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The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel



Logo and Intro. Here is where the adventure begins.


The opening screen with a view of Victorian London.


The opening screen and the title.


In the game intro you can witness the murderer committing the crime. First he will hide behind some crates waiting for the victim.


In the game intro you can witness the murderer committing the crime. Now he's waiting the victim behind one of those crates. She's an actress! And this happens in the alley behind the theatre!! Mmmmm, this is just like Jack the Ripper!!!


And this is the moment. Oh my! that's Sarah Carroway the famous actress!


Game Intro. 221b Baker st. The home of the most famous detective in the world.


Game Intro. 221b Baker st. A constable brings a note for Sherlock Holmes from Scotland Yard Inspector Lestrade. It seems to be ralated with the crime of the actress Sarah Carroway.


Game intro. A conversation takes place between our heroes before reading Lestrade's note.


While the discussion takes place, you can realize how complete and intriguing is this game, bringing each scene to a maximum level of realism.


Watson is reading Inspector Lestrade's Note.


Of course, Mr Holmes cannot refuse such and interesting case.


Our heroes are ready for their next adventure. The game starts in the living room of 221b Baker St. From the very beginning Sherlock (the player) must search for objects that will help us during the mission. The details of the room in the game couldn't be nicer, at least for a 1992 game. It matches pretty much the descriptions given by Arthur Conan Doyle. Even the bear skin hearth rug has been included as well as the V.R. initials done in bullet pocks mentioned in The Musgrave Ritual, among other many details.


Holmes and Watson visit the crime scener in the alley behind Regency Theater. Here they meet Inspector Lestrade.


We travel around the city by choosing our destination in a locations map. Since it is larger than the screen size you have to scroll around to find further locations to visit. As the game goes on, new places are added.