Defenders of the Crown (great game) and Lucasfilm games, especially Maniac Mansion (that one meant a giant leap for the games industry) and Zak Mc Cracken.

From the very first beginning, I wanted to know how these games are done so I've started studying programming. First BASIC, then by the time some assembler. At the age of 12 I've finished my first game together with some friends.

For some mysterious reason when I was 13 I quit computers and everything related with them for four years and dedicated my self full time to other activities like sports.

Then when I was 17 I came back to computers but I had to catch up with technology and those mid-90s machines. I restarted everything from zero; with my new Cyrix 40Mhz 486, with a 420 HD and 8MB RAM. A friend of mine helped me out on that, teaching me DOS, Quick Basic, Norton Utilities, among other things like modifying programs or building networks. After that, as a bird learns to fly I started back again doing things by myself and studied other programming languages as well as programming theories and algorithms. Calculus, analytic geometry and physics in the university helped me quite a lot too.

In 1999 I've started with websites design, since Internet was growing day by day. I've started with HTML, Javascript and CSS to end up with nowadays commonly used technologies, like PHP, Apache, MySQL, Linux, Flash, Action Script and other tools.

Since 2001 I began designing and developing websites; including one that I´m pretty sure you know .

In the year 2004 Dreamscenery was founded. This is my little company focused mainly on videogames and add-ons.

So far I designed addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, small 3D games and currently I´m working on a big project, a big adventure game 100% developed in 3D environments and a game engine to run it.

Here I´ll share with you some pictures of one of my products, Indianapolis X; a full 3D depiction of Indianapolis, IN and its airport, for Flight Simulator X.  


Overflying Indianapolis Downtown

View of Downtown Indianapolis from the White River

View of Chatham Arch neighborhood from a flatroof and Downtown Indy far in the background

A tunnel somewhere in Indianapolis. But it's up to you to discover where it is

Approaching to runway 5R

Approaching to runway 5R

The plane has successfully touched down and now taxiing

Main terminal and a view of Downtown Indy far in the background

Old terminal here and the new Midfield terminal under construction far in the background

Docking at Concourse D with a beautiful view of the new terminal construction site in the background

Docking at gate B2. View of the new terminal construction site in the background

At nightime

Not the best day to fly

IDGE. The game engine I´m developing

For more images, check this album

Credited Works and Achievements: 
  1. Dreamscenery KIND 2006
  2. Dreamscenery Milwaukee 2006
  3. Dreamscenery KMKE (Mitchell International Airport)
  4. Dreamscenery Indianapolis X
  5. Game Engine (under development)
  6. Adventure game (under development)
  7. Lots of Websites


These games I've designed have been developed entirely in Argentina.

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