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Alf and Alf Tales

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Alf and Alf Tales


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Based on the hit TV series, this spin-off animated version of the was originally aired Saturday mornings on NBC from September 26, 1987; ALF Tales was added September 10, 1988, and the show expanded to an hour. The animated series of ALF ran until September 21, 1989, but ALF Tales aired until September of 1990.

Gordon Shumway, (ALF) was from the planet Melmac. He crash-landed in the garage of a family named Tanner and the rest, is history. The animated series was a prequel of Alf's TV show, set on the planet Melmac before it exploded. featuring the life of Alf, his family, friends, and girlfriend Rhonda; with their everyday lives being a vehicle for a relentless spoofing of American culture.

In 1988, the show was expanded to one hour with the addition of Alf Tales, which presented Gordon, his family and friends taking part of twisted versions of classic fairy tales, including Robin Hood, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

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