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Caribou Mountain - Maine

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Caribou Mountain - Maine


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Caribou Mountain is located in Franklin County, Maine, in a region which features characteristic New England mountain country landscapes, near the Maine-New Hampshire border. It is part of the White Mountain National Forest, a vast 750,000-acre (3,035 km2) forest administered by the U.S. Forest Service (about only 5.5% of this forest is in Maine, since most of it is in the state of New Hampshire).

The majestic peak of Caribou Mountain offers a nearly 360-degree panorama with stunning views of other neighboring mountains such as: Bigelow, Mount Blue, Mount Kearsarge, Pleasant Mountain, Speckled Mountain, Tumbledown, among others.

Caribou Mountain is part of the Longfellow Mountains, a subrange of the Appalachian Mountains. It harbours a rich fauna of coyotes, bears and moose. In spite of its name, visitors cannot find any caribou roaming the dense forests of Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness, an area designated by Congress in 1990. According to the legend, the last caribou of the region was shot in this mountain in 1854 by two brothers whose names are still carved on top of the mountain. That's why it took this name.

How to get here: From Portland, Maine; travel northwest on US Route 302 to Freyburg, Maine. Then, from Freyburg travel north on Maine State Route 113 for 24.8 miles (39.9 kms) to the parking area.
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