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Safety Tips

Please note that YouBioIt.com is only for people over the age of 13. So if you are younger than that age you cannot post in YouBioIt.com.

Remember that our missions in YouBioIt.com is to build the largest database of people in a biographical format, provide shared information by users about different subjects and provide a space where people can upload images and photos of their ownership.

And now some safety tips

  • Please keep yourself from posting biographies of thirdparties without their authorization. However you can write about yourself or about public figures (like celebrities, historical personalities, etc) with the proviso that all the data you provide is truthful, accurate and coincide exactly with the data provided for public knowledge and free spread and/or distribution/use by the legal rights owner. Articles are monitored periodically by the staff of YouBioIt.com or reported by other users and if it's found wrong, improper, offensive or violates any of the terms and conditions of YouBioIt.com, it might be edited or even deleted.
  • If you do submit a biography about yourself, make sure there isn't anything in them that could help a stranger figure out where you live. Personal information like your telephone number, id, home address, car license plate number, etc. should NEVER be shared with other users.
  • If anyone claims to be part of the staff of YoubioIt.com and asks you for any personal information, don't be fooled, please avoid giving anyone any kind of personal information (including email, username or password); since we will never ask you for it.
  • Your membership may be terminated if we believe that you are under 13 years of age or if we believe you are between 13 and 17 years old and you represent yourself as 18 or older.
  • Think twice before submitting your article or media (for example your biography, a "Show What You Do" article or a photo among other), and only post it if you consider and are sure that all the included information must and/or can be shared with other people.
  • If you find an article inappropriate, harmful, offending or violates any of the terms, please report it immediately. This way you can help us keep our community clean from that kind of junk data.
  • We don't allow photos with nudity, graphic violence or hate. If you come across anything like this, report it immediately.
  • When you submit an article you can choose whether you will let or not other people post comments on it. If someone posts a comment on your article that is mean, you can always delete that comment.
  • When you submit an article you can choose whether it will be of public access or private only accessible to your Friend Users.
  • Be careful when adding new friends to your list. Before admiting a new friendship request from someone please check the requester user profile in order to avoid adding people you don't know or you are not interested to have a relationship with.
  • When you are sure you are going to use YouBioIt.com and its services from a safe computer it is recommended to check the "Remember me" option when logging in; in order to avoid doing so each time you visit the site. However we suggest you to keep yourself from doing that when operating from a public computer that is used by other people, who can easily access your YouBioIt.com account and change your data or even modify or delete your posts. In case you have a remembered session and wish to close it you can either simply Log out or erase your remembered sessions by going to you user account page and scrolling down to the Remembered session panel.