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MAME32 emulator and games for free download

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MAME32 Emulator and 1868 games

With the MAME emulator (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) the hardware of old arcade games can be recreated in software format in order to be played on modern computer systems. So with MAME32 you can play the same games with exactly the same graphics and sounds quality of the arcade videogames machines.

With MAME32 you can emulate thousands of arcade videogames. The files of these games are called ROMs, and to play a game you must simply select one game from the list. You can also change the configuration options.

Here you can download the MAME32 emulator and 1868 arcade games, including the most popular of them. They are divided in .rar files of 98MB each. Just download them all and open the first one. Create a folder and extract the first .rar file in it; automatically all the parts will be extracted and you will be ready to play the games.

The MAME32 interface features a list with all the 1868 games and a caption of each one of them.

To play a game just click on its name and it will be loaded. By default the configuration menu is opened by pressing the TAB key.

Once loaded a game, you have to wait a few seconds while the opening screen is shown. Then press the 3 key to add a credit or more. Each time you press the 3 key, another credit is added.

Then you are ready to start playing.

Just download all the parts of the "emulator with 1868 games" (they are compressed in RAR files). Then to install you have to open the first RAR file, select a folder to extract the files, press "Extract" and automatically all the compressed parts you downloaded will be extracted in the folder you selected.

Download the MAME32 emulator and 1868 games from here:

Part 1: Download here
Part 2: Download here
Part 3: Download here
Part 4: Download here
Part 5: Download here
Part 6: Download here
Part 7: Download here

A 34 personas les gusta

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