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Google Sheets Online Spreadsheets

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Google Sheets Online Spreadsheets


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Just like Google Docs Word Processor, Google Sheets gives you the possibility of replacing MS Excel with an online spreadsheet service. Google Sheets, like other Google Drive office tools, is cloud based.

  • It includes lots of formatting tools as well as formulas you can find in commercial spreadsheet software.
  • It offers Data Validation and PivotTables.
  • Despite the charting system it offers is much more simple and the look of its charts cannot match the look of the MS charting engine, it can generate very nice standard charts for common tasks and works which are not quite complex.
  • It offers a built-in map charting system which lets you chart data on a map.
  • You can create surveys that can be published to a Website and the results of their online forms are automatically added and processed in a worksheet.

Google Sheets Online Spreadsheets Website:

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