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Great Long Pond in Mount Desert Island - Maine

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Great Long Pond in Mount Desert Island - Maine


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Located in the western half of Mount Desert Island, Great Long Pond was carved by a glacier. The result was this 4-mile long freshwater body surrounded by mountains. Much of the pond's shores are part of the Acadia National Park. The closest town to the southern portion of the pond is Southwest Harbor, while the closest one to the northern portion is Somesville.

From Somesville, access to the northern end of the pond can be gained travelling 1.5 miles of Pretty Marsh Road to the west-southwest.

From Southwest Harbor to access the southern end of Great Long Pond, follow Main Street and turn onto Seal Cove Road westbound. Then follow Seal Cove Road 0.5 miles to the west. Finally, travel Long Pond Road about 1.5 mile to the north-northwest.

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