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Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Series of the 90s

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Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Series of the 90s


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This teen situation comedy, produced by Columbia Pictures Television and strongly influenced by the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, originally aired on the Fox from September 2, 1990 to June 13, 1993 for 73 episodes of 22-24 minutes divided into 3 seasons. During the last season, the series title was simplified to Parker Lewis.

Capturing the structure of the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Offand making it work in a television format, it resulted in a successful funny teen comedy that also added the 90's trends to the formula.

It took place at Santo Domingo High School and was focused on the title character Parker Lewis (Corin Nemec), a smart   who used his devious wit and connections to skip the system at every opportunity. He was excessively positive and his motto was “not a problem,” with no situations or issues he could not handle. He had a penchant for garish shirts and cutting classes teen.

Parker’s partners included his best friend, Mikey Randall (Billy Jayne), a super-cool guy and Rock n' Roll rebel, and Jerry Steiner (Tony Slaten), an archetypal nerdy who idolized Parker Lewis and who addressed everyone by last name, or collectively as "sirs".

Parker’s arch-nemesis in his quest to bend the rules was Principal Grace Musso (Melanie Chartoff), a cold-hearted authority figure who wanted nothing more than to make an example of him, and her dream was to get Parker expelled. She said to be in her mid thirties but actually she was older. She Often got the glass on her office door broken when she made her distinctive "thumb swoosh" gesture. Her turn-ons included large hands and beards.

Assisting Musso in this quest was Frank Lemmer (Taj Johnson), an ultra-conservative student who acted as her “special obedience officer.” He also had a not-so-secret crush on his benefactor, which led to plenty of cringe-inducing flirtation.

Another obstacle for Parker was his sister Shelly (Maia Brewton), a manipulative girl who took sadistic delight in trying to trip Parker up.

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was launched the same season that NBC released its TV sitcom version of Ferris Bueller, that leading to some critics dismiss the Fox sitcom as a clone show, but it quickly proved to have its own style and energy; it also included a combination of slick computerized opticals with complex, cinematic camerawork.

By the time the show ended, it was highly popular and still is; popping up periodically in reruns and winning new fans even today in the 21st century when its original teen fans (millennials) are already young adults.

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