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Roseanne - Series of the 90s

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Roseanne - Series of the 90s


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A highly popular sitcom, produced by Roseanne Barr and Matt Williams, that aired originally on ABC from October 18, 1988 to May 21, 1997 for 222 episodes of 22 minutes each divided into 9 seasons.

Its level of popularity made it reach the first place in Nielsen ratings during the 1989-1990 season and remain in the top-4 places for six seasons, and in the top-20 for eight seasons.

The program was focused on an American working class family of reduced income, from a fictional suburb of Chicago, Landford, Illinois; the Conners.

The family characters included Roseanne Harris Conner (Roseanne Barr), a dominant, loud and caustic woman who constantly tries to control the lives of her family, friends and co-workers; but who nevertheless is a beloved mother who works hard and makes as much time for her kids as possible. Dan Conner (John Goodman) the husband of Roseanne and father of Darlene, Becky, D.J. and Jerry.

Roseanne Conner worked at a plastics factory, Dan was a building contractor, and with their combined incomes, they just could survive. Their home was often messy and the decor wasn't appealing at ll. Their three children, had streaks of cuteness, but only streaks they were more frequently given to sarcasm and good old-fashioned teen angst.

There was also Roseanne's sister, Jackie, who would be confounded by a number of men, finally get married to Fred, and then, as the show's twists and turns became more frequent and endlessly more twisty, Roseanne announced that Jackie was gay all along. Roseanne’s diner boss Martin Mull was also gay, and plenty more that came out of the closet as the show progressed. For instance, in 1994, television’s first on-air, same-sex kiss was aired; and it was between Roseanne and Mariel Hemingway.

The series depicted things of the daily grind in a realistic way; there was teenage sex, pregnancy, elopement; the adults didn’t come home from work with a spring in their step, they actually used to come home exhausted and grumbling about their various incompetent bosses.

Roseanne went from the plastics factory to a brief gig in a beauty salon to waitressing at a coffee shop, but no job paid well. Life wasn’t easy for the family an life also wasn’t pretty, well-mannered, or in the least bit predictable.

The series became an immediate hit, and stayed at the top rating levels all throughout the decade, for the way it combined all that was tough and all that was reassuringly wonderful in the course of a typical family’s days.

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