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Grafton Notch State Park - Maine

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Grafton Notch State Park - Maine


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Grafton Notch State Park is located in Oxford County, western Maine, close to the border with New Hampshire. This 3,129 acre (12.7 km2) state park is home of big mountains in the Mahoosuc Range and they are crossed by the famous Appalachian Trail on the way to its northeastern end, Mount Katahdin.

These mountains offer for hikers about 12 miles of challenging steep trails with stunning views. Other natural features of Grafton Notch include waterfalls (such as Screw Auger Fall), the 600-feet Moose Cave and dense woodlands. In autumn, during the foliage, the leaves of these forests turn to a fiery red color.

During wintertime, some of the most popular activities include cross-country ski, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. There is a main snowmobile trail (ITS 82) that passes through the park on its way between the town of Andover, Maine and New Hampshire.

The park is on the way of Route 26 between the cities of Newry and Upton.
Large mammals, such as deer and bear, roam the forests and mountains of the park. Birdwatching enthusiasts can observe peregrine falcons and a variety of songbirds among other species.

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